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  1. I don't mind lol, but... well... nvm you'll find out for yourself hehe... I'll go write the scene.
  2. I think I'm waiting for lucifer still... so I'll just be... well.. waiting? heh.
  3. Jin found himself enjoying the feeling of Lucifer's hand, it was soft, but rougher than he would have thought for a girl, obviously an aftereffect of her own training. It occurred to him sadly that he wouldn't be able to train with her... well... at least not like he was going to, not after what just happened... in fact, Cloud probably wasn't going to let him out of his sight... but maybe. He closed his eyes for a second concentrate Jin, you just nearly killed a bunch of people, now's not the time to be thinking about women... even the battle bread and beautiful kind... He managed to bring his mind back to the conversations happening around him. "Why do you want to go to our kingdom?" he asked the woman, still not aware that he had been a few steps from trying to kill her earlier... "If you're traveling on business I'm sure it'd be fine, it's not wise to travel alone, especially with the other kingdoms going at it of late." Jin turned his attention back to Lucifer and the cat, content that he had said what he wanted to say. "So," he pushed himself into a sitting position and stood a bit shakily to his feet, "I'm good now, it only happens once in a while and far in between, I'll be safe for a few weeks most likely. You uh... want to try that training I talked about earlier... it'll be a fair fight now that I've been stabbed a few dozen times." The smile on his face betrayed the humor in his words, and was a bit surprising for someone who just recovered from... that. But jin felt exceptionally happy at the moment, and maybe that was a bad word, content? Yes, he felt at peace. He tore a bit of the bed sheet off and tied it around his face, creating a makeshift eye patch for his right eye. Jin held out his hand again and waited for a response.
  4. Lol I'd like to reply but I'm waiting for Lucifer.
  5. "Be nice," Jin admonished him, "at least she hasn't run screaming like everyone else... yet." He gave Lucifer a half grin, though his eyes held a good deal of hidden pain. In truth his condition forced Jin to live a very lonely life, and while he had learned to do this at the monastery through years of hard training... there was no cure for loneliness... you could deaden the ache, but it never went away. But once I become a knight... maybe then... maybe then I will get better... Such things had happened before... but it was rare. Then again, it was extremely rare for anyone with "the condition" as they called it, to get past the academy training in the first place or even make it close to knighthood.
  6. Sure go for it, you'll have to get Mr. rain Cloud out though lol. And Cloud... sempai... you're a terrible liar... (and it just occurs to me that maybe I should have put what I told Lucifer in a PM... ummm...) I guess as long as everyone in the market doesn't magically know about Jin's problem we're good Natasha will be on later... not sure when she can be they're at a dog show for the next several days (they have internet though they're just busy)
  7. Jin grinned sheepishly at Cloud's rather obvious lie, "you never were good at lying sempai," he grinned, but suddenly his expression became very serious, "I don't think it's a big deal if she knows, as long as you," he pointed at Lucifer with his free hand, "don't go making a big deal of it, I'm fine really... I just..." He sighed, "I have a mental disorder common to Azure knights," he grinned slightly embarrassed, "I can't tell you about the training, but sometimes it's a side effect, most trainees that end up like me don't live long, or end up being a danger to those around them... like you noticed." Jin paused, "I spent several years in meditation in a monastery with the Chen-Shu monks, it was that or... well.. die" he chuckled, "those first few weeks... I seriously considered the alternative. It helped me control it better, but sometimes it just happens." He sat up slowly, wincing, but glad to be at eye level with Cloud and Lucifer, "it happens sometimes when I'm fighting, and it causes a spike in my blood pressure, I'll probably die young of some sort of heart problem, that's why my eye was bleeding, but... I've trained since I was a boy to be a knight, and one day I'll get there, it's just harder for me than most others." Jin explained his situation to Lucifer, "I... don't know why I actually told you all that," he frowned, "I'd appreciate it if you kept it to yourself though, Cloud knows what to do if I lose it or start having seizures, but that's the reason I like to avoid people when I can."
  8. Jin concentrated for a moment, trying to push back enough of the pain to figure out where most of it was coming from. "Gut, lower right, feels like I got stabbed deep, everything else is cuts and bruises, I don't think I broke anything... but I'm not sure, at least having a weak one let's me heal faster... though that's not much of a comfort." His voice became more serious though, "I do learn," he said, "it's been a long time since that happened, months, maybe half a year, and last time it wasn't so bad." he continued, thinking back, "it really gets hard when I'm around so many people, I guess I've been completely alone for several months now, that makes it easier, I must have let my guard down." Jin suddenly smiled ruefully, wincing slightly in pain, "if we were at home..." he grinned, "I'd be in more trouble than a few stabbings." His voice suddenly became apprehensive, "you won't tell them will you? The masters have to accept me! I know it will be better once I become a full knight, it just... the longer I wait the weaker it gets, the worse the pain gets... and I've been having nightmares already... I just want it to end, one way... or the other." "I'm sorry I'm not a better student," Jin half smiled, "you deserved better than being stuck with me before I left."
