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  1. Well, LL and I are about to interact with Isa/Aketsu/Lucious but it probably doesn't matter if you go beforehand. FYI: Gone with the ARMY for the next 4 days incommunicado in all likelihood.
  2. Kai grinned and took Noe's hand, leading her back towards the city. They would walk above ground and enjoy the day, unless Noe intended to fly of course. Kai sometimes envied how she could enjoy such a day in the sky, free from the ground. On the other hand, he and the ground were on pretty good terms most of the time, except during the rainy seasons when everything was mud... then they simply didn't speak to one another except to say slosh slosh eww. "I know you two aren't buddy buddy, but I'm glad you get along better than you used to." He grinned, "I still remember the first day I arrived, the two of you were fighting..." Kai grinned sheepishly, "and then I insulted the king... to his face... without realizing it." Kai shrugged, "I'm glad he was so understanding." Kai glanced over at Noe, "you must of thought I was a complete fool... I know Aketsu did... when he was assigned to assist me... and found out that I usually didn't wear clothing." Kai chuckled. It had been a long time since then, so many things had happened. Neither of them were who they used to be. They had faced death together, and so many changes. They'd buried friends, become diplomats, learned that Noe could fly, met her father, if only briefly, made love, and now they would be raising children. If there was one certainty in Kai's mind, it was that they could do it. Overcoming difficulties and changes was the story of their lives in the last year and a half. They had grown older and closer to one another and to the others. Isa and Noe were not best friends, but they were at least friendly. Kai had grown to be a good friend of Aketsu's, even though the two of them were so different. It was a relationship partly of happenstance (they just happened to be together a lot because Noe and Isa were involved in the same things), and partly of necessity (the two of them had to get along in order to keep the peace between Noe and Isa). And then there was king Anslano himself who had been so kind to both of them, especially with the death of Noe's true father. The day was getting longer as the city grew closer, it was probably two in the afternoon by the time they reached the walls. Upon the battlements and before the gates guards stood vigilant, a constant reminder that the atmosphere of peace in the city was partly false hopes. War was coming, whether they liked it or not and seemingly whether they opposed it politically or not or chose to participate, war was still coming. Kai waved at the gate guards and shook his head when a dozen of them moved to open the gate for him. Kai gave Noe a kiss and let her hand go, placing his hands one on each of the massive doors. Kai bent double and the sand crawled up his legs and made a thin layer from his back to his shoulders and ending at his fingertips. Kai gave one hard shove and the massive gates swung open enough for the two of them to enter before stopping. A couple of the guards smiled and clapped. Kai bowed and waved as the two of them entered. Ever since news of the battle and the experience they had all become celebrities amongst the soldiers, especially Kai and Aketsu. On top of that Kai had helped out immensely in the construction of the new barracks now nestled into the North Wall. He was showing off, but only for Noe, at least in his mind. The rest had just been to give the guards and easier time of things. Asking the big gate opened for only two seemed a bit rude, even if that's what they were being paid to do here. Kai had never been much of a people person... but ever since the battle and seeing all of the soldiers who had died, enemy soldiers true, but men who saw fit to serve their leaders and give their lives... ever since then Kai's respect for such people had grown immensely. He commonly volunteered to help with anything the army asked for whenever Noe was away and it wouldn't be taking time from her. Mostly they wanted stonework, or mending repairs done to the older buildings. ] Kai turned around and shut the gates behind them and took Noe's hand with a smile, "Aketsu tells me it's polite to get the door for a fair maiden." He explained, his voice suddenly taking on the serious and deeper intonation of Aketsu's when he was explaining things. While Kai's own voice was very sing-song, he was very good at mimicking the voices of others and even bird calls. A few moments later the two of them were arriving at the bakery. Inside Kai immediately spotted Isa, her hair gave her away wherever she went. Aketsu was also there with her, as was Yuaki, a girl who, though nice, always seemed to fidget around him, ever since he'd explained how he could feel people's heartbeats and draw their skeletons as long as they were standing near him on something made of solid stone. And then there was another man there as well, one Kai was not familiar with. His stance and positioning said he was nervous, as did his heartbeat, but he looked like he was with Yuaki, and if the two of them had just happened to bump into the princess of Sola... well that would make any newcomer nervous. And a new comer he must be, the way he was reacting to Isa and even the way he held himself. You could tell a lot about a person by the way they walked, by how they stood. If they were nobility or poor, farmers or people who lived in the close quarters of the city, confident or afraid, seeking escape or seeking shelter, angry or sad... Kai was much better with body-language than he was with spoken language. Fortunately Noe was working with him on that. All he got from the new person, however, was that he wasn't from around here, and he was in good shape. Kai stopped there, because apparently it was rude to size people up without meeting them first, at least that's what Noe said. In light of this, he decided to let her make the first move for the two of them.
  3. He is Risen! Question, where are Aketsu and Isa at this point? Noe and Kai need to go find them!
  4. Alright, post edited and extended! All set to go out and tell the world!
  5. For a long minute Kai just held her there, just so glad to be able to hold her, to be forgiven. He knew that things weren't simply magically better between them, but now they would work at it together, new ground, new life lessons, together, as it should have been from the start. He let the breeze blow around them , scattering a few of Noe's molted feathers into the air in a mini tornado. "I love you, I'll do my best." He smiled back, kissing her forehead, "and sometimes a proud, unbending, Earth elementarian is exactly what's needed for an emotional, explosive, Weather elementarian mmm?" He teased her. It was true, they both knew their faults, and both fell partially into the stereotypes of their people. Kai gave her a reassuring hug, "I'm sure you'll be a wonderful mother, and apparently you already have names for them..." Kai chuckled, "Are we going to be telling everyone that? Cause they will ask how we happen to know the genders... if we even do." Then an idea occurred to him. "Actually... maybe we should tell them that you laid eggs... and therefore have to stay at home to "sit" on them. I'm pretty sure that would get you out of every political requirement for a month... Then I could have you all to myself." Kai shook his head, "right, working on the loving others bit." He whispered in her ear, "but it would be funny to tell then that you laid eggs." He chuckled to himself, "I can't imagine you... having to sit on eggs... for days or months at a time, griffin form or no." He smiled, sighing to himself as he held her. This was where he belonged, like this, problems or not, good times or bad, sickness or health, that had been the terms, the oath, and he was more than happy to fulfill it. How foolish it all seemed now, knowing her as well as he did. How could he have convinced himself that this had been a good idea... He shook his head, pride, ego, selfishness, fear. Those things that he had trained for so long to ignore as a monk, how had they all come back so quickly? But he remembered, Noe had given him an explanation. If he wanted to be emotional, to respond to her emotions and his, he had to be open to all emotions, not just the few that he wanted to feel, that's how it worked, all or nothing. His ability to deal with them was simply stunted, he'd never been trained to deal with emotion in a positive way or as something that might add to balance instead of take away from it. "I'm sorry I let my emotions get the best of me, I wasn't thinking clearly, I don't know how I ever convinced myself that this was best for you, for us." He sighed, "I don't like keeping secrets from you, I don't want to. It feels like an invisible gap between us, something that can't be bridged so long as the secret exists." He relaxed his hug on her, "I just wish I did have the answer to everything, but there's so much that we've never experienced, no chance to learn ahead of time..." Kai swallowed, "I have no idea how to be a father Noe... But if I could learn to love you, and you could learn to teach me love and love me back... I know we can both be wonderful parents. I have no doubt that you will be one amazing mother!" Kai smiled down at her, watching the light of the sun reflect off her grey eyes. Even in her diplomatic garb she was stunning, breathtaking, at least to him. "So, who are we... who am I" he rolled his eyes in jest, "going to be telling first? Shall we find Isa and Aketsu? I know that... women..." Kai made a confused face, "go all giggly and... weird... when you tell them these things..." Kai took on a serious look and stared directly into Noe's eyes. "You know I would have loved you even if you had been unable to give me children." He held her gaze for a moment longer, "I always knew you would be a great mother, whether they were our kids, or ones that we adopted. You have such a big heart, even if it's occasionally covered in prickly feathers..." He grinned, "where to first?"
  6. Yeah I literally wrote that in five minutes because we had to be rushing out the door unexpectedly, just got back and was going to edit it, thanks for pointing those out for me
  7. Poor Kai he really messed up This is good for them though, he needs to learn to work through his fear and pride sometimes too. EDIT: ooooh page topper!