  9. (( I don't think it's bad to keep Cloud and Jin going, they're not too involved with anyone else at the moment so I don't think it counts as ninja... o.0 I hopes... So, I'll reply again)) A few minutes after being set in the bed, Jin coughed weakly, wincing in pain as the cough aggravated his injured body. He opened his eyes and groaned, slapping a hand quickly over his right eye, that had been bleeding earlier, it burned like fire, how almost two thirds of his body now felt. He couldn't sit up, but he raised his head far enough off the bed to examine his injuries, "what... happened?" he asked, his voice a little hoarse but otherwise normal. He frowned, still nursing his right eye, his question wasn't worth asking, he knew too well what had happened. He sighed in defeat, laying his head back down again. His face contorted and a tear dropped out of his left eye, "Did I... kill anyone?" he asked, hoping against hope that he hadn't as he turned his head to look at Cloud by the window. "I don't do well... in crowds," he tried to smile but only half managed it, "I thought it was better..." he sighed again, "so many of them Cloud, I could feel it, taste it, their evil, their desire, like a sea, I tried to hold back, I tried to run! It hurt... so much..." His right hand was still over his right eye, and the other traced the mark through his hair where the eye patch strap usually went, "then one of them hit me, I lost the eye-patch... then I woke up here..." By his voice it was obvious that Jin wasn't fully himself yet, he had a pounding headache and the room was spinning just a little, but it was going away... slowly.
  10. Jin felt Cloud's grip force him into the wall, like an iron vice and a sledgehammer at the same time. Even so it took him a moment to turn his attention, and line of sight from the woman and the men on the ground, to Cloud and what he telling him. It wasn't apparent that Jin could even hear Cloud. His bloodshot eye glared, burning an imaginary hole though the older knight. For a moment it seemed he would fight Cloud, his muscles tensed to push away, but Cloud's grip was as strong as his resolve, and it seemed that Jin thought twice, for he chose to make no move to break free. After a few seconds he stopped glaring. "But... why..." his voice was small and quiet, like a young child's, "why did you... stop me... Cloud Knight?" The bloodshot eye stared at Cloud in question, but at least it wasn't bleeding anymore, "It was... wrong? Balance... balance dictates that I... that they..." Jin spoke, utterly confused it seemed, though his speech was slow, and soft, as if he were half asleep, or drunk, but he appeared neither. "I... want..." Jin's voice had almost faded, and his eyelid drooped low the redness and blood seemed to be fading as Jin's stress levels dropped further and the adrenaline wore off, "release me... Cloud Knight... I'm... so tired..." and with that, Jin passed out or perhaps he did fall asleep, either way he was still held to the wall by Cloud's strong grip, both eyes closed. He was still bleeding, but it had mostly stopped as the blood began to clot in the wounds. Still, he looked to be in bad shape, and as Cloud and anyone else who trained to achieve super human standards of speed and strength knew, pushing your body that far beyond it's normal restraints had consequences. Torn muscle tissue and soreness the least, heart attack or torn tendons were more serious side effects semi-common to the dangerous game that Jin had played, though likely only Cloud knew the details so well.