  8. Kai remained on the bed as Noe spoke, listening to what she said, and more importantly, how she said it. She was upset with him, angry even. There hadn't been a time yet when he could recall her being truly angry or hurt by him. Then again, he knew in his heart that he should have told her right away, that they should have worked through it together from the beginning... But he'd wimped out. He'd let her down. He knew in his heart that no matter how busy she was, no matter how little time they had together, she would have wanted to know right away. They had spoken about having children a lot in the beginning of their marriage, but as time passed, it had been one of Noe's secret fears that they wouldn't be able to. His face remained passive as she spoke, it wouldn't do to add his own emotion to what Noe was already dealing with. Besides, it would take him a little while to sort through them after it was over. Her emotions on the other hand were as obvious as the weather, which had taken a sudden turn for the worse. Then she was done, and she walked out without another word. Kai sat on the bed, pondering, and heard the front door close. She had left. Neither of them had ever walked out on the other and it stunned him for a moment before the rational side of his mind kicked in. She had given him her own ultimatum, and she'd left, even though he knew she was only just outside. Kai lay back on the bed, pulling the sand off his face and away from his eyes with the flick of his wrist. It wouldn't do to get wet sand on the bed... He wasn't angry with her, he wasn't sure he'd ever be capable of that, he hoped not. No, he was angry with himself. He'd betrayed her trust in a way, and hurt her. Over and over he watched her stare up at him in surprise, but it had been the pain behind her eyes that had killed a small part of him. He'd never meant to hurt her, but he knew he had been selfish and waited until he thought he could solve the problem before he let her know about it. And he realized then that he'd done something else that had hurt her even more that she probably didn't even realize yet. Kai swallowed and stood, dressing quickly in his own ambassador getup and donning the appropriate trappings that went along with it. He rushed out of the house, letting the door swing closed behind him. He rushed up to Noe and embraced her, knowing that she wasn't in the mood to be hugged but he held her in his strength nonetheless. He needed her to hear him now, and he needed to be close. "Noe, listen to me, please." Kai took a breath, "I was wrong. I was wrong to not tell you right away. I was selfish, I wanted to have a solution before I told you. And that was most wrong of me, please... forgive me for even thinking of our children... as a problem that needed solving." Kai released her from his grip, if she wanted to leave now, she could. He couldn't meet her eyes as he continued. "The day I found out, was the happiest moment of my life. I knew how much you wanted to have a family, and I've always known you were scared that we wouldn't be able to... I should have told you then. But I was afraid, afraid I was wrong, afraid because I didn't know what to do, so I did nothing." He cleared his throat to keep from choking, "I betrayed you. Part of being your husband means that I don't keep secrets, that we work things through together, that we never leave the other for anything... I failed at that, and broke your trust, and caused you to walk away from me." Kai took a step back and continued, "and I added one failure to another, I asked... I tried to force you not to fight, to turn away from a part of yourself, a part of all of us, that first carried us into battle before, and continues to give us the strength and determination to continue to fight for the peace we seek." Kai shook his head, "but again, I'm afraid, afraid of losing you. And in trying to hold onto you I've lost you already." Kai raised his head and met Noe's eyes for the first time, "All our time together I've tried to be the strong one, to give you stability and someone to rely on. But now I need you, and I know I don't deserve you, or to be forgiven so easily." Kai blinked tears out of his eyes. They came in part from sadness, but mostly from shame, shame that was obvious on his face. "You are right, and I was too weak to let you be right. Forgive me for suggesting something so contrary to who you are, for asking you to do something you couldn't agree with in your heart." Kai took a deep breath, "I love you Noe. I always have and I always will. I won't ever leave you, in war, in peace, wherever our battles take us. You are as much a part of me as my own body, and until now I've tried to be perfect in all things. But I should have been more honest, with you, with myself. The terrible truth is that I would rather you were safe, and let the whole world fall into darkness, than see harm done to you. That is how I feel, how I've always felt. But now I'm the one who has done the harm, I can't make you live that way, it would kill you as surely as the coming battles may. Help me Noe." It was a rare thing for Kai to ask her for help, it was nearly almost him who offered help to her. "Help me love you and overcome my fear, I will follow you, I will stand beside you, but I need you just as much as you need me. Even if I'm sometimes too proud to admit it." He paused, "please don't go." There, it had been said. Now he only waited to find out if he could heal the gap he had created between them, and if she would trust him as she had before.
  9. EPIC PLOT TWIST FTW Congratulations Kai... you just made the world a complicated place... and NOW things get INTERESTING! Woot! Yay, this RP is not going to turn into (let's all go to this one place and kill each other) like we kinda did before.... Now there's a chance for everyone to meet and interact without the whole lightning bolts of death thing going on in the background... well maybe that will still be there (Sola and Shadow aren't going to like this) but hey, we may be fighting on the same side instead So get your characters ready cause their reality is about to change, yay for moral dilemma time!
  10. Kai listened with surprise and fascination as Noe described her dream in great detail. But another look was boding behind his eyes, a look of worry, and perhaps of guilt, yes, there was definitely guilt. If he was right, and he was pretty sure he was, then he was at fault here in more than one way, even though he knew Noe wouldn't view it like that and would chide him if she knew he was. Kai didn't reply but chose instead to finish his food and allow Noe to do the same. The food seemed to have lost its flavor though and his mind was lost in thought as to how he was going to explain himself. Finally they were both finished and he cleared his throat, rising from his seat he took Noe in his arms with a smile, though it was a bit more strained than genuine. He carried her back to the bedroom and set her gently down on the bed, but didn't join her. Instead he remained standing and bit his lip as he always did when nervous. He probably looked like he had on their wedding night, nervous and not sure of what to do next. Fortunately Noe had known exactly what she wanted and it had been one of the best nights of both their lives. This time, however, it was his job to lead the course of events, what had to be said had to be said. Now more than ever, he was only glad that he had a partial plan to solve the situation for them, and perhaps for everyone. "Noe," Kai began, biting his lip again. She was so beautiful sitting there, staring expectantly up at him. The sight of her still took his breath away even after a year of getting to know every part of her intimately. He smiled for real this time and shook his head. "How did I ever get you?" He wondered allowed, then stopped himself and shook his head again. No, there was something important to discuss here. Kai paused and took a deep breath... "You're pregnant." Kai had never been good with breaking things to people gently, and in this case he wasn't any better. He swallowed and quickly continued. "I should have told you sooner I'm sorry, I just didn't want you to worry, about... the future, and everything. I wanted to wait until I had a plan for you, for us." Kai swallowed again and rubbed absently at his sand arm that had suddenly decided it had feeling again and that feeling was pain. The phantom pain seemed to come on more strongly when he was tense. "I've know for a few weeks.... At first I wasn't sure, but now I can clearly feel it in your heartbeats... you have three smaller hearts beating inside you besides your own." Kai quickly realized he'd left Noe alone in a sense and sat down next to her, supporting her back with one hand and taking her hand in his real hand. "But everything is going to be alright, I promise. Noe... I love you so much, I won't let anything happen to you, to us, or... our children. I have a plan." Kai's voice was soft and tender now, not tense as it had been before but calm and collected. He needed to be in control now, stable, for her, for them. "We go to Cumulus, convince Isa and Aketsu and the others to go with us. We go before the city leaders and propose that Cumulus break from both Shadow and Light alliances and form a neutral state dedicated to peace between the two lands." Kai explained his thinking slowly, "The lands won't end their fighting because the leaders on both sides are too steeped in the old ways to break from them. There has to be a new alliance, made up of all those who desire peace and an end to the conflict. Our generation has to rise up and replace that of our parents, for Isa... literally. It will be dangerous at first, and hard, but I know that the opinions of the council and the king are not the opinions of the people. Most people want an end to the conflict, and no one openly seeks another war. If we provided them with an alternative to both... people would flock to us, and both sides would lose their foundation after long enough and collapse. People are people, shadow or light, I believe there is just as much support for this from their side as there is from ours. The cycle has to be broken, and it will take something as drastic as this to do it." Kai turned to face her now and looked her right in the eye, "I will not see you fight another needless battle with our children's lives on the line, and I would rather die than raise them in a world that I was too weak to change for the better, for their future as much as our own." Kai paused, "I won't allow you to go to war for Sola, nor will I go myself. My loyalty has always been to you, to my family, to honoring the memory of our fallen friends, not to a king or an alliance. Kings and alliances come and go, ideals, morals, love, friendship, courage, these things last forever, and I would stand for them, for you, before any other." Kai's eyes were pained, he knew that he was presenting her with an ultimatum, and it was clear that it tore him up inside to do so, but he couldn't live with the alternative. He wouldn't endanger her for anything he didn't think was worth her life, his life, and the lives of their unborn children and there were precious... precious few things he valued that highly...