  11. Jin's eyes were closed, well, at least the one eye not hidden by the eye-patch was. Blood slowly trickled down his face, stemming from under the patch, now soaked in blood. At the onslaught of the large cat and the beheading that had already taken place, a few of them men looked about ready to run for it, but others merely grew stronger in their resolve and evil intent. Jin stumbled forwards, not exactly the best strategy for an opening attack, stumbling forwards with one's eye closed... and he suffered for his supposed error. The nearest man swung at him, cutting him shallowly across the chest, blood now seeped out of this wound as well as his eye. But the pain seemed to... wake Jin out of his stumbling, he managed to dodge out of the way of the next swing, intended for his head. He wasn't moving very quickly though, almost like he was drunk, though he'd had nothing to drink. The blade barely missed him and as he ducked under it it caught the band that held his eye-patch in place, lifting it from his head and revealing the bleeding eye beneath. Anyone watching may have noticed how bloodshot the eye was, it was bleeding after all, though it sustained no noticeable injury, but there were very few in the audience indeed that could follow what happened next. Jin suddenly screamed as if in pain, perhaps the sword had nicked his eye. But in a moment he was gone, and so was the scream. A fast eye could catch his form as a blur as he moved from one of the men to the next, striking them repeatedly without restraint. Five hit the ground at approximately the same moment, all unconscious or in shock from the sudden rain of blows, most with broken ribs or other bones. These were from the center of the group, where Jin now stood, surrounded by the five groaning forms at his feet, grinning like a mad man, blood no longer running from his right eye, his left still remained remarkably closed. "I judge you..." he spoke as some of the man began to run, others froze in shock, still a few were too busy dealing with the panther to notice much of anything, "guilty...." And with that final word Jin leapt after the men working his way from the closest to the furthest runner, moving at inhuman speed, an offensive onslaught that took on heed to defense, as was obvious by the number of times he apparently allowed himself to be cut or stabbed by the terror stricken men as he continued to plow through them. Bones snapped and men screamed but it seemed Jin was holding something back, because though the injury count was rising, the death toll remained at one, and that from the panther's haste. In a mere two minutes the men were gone or on the ground, only Jin and the panther remained, and the woman who the man had been threatening earlier. Shockingly she seemed to be Jin's next target, for as the last of them men fell, he turned and began stalking back towards her, black scars already forming like tattoos from the places he was cut, though you could hardly tell because his blood also covered a good portion of his torso. ((feel free to interrupt))
  12. lol I PMed you, and no, not your day... lol Jin tends to cause problems for people wherever he is, kinda one reason he keeps to himself. Naivete and a strong sense of justice will get you in trouble! lol, good thing he has a mentor like Cloud to smack him upside the head when he needs an object lesson
  13. No I probably don't need to PM you Saph, Spoke with Juzz already, but as fair warning, Cloud may have to step in and control Jin, he's about to have a very bad day (and by he... I mean Cloud... )
  14. Jin grinned hugely as the kids got excited over Lucifer's response, "I don't usually have a sparing partner, so I'd be up for a match, after I run through my exercises." He emphasized the after part, in fact he had no intention of fighting Lucifer, not because he didn't think it would be enjoyable or interesting, but he generally avoided fighting actual people if he could. He was pretty sure she'd be too exhausted with his routine, should she choose to train with him, to want to fight after wards anyways. On the other hand it would be good for him to duel, he hadn't had a human opponent in some time, maybe he would fight her first... He decided to make up his mind as he walked and headed for the door, opening it in time to hear a not so unfamiliar phrase used by a less unfamiliar group of men. "Hey pretty miss... Wanna hang out with us? We won't bite..." His gaze fell on the pretty black haired woman to whom the comment was directed and he immediately felt a sick sensation in his gut, replaced immediately by anger. Jin grabbed Ombre, the only one who had made it through the door before him and tossed him back into the inn, aiming for Lucifer, "stay inside," he commanded, not referring only to the boy, but possible to everyone in the inn, Lucifer included, though he doubted she would just stay inside unless forced to. In one fluid motion he slammed the double doors, braced his staff in-between the handles so that it wouldn't open, and as a further precaution, he stuck his daggers into the seem around the outside by the hinges on each side, assuring that it wouldn't open, at least not unless the door was perhaps broken down. "Just one group..." Jin's voice was a little higher pitched than usual. He spoke perhaps to himself, perhaps to the men, perhaps to no one at all as he tossed aside his cloak and all his other clothing except his wolf-skin shorts. With every item he took off he made a comment. "one in every town..." "if you get rid of them things are better.... "evil never dies..." "evil people do..." "Ta heck is he babbling about?" one of them men wondered allowed. A few of them turned back to face Jin, sensing a threat of some odd sort, the others made a grab for the woman... "By the gods..." one of them men exclaimed as Jin turned slowly around. And he was quite a site... From inside the inn muffled cries could be heard through the doors, but none of the windows offered a good view of what was going on... (Jin will post again soon, have to PM talk with Cloud first, won't be long!)
  15. not sure, that's what I'm waiting on.