  11. Yay for baby griffin.... things... This should be an interesting conversation.
  12. Kai couldn't help but chuckle as Noe's stomach interrupted her mid-thought. At first it had been the obvious assumption that he was the one that would take the most feeding, but over time as Noe grew, so did her appetite. She now consumed nearly twice the food he did, not to mention anything she chose to hunt while in griffin form. He noted the feather and gave her a slightly concerned but mostly compassionate smile and a brief hug before heading into the kitchen. She was molting again, it happened so frequently now that it had become a fact of life, if one that neither of them much looked forward to. Well, he did more than she did. After all, she always looked so beautiful after a molting, and he could use the extra feathers to stuff new pillows or to sew into intricate patterns for curtains and the like. Kai walked into the kitchen and stopped suddenly, there was a small child standing next to the stove, staring up at him with stormy grey eyes and feathery eyebrows. How had a child managed to get in here without him noticing? Why hadn't he picked up on the vibrations of his little feet? Who was he? Before Kai could recover from his shock, the little boy giggled and ran away, opening a door in the kitchen wall that Kai did not remember being there before, and vanishing inside. Kai suddenly found himself back in the bedroom. Noe was suddenly rushing outside, probably to molt, the scene from the kitchen was gone. He shook his head, rubbing a few grains of sand out of his eyes. Maybe he was more hungry than he thought... Kai slowly made his way to the kitchen, no vibrations. He peaked through the doorway but everything seemed to be in order. There was no small boy, no mysterious door, everything was as it should be. As it should be? Kai suddenly felt that something was missing, that the room was empty, devoid of some life it had held a moment ago. He couldn't place the feeling so he shrugged and turned to the stove. He dropped two logs into the burn-pit below it and gave them a strong discharge of electricity to set them on fire. In no time the stove top was hot enough to cook on. Kai pulled out a dozen eggs, some salted pork, a wedge of cheese, and two peppers and went to work. He left one hand chopping peppers while another mixed the eggs and a third ground the pork into tiny bits. All this going on while he went down the stairs into the basement floor of the house to get some fresh milk and a few apples. The milk was in the cooler, a large, stone box built into the ground. One couldn't tell from inside the house, but Kai had discovered an underground stream that ran below the house. He'd rearranged some caverns beneath the house to bring the spring into contact with the bottom of the cooler. The cold water cooled the stone continually, making the inside of the cooler quite cold, if not freezing, perfect for storing perishables. He took out a pitcher of milk and two chilled glasses and headed back upstairs where his hands had finished mixing ingredients and everything was cooking now on the stove. Kai heard Noe caw from outside, she would be in soon he was sure. He tossed a few spices into the mix and chopped the apples in half, leaving three for Noe and one for himself, she was always partial to fruit whenever she went through a molting. Finally he set the round table with two plates and glasses, silverware, and two braided napkins. He had just finished setting out the food and extinguishing the stove when Noe walked back in, more beautiful than ever, although Kai swore that was true every-time he saw her. He pulled out her chair for her and sat in the other. After saying a quick prayer of thanks to the maker for the food and one another, they began to eat. As they ate, Kai related the story of his strange... whatever it had been, when he'd first thought he had entered the kitchen. "And the boy just giggled and turned to run into a door and a room I didn't put into the house..." Kai shrugged, "actually... he reminded me of you, stormy eyes and I swear there were feathers in his hair." Kai half smiled, "so aside from my losing my mind... what do you think? Strange huh? I must have still been half asleep."
  13. I can't figure out what time of day it is so I just said afternoon.... hope that works, I'll edit if it doesn't
  14. Kai opened his eyes, almost surprised to see the skylight above his head and the cloudy sky beyond, then he remembered where he was and a broad smile split his face. From the light in the sky he could tell it was probably mid-day, they'd slept in... oh how long it had been since he had managed to get Noe to sleep in, much less get enough sleep. Life had certainly been busy lately, unfortunately that probably wasn't going to change anytime soon. The trees that made up the bed cast dancing shadows over the couple. Noe was still asleep, still in his arms where she had been when they finally decided to use the bed for the purpose of sleeping. Kai turned his head and kissed Noe's forehead lightly, not wanting to wake her if she was still willing to sleep. She loved to curl up next to him and lie on his arm, which for a normal person might be a