  16. Np, Lucifer is out of commission for a few days anyways :-/
  17. Jin raised an eyebrow in surprise as Lucifer called one of the boys over to her, they apparently knew one another from after he had left. He grinned, "so," he spoke in Lucifer's direction, "I see you've been busy corrupting the young as well?" He asked innocently enough. "At least she taught us something useful," Mira commented out one corner of her mouth as she ate, "Because of Ombre here we've all earned better." Jin rolled his eyes, "yes and what am I to do about it, it's not like I can give you all wonderful lives, nor can I watch over you. I taught you to fight, in defense" he added, "I guess Lu here taught you how to make a better living, and I wont' say it's wrong, there's not much else you can do. But..." He glanced up at Lucifer again, "I'd challenge you to take what you've been taught and make something of your lives. You can't steal change and beat up local troublemakers forever." The kids didn't reply and Jin sighed, turning back to the group and Cloud. "I have half a mind to tie you up and throw you in a river," he replied to Cloud's comment, "I think you're about out of it enough that I could get away with it, and it'd be a great workout, Lucifer would help I'm sure." His grin faded slightly though as he became more serious, "Actually I'd like to talk to you later, alone, once you've... recovered, and again, that's not funny," he referred to the 'women' Cloud had mentioned earlier. "On a more interesting note, and in the meantime," Jin faced Lucifer again, "I'm late for my morning exercises, would you like to join me?" a hint of challenge glittered in the young knight to be's eyes.
  18. The post is a little long (mine) but I think you'll all like it, give some character to the town, though if you don't mind, I'd like to be the only one who plays as "Mira" the NPC I created. Thanks! Enjoy! Good morning Sei.
  19. "Give it back!" the shout of a young girl echoed slightly in the alleyway. "It's just a stick," a slurred voice responded. In the middle of the alley a young girl was hemmed in by four men who's voices resembled those of some of the men who had been on the path yesterday, though they were slurred with strong drink. One of them, the leader apparently, held a freshly carved rod in his hand, just out of reach of the young teen who was grabbing for it. "oof!" The girl cried out as he slammed the stick into her belly, knocking her back against the wall of the alleyway. "hmph," the men leader sneered while the others laughed, "serves you right, you've been nothing but trouble since that stranger was run out of town over a month ago, an I'm not puttin up with it no more." "Ung, scum," the girl hissed, sucking in air as she tried to recover her breath, "civil authority pah! you're just second rate thugs, takin advantage of the less well off an robin your own neighbors!" "Well now she has a mouth on her doesn't she boys?" the leader laughed, "I think you should come with us, lock you up in a nice..." CRASH A appeared, buried two feet into the rock pavement of the alleyway, right in front of the girl. It was nearly as thick as the girl's arm, and from one end to the other ran a series of symbols carved into the dense Iron-Wood. The men stared, the girl as well, both sides were a bit perplexed but for different reasons. The girl suddenly smiled, rising to her feet she ripped the staff out of the ground and swung it at the leader of the men, he was closest to her, and unprepared, the pole connected solidly with the side of his head and he went down, unconscious. A second man went down by the time the other two drew their swords, cursing as they charged at her. A moment later they too lay on the ground, out cold. The girl was panting and sweat dripped from her chin as she walked back over to the leader and raised the familiar staff again. She raised it all the way over her head and brought it down with vicious speed, targeting the man's scull. CRUNCH The girl's hands shook slightly as a familiar man seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was the mysterious stranger from a few months back, Jinjekkai. He appeared, sitting on the man's chest, one hand raised over his head, which caught the staff mid swing, in the other hand he held a piece of straw he was chewing on through the grin on his face. "And that," he nodded at the girl, "is why I didn't throw you a dagger." He glanced at his hand as the girl pulled the staff back. The gauntlet he had summoned was cracked, and he frowned that wasn't supposed to happen, he was about to take it off when he heard a wooshing sound and looked back up in time to see his staff come hurling at his face. "whoops!" he flipped over backwards, just in time to avoid being hit. SLAM The staff gouged out a few stones from the side of the building. "that was rude," he commented, "uh oh." He rolled backwards and leapt away as the staff was swung repeatedly in his direction, gouging out small craters in the stone floor of the alley each time it struck. After a moment Jin found himself backed up against the wall of the alley facing the girl he had just saved, who appeared to be bent on killing him with his own staff. She was panting with effort but still swung the thick staff as if it were no more than a twig in her hands. "That's enough of that," Jin grunted, catching the staff with his one gauntlet hand as it flew at him again. He gritted his teeth as the gauntlet shattered against the blow and his hand felt a bit numb. The girl jerked back on the staff and Jin's feet slid for a moment before he came up with a better stance. He then pivoted and lifted the staff into the air, girl and