problem, considering that the weight of her head would have cut off his circulation. But Kai wasn't normal, and his arm didn't have circulation since it was made of sand, or at least it usually was. But sand was rough and hard, he switched out his sand arm for one made of soft clay for sleeping and spending time so close to Noe. That had been one of her pet peves, and their first minor argument, no sand in the bed, no sand scattered throughout the house, no sand in the dishes, no sand in the bath... Sand could and should, be piled neatly in the corner when it wasn't being used. Kai didn't mind, Noe didn't dislike his sand, she just preferred him without it, and preferred to have a neat house... And so his sand lay in the corner in a nice, neat pile against the soft stone wall. Kai left his arm under Noe's resting head and slowly got out from under the sheets, setting his feet on the cold stone floor. The stone was cool and smooth, it would be cool in the summer and it would hold its heat in the winter, keeping the house at an even temperature year round, just like a natural cave. He stretched and rubbed at his shoulder in annoyance, the phantom pain still hadn't gone away, the doctors said it may never go away. Still, for the most part he had learned to ignore it. Kai walked over to the pile of sand and held out a hand, letting it run up his arm and leg, slowly covering his whole body and reforming over his skin. There was no need to get dressed further, no one else would be around. And if unexpected visitors did drop by, he could always change the sand to look like he was at least wearing a tunic and shorts. Still, that had been another rule of Noe's, one he found rather comical and teased her about on numerous occasions. Sand doesn't count as clothing in public. The most practical reason for this of course was rain... which had happened once... Kai had to spend the rest of the day walking around with the lower half of his body submerged in wet/stony ground until they got home. Apparently that was never allowed to happen again. He understood the sentiment, he certainly wouldn't let her go around only wearing sand, the compulsion to kill anyone who gave her a second glance would be too strong. Jealousy may be a negative attitude, but when it came to the love of his life, to be jealous of her affections and everything else about her. She was his, he was hers, totally and completely, life was good. Of course... that was close to the only good thing in their lives at the moment, aside from their friends. War was still war, politics still didn't make sense, and the prejudice of the past lived on in the present and the more they tried to kill it the larger it seemed to loom. Kai shook his head, returning from the drama of the past to the beauty of the present, namely his lovely wife. He glanced over at her, she hadn't moved, or had she? Was she awake? Kai smiled. She was probably waiting for him to come wake her with a kiss. He wasn't sure, the bed was made of wood, he couldn't feel the vibration of her heart to tell whether or not she was really still asleep, and he liked it like that. Yesterday they had a lot of fun, both inside the house and out. Noe had seen the garden, loved it, and Kai now had a shopping list of plants to find for her that she'd like to plant. She'd loved the kitchen, the stone stove had been her favorite. With a few good logs it could heat and cook food on a heated flat stone for hours and even boil water in minutes. They had started in the bedroom and ended there, and almost a whole day had passed, it had been wonderful. They had both needed the refreshment and the rest but most of all, they had needed the time together. Life had been so busy they hadn't been able to spend the time together they both yearned for. Kai made his way back over to the bed and bent over Noe's still form. He slowly bent down and kissed her lips gently. "Time to get up my love," He whispered, lips barely above hers. "I love you..." He kissed her again gently. "I can have breakfast ready in a few minutes if you'd like to enjoy lying in the sunlight a bit longer." His voice was soft and gentle, the only other sound against the background of birds singing in the trees and robins bobbing for worms above the stone roof. "Unless you have other ideas..." He winked. His smile doubled as he stared down at her, still lying on his soft, clay arm. The first time he'd left her in the bed with his arm... not attached to his body... had not gone over well, she had been a bit disturbed when she woke up that morning. Now he found other ways to tease her, such as giving her a neck rub with his detached arm, which he now began to do, able to control it from this range as easilly as if it were still attached to his body, as easily as if it was actually his real arm. She still found it a bit creepy, and he still found it hilarious.
  15. One would imagine that mental training could help, but I'm not sure if that has been discussed... Good question though. (it also could just be that the mind reading part is just very very rare) -Rak
  16. Mostly just a way for us to explore our characters and their personalities in an environment that is so unthinkable that it's perfect for character development.