all. The girl let go of the staff, dropping to the stony ground. She pointed an accusing finger at him, "Why! Why did you stop me..." she tears began to run down her face. "You're far too young to be killing," Jin replied, "Mira, they didn't need to die." Mira shouted back at him, "that's easy for you to say! You don't have to live in the streets, or worry about being caught by drunken perverts like them, you've never seen what they do to us, you know nothing!" A group of younger children seemed to emerge from the shadows of the alley, stepping cautiously into the light and taking up positions along with Mira. They were all fairly thin, Jin remembered them as well, more orphans, some of the newer ones he didn't recognize though, their clothed looked like they could have come from Kevia, and he was reminded of the cost of war. "You have a gift Mira, and I taught you to use it to defend yourself and the rest of the children. I taught you defense, not killing." Jin replied, strapping his staff back in it's position on his back. "You taught me to fight. If I don't kill the problem it won't ever go away." Mira responded, pointing at the men who were still out cold. Oblivious to the fact that their lives hung in a delicate balance between a young teen bent on their destruction, and the man they had run out of town a few months ago. "No," Jin's voice erupted like a volcano, and the kids hid behind Mira, who backed up slightly, "killing is not the answer," his voice softened a bit, "you do not have to become evil to defeat it, and if you can't find balance in yourself, you can't expect balance from others." "But..." Mira began, however Jin interrupted her as he flipped over their heads and landed on the other side. "Come on kids, I'll buy everyone breakfast, how does that sound?" A cheer went up from the children and they all left Mira, and turned to follow Jin. Mira too followed after him, leaving the men in the alley alive, but it was obvious she was sulking. A moment later, Jin walked into the inn with an entourage of twelve kids and one sulking teenager following after him. "Remember my rule," he reminded them, "only polite children eat, no foul language, no eating with your hands, and absolutely no pickpocketing!" The kids nodded enthusiastically and took up positions at the counter as the owner, a fine woman by the name of Rachel. She gave Jin a look and he bowed politely to her. "You're paying for all of them?" Rachel questioned. Jin tossed the appropriate number of coins onto the counter, "I've nothing better to spend my gold on." Rachel smiled at him and proceeded to take orders from the children, even Mira seemed to have relaxed somewhat and began helping the children read the menu, as most of them were illiterate. Jin smiled, and breathed out a sigh of relief, he could finally relax himself. He noticed Sei and took up a seat opposite him. "Good morning," he greeted, "sleep well?"
  20. And Jin kinda would have had to not let you burn anyone to death... ya...
  21. Not sure... shouldn't be for too much longer, midterms only last a week or so... at least here.
  22. Jin decided to speak up then instead of remaining silent or waiting for Cloud's response. It was a worthy question and he had half expected something like that to happen, on the other hand his care for Lucifer as a human being (and as he would have felt towards anyone who was faced with spending any amount of time specifically under Cloud's supervision), compelled him to offer an alternative to Cloud. After all, Cloud sempai was neat and strong and interesting, but his idea of fun was very dull and rather boring in Jin's mind. Of course, Jin assumed from what he had seen that Lucifer would probably agree with his opinion, besides, Cloud would probably think the whole idea would be such a drag anyways. "If I may," Jin interjected before Cloud could respond, "Cloud Sempai, I volunteer to stick with Lucifer and keep the both of us out of trouble while we're in the village." Jin gave Cloud his best 'no really I promise to actually be serious this time' smile. He then glanced at Lucifer to catch her approval or disapproval of his idea, even from what she'd seen of Cloud thus far, he was sure she'd at least consider it a better trade off. Nothing against Cloud, he just wasn't a social butterfly, as Jin fancied himself on occasion... Which may or may not be true, but these things just made sense in Jin's mind, however disconnected from reality it may actually be.
  23. Well if there are no objections, since you are the one talking so elegantly to them why don't you control them, they were really just thrown in to give us something to do unti Juzz gets back.
  24. Sure, making a seer would be fun, but I think the RPM (Role Play Master) (verses GM or DM), Juzz, would have to give you your "visions" so that your power A:works and B: doesn't break the 4th wall ;-) Have fun Cloud! and ROTFLOL Lucifer, Jin is just dying inside trying not to laugh and ruin everything.
  25. Jin kept his mouth shut, but only because he was afraid that he may burst out laughing if he said anything, besides Cloud seemed to have it handled. He reached into his pouch and rummaged around, eventually coming out with a few sticks of dried venison he had salted and dehydrated himself a few weeks ago. He didn't take his eyes of the men closest to him, but rather tossed the meat to Lucifer, accidentally tossing one piece too low so that it nearly landed across her cat's nose, after all, the cat was probably hungry as well. Glancing down at what he had left he shrugged and popped the last stick into his own mouth and began chewing, eager to see how this confrontation would turn out.