  17. LL: Referring to your post with Noe
  18. Kai followed Noe about as she went from room to room in the house. He mentally sighed with relief, it was quite obvious that she was completely enthralled with the place. He wasn't sure why he had ever been worried about her not liking it. In truth, unless she simply hated living underground... which he supposed he could understand since she was a griffin, everything else he'd designed with everything he knew she loved in mind. He even added lots of windows and overheads to increase the feeling of being outdoors and not in a giant rock he'd hollowed out. He bit his lip slightly when she came to the bedroom, but as with the rest of the house, she seemed to love it and the bed especially. That made him smile. It was unique to be sure and he still wasn't entirely sure how "taking care of" the "living" bed was going to go. He would probably have to have the plant elementarian come back every few months or years to make sure the bed wasn't growing in some weird un bed like shape. But the two overhead skylights would provide the sunlight that the trees needed, and with a bit of time and pruning they would probably do quite well, so the man had said. Noe finished her tour in the living room and seemed a bit overwhelmed. For a moment Kai wasn't sure how she was going to express herself, whether in laughing or crying or ---- oof --- yes, or making out... making out suited him just fine. As Noe kissed him he let the rest of the sand on his body run off, every single grain rushing to the floor like iron to a magnet, then sliding over to the wall where it stacked itself neatly in the corner and out of the way. The only sand left on Kai's body now was his arm, which he was rarely without, though he did sleep without it. Now as time went on and oxygen began running low... Kai gently pried Noe off his mouth with a firm finger on her chin and a smile on his face. "I'm glad you like it. I got the stone for it from a slab of granite way up in the hills to the..." Kai paused, lips still only a fraction of an inch from Noe's own lips. He stared into her eyes and quickly decided that conversation could wait. "Right, shut up Kai." This time it was his turn to hold her tight and he additionally picked her up to his height, making it easier for them both but also so that he could discretely slide across the stone and hard packed dirt floor and into the bedroom where he broke the kiss again. "I already let everyone know we won't be around until tomorrow, and then only if it's a real emergency." He winked, "after all, it will take that long for us to try out the place, bed room, kitchen, and the garden too." Kai glanced beyond Noe at the freshly made bed, "first things first though, we definitely can't live here if you don't like the bed," he whispered, motioning with his hand as the doors swung shut and latched, firs the outdoor one and then the bedroom door. "Aketsu knows where we are if there's really something important going on," he finished, returning his lips to their proper place, right over top of hers.
  19. wow... just wow LL you described the home perfectly, just like I imagined it. And you did it so well! Awesome post. (EDIT) Yay Page Topper! ...? I don't get it, is page topping a competition? (EDIT #2:) And now Kai and Noe will be vanishing from the thread for the forseable rest of the day...
  20. Kai smiled as Noe made her decision, he was practically dying to show her everything. It was a pressure in his chest building to an explosion of words and smiles, fortunately she chose the short version. He stood still for a moment, taking the necessary precaution of forming solid sand around his ankles up to just above his knees to help take the impact off his joints. In the desert using the ground to aid his movement wasn't saddled with the risk of breaking a bone, the sand was soft and gave when you landed on it, stone on the other hand was a different matter entirely. Unfortunately he'd found that out the hard way a month before arriving in Sola initially. He'd only sprained his ankle but it had been a near break and not something he was interested in repeating. Kai replaced the torch on the wall and smothered it with sand until it was out completely. At the speed they would reach the wind would blow it out and Kai could see perfectly fine without his eyes in this darkness... unless he ran into a swarm of bats, in which case he simply hoped that they would avoid him. Kai gripped Noe a bit tighter and bent down, pushing off with his right foot and sliding his left along the floor before pushing off with it as well. He continued to do this until his speed built to far beyond that of the average sprinter. With the earth helping push against him his feet never left contact with the ground leaving him free to push against it just as hard and fast as he could concentrate. It was a rush to race through the darkness, eyes open but unseeing, it unnerved even him to some extent. Something about not being able to see with one's eyes caused every other nerve in the body to amplify their signals. It was thrilling. And in only a brief time, it was over. Kai slid to a stop at a vertical tube that came down from the ceiling. This was the well that lead up to the garden. He'd discovered the tunnel when digging it. The tunnel itself continued for several hundred feet and then came up deeper into the forest. He'd sealed the entrance and all the others in the tunnel network just encase someone discovered it and intended to use it to bypass Sola's walls for some evil purpose. So far no one had complained and as far as he could tell, on one had been down here in... well... a long time. "Alright, we're here, just through this shaft." Kai slid a hand over Noe's face, running a finger along her lips, "but no peaking just yet," and as his hand left her face it left a sand blindfold in its place. "Trust me," he gave her a brief kiss on the forehead, "almost there." Three additional arms sprouted from the sand on Kai's ankles and knees and began pulling the two of them up and into the shaft which opened enough to allow them inside. Light was immediately evident, at leas to Kai who wasn't blindfolded. They reached the top in a short time and Kai used the sand to lift off the well cover. He pulled the two of them out and walked a short distance down the path until he stood in front of the house with the garden to his right moving around the well and up over the top of the house upon which he had also done considerable planting. Home Kai gently set Noe down and put his hand back over her eyes. "Welcome... home." And with that he removed his hand and the sand along with it. Directly to Noe's front was a small path of colorful stones that Kai had delved up from deep in the ground and flattened into a walkway. The path was flanked by tall grasses with fluffy tops that blew back and forth in the wind and tickled against Noe's and Kai's legs. To both sides the grass flowed over the flat ground seamless and uniform like still water. They were all uniform, obviously planted at the same time and given similar treatment. In truth Kai had dug up the entire area and churned the dirt and other plants into fine soil for planting. The clearing itself was in the midst of tall trees, but a large clear patch let sunlight fall on the path most hours of the day but especially now that it was just after midday. The most obvious object in the clearing, however, was the mound of grass that covered an object that could only be a house. It had two windows on this side and the door was round and wooden, painted the same green as the grass around it, almost hidden if not for the onyx stairs flanked by whitestone railing that flowed into the house and formed a white circle around the door, accenting it against the grass around it. The same whitestone rose from the house in the shape of a white rose that served as an elaborate chimney. Perhaps the most intricate sight was the stone design that hung on the door. It was the face of a griffin, screeching with its beak open halfway. around its neck was a stone heart that had the elemental sign for earth and lightning engraved in it. Kai bit his lip again, waiting for Noe's reaction.
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  22. Kai's smile broadened as Noe curled up in his arms, deciding not to walk. He was more than happy to carry her, besides, that would allow him to more easily lose whoever it was that was still following him. "Alright then, hold on." They were currently on the third story of the castle building. Well technically it was the second story, but that was only because the first story had such a high ceiling that the second story was higher up than most three story buildings. But it made sense, the first story contained the throne room and the meeting chambers where large groups of dignitaries could gather in one place. The second story was living quarters and smaller meeting rooms that allowed a few select individuals to meet and discuss a topic without having to shout across the large open space of the meeting chamber below. Of course Kai had never taken it to mind to study the blueprint of the castle and memorize where he was going, instead he simply felt where the stone was and where it wasn't and formed a 3D mental map that told him where he was and how to get where he wanted to be. Right now, where he wanted to be was out, and the nearest exit was... left, right, hallway aaaand. Kai smiled, breaking into a jog. Balcony. Five, six, seven steps through the room, up onto the ledge and finally leaping off of it. For a few seconds Kai and Noe were airborne, albeit falling from the castle's third story, but the rush was the same as he felt when Noe took him flying on occasion. Though it was a bit more intense do to the fact that there was no swooping out of this particular fall. Kai gripped Noe tightly but gently as all the sand rushed off his body and met the ground first, catching them as they fell and guiding them into the stone itself which sealed behind them leaving the street they'd come down on and small pile of sand as the only mark that they'd ever been there. Now underground Kai closed his eyes, concentrating for a moment until he found the tunnel system he was looking for. Then he opened a narrow hallway in the stone around them and walked through it until it opened up into a wide tunnel large enough to fit three horses abreast and tall enough that their riders could have remained mounted. The tunnels were truly works of art, no doubt created by earth elementarians as a gift to Sola, unfortunately it was still pitch black. Kai remedied that by picking a torch off the wall with a wisp of sand and lighting it with a small spark of electricity. Suddenly the cavern was filled with dim light, illuminating the smooth stone walls and seamless intersections between wall ceiling and floor. "These are the tunnels I've been exploring over the past few weeks." Kai spoke up, still holding Noe unless she decided she wanted to walk. Fortunately he could use sand to carry the torch and didn't have to spare an arm for the task. "My guess is that they were built as a gift from the earth elemental kingdom to a past king of Sola. Probably constructed before or during the great war as a way to evacuate the city or to move supplies in and out undetected if it were ever besieged." Kai continued walking. "I discovered them by accident when I was digging a well. They are well hidden, even form me. The earth elementarians packed denser stone around the tunnels themselves and looser stone further out making it feel like there isn't actually a gap of air down here, even to my senses. The truly remarkable thing is the air vents, tiny, unnoticeable holes that run through the walls and up to the surface." He smiled, yes dear, I was digging a well, that should spark your curiosity... "It's a twenty minute walk from here," he commented, pointing out that they could have a conversation if Noe wished, "or a two minute run if you'd prefer to get there right away."
  23. Just remember silver, it could always be worse.... For example you could have to babysit the kid versions of all our characters... wouldn't that be fuuuun? (you know... we should make a "kindergarten" roleplay of our characters and how they would interact in that environment, get into trouble, save the school (or burn it down...) etc...) that would be purely for the lolz