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  1. Jin gritted his teeth as Lucifer "healed" his arm, though it felt like he was being healed with a fire as aggressive as the one that had caused the burns in the first place. He had forgotten that she could do that, his own body would have healed itself quite quickly on its own but not for the same reason. "Don't apologize," he interjected, "I'm fine, and you looked like you needed something to reach through the fire for you..." he shrugged, and his face darkened a bit as she mentioned the dark sorcerer or whatever he had been who had captured her. "I could tell it was dark but I..." Jin didn't finish his sentence, "that's awful, once I become a knight I think I'll pay your dark friend a visit, that is if you still know where he was and would consider it a... date?" Jin smiled, he was half joking, but the thought of someone imprisoning Lucifer for such a reason and in such a way definitely made his blood heat up, "dark magic doesn't much affect me," he used his healed hand to rub the outside of the other hand, still engulfed by the dark purple and black gauntlet. "This armor stuff, not sure what you'd call it, is very resistant to anything dark related." Jin grinned, "I wish I knew how to really use it... it just seems to form depending on my emotions and sometimes... for example when one is having a bad dream... it's not healthy to be wearing razor sharp claws..." He grinned, holding out a hand to help Lucifer to her feet. "How exactly does it happen... I... might be able to do something about it if it's like a curse or some lasting spell that activates under certain conditions, especially if it's dark oriented...I" Jin closed his mouth abruptly and turned his face away, though he was still holding his hand out to help her up. He had almost said too much, and... and she had just revealed something that was very painful in her past to him... yet he was still keeping all his secrets... it felt wrong... and he felt bad about it. "Hey Lucifer..." he began, slowly turning back to face her while he fiddled with his hair with the hand that was still covered by a gauntlet. "I... I haven't been completely honest with you and... you know I have to keep secrets... but I've never told anyone this outside of Azure, and eve there only Cloud and a few of the masters and other knights know. Now I want to tell you." Jin paused, grimacing as he helped Lucifer up and then took a step back from her and Lorkin. He drew one razor claw along the outlines of the tattoo that covered his body. "This is more than a tattoo," he indicated, "When I told you and the others that I had a mental problem because of Azure training, which is why I lost control at the inn? That wasn't completely true." He forced himself to look Lucifer in the eye, absently rubbing the patch that still covered his left eye. "This tattoo is a mark given to me at birth, it's... alive almost, it grows with my body. It's from a spell but that's getting ahead of myself. When I was born I was... broken..." Jin paused, not knowing a better way of putting it, he wasn't the best with words, "you know the rumors and legends of single Azure knights taking on hundreds in battle and emerging victorious. Well they're mostly true, but rarely are we hired for such an event, as it costs an inordinate amount of money and we're not butchers or mass killers... I'm not at least... at least I try not to be..." He sighed, leaning against a dead tree, a weary expression on his face, "I was born predisposed to killing, and very powerful. Most Azure knights gain their strength with age, but on a rare occasion you're born with a mature... soul." Jin decided that was a good enough term for it, "the power of an azure knight has a dark side to it, the more you use and the more you have, the more likely you are to lose control of it and become a monster, we call knights that lose their control Vanudi, 'the lost.'" Jin indicated his tattoos again, "being born in my condition predisposes me to becoming Vanudi, in fact it may have happened even as I was a newborn... children born this way are usually... killed. It's harsh... but the risk of Vanudi is a very dangerous thing. The masters must have had pity on me that day, because I was chosen for Vinqulem, the binding." "Vinqulem is an ancient art of sealing dark soul energy passed down in secret for a thousand generations of my people. My tattoos are the physical markings of that seal..." Jin was silent for a long moment. "I could be killed for telling you even that much... but..." He stared up at her again, "you are an amazing woman Lucifer and... I have feelings for you, something I'm not familiar with. You deserve to know the danger you are in by being around me. There's a reason I was forced to live in solitude with monks for three years. There's a reason that I avoid other people, the same reason I lost control at the inn... that could have been you, or Sei, or any of the group. I would never have come into such close proximity with other people if Cloud Sempai hadn't been around, I knew he could stop me if anything went wrong..." Jin turned away to face the dead tree, cutting a line through it with a razor claw from his gauntlet. "I'm... a monster, inside... Sometimes I lose control, it's worse when I'm around people... I have a strong reaction to... to the weak being oppressed by the strong, to the pain of others. I live on a razor's edge between a man becoming an Azure knight... and Vanudi, a monster." Jin's voice was soft now, like that of a small child, "all my life I've wanted to be a healer... but this is all I can be," he held up his gauntlet and let the claws reflect the hot sun, "I have to live with the reality that I am a weapon, dangerous to my friends and my enemies alike. If you... want to remain one of those few who dare to be my friend... then you deserve to know this of me." Jin couldn't bring himself to look at her now, he was too afraid that he would see her turn and leave, and that would be that, as it had happened so many times before. He had gotten used to it... so he thought... but he knew how much it would hurt, coming from her... he kicked himself for having feelings for her that he barely understood, they were foreign to him, all he knew is that losing her friendship would hurt... far more than normal.
  2. Jin stared in shock for a moment. As he had reached out to touch Lucifer she had been engulfed in flames, but form the inside out, no fault of his. Still, he was shocked for a moment, and even though she wasn't burning up, it was obvious that it was a lot of pain for her. He gritted his teeth... As Lucifer was no longer on fire and as Lorkin curled up around her, she felt Jin's hand on her own, gripping it tightly, he'd been holding it since she began to burn, even though she probably hadn't noticed with the pain. He quickly knelt at her side, no longer having to shield his eyes from the heat. His right hand was black, the gauntlet covering it that is. His arm was scorched too however, not having been covered by any form of protection, now it was covered in third degree burns from his forearm to a little past his elbow. He released her hand with a grunt, his gauntlet dropped off and shattered on the ground like ash. "Are you ok!?" he exclaimed, gritting his teeth as he forced his right arm to do what he wanted and placed a careful hand on Lucifer's shoulder, "Hey, Lucifer? What's going on, are you alright?" Blisters were forming on his right arm but he ignored them.
  3. And here Jin was going to go help people carry mats about because it would make him feel useful more than useless... then Lucifer has to go and make her arm glow and pretend she;s about to die and well what do you expect the poor guy to do? You just can't save everyone I guess... hehe jk
  4. Jin had closed his eyes by the time Lucifer came out. He wasn't angry anymore, instead he found peace in knowing that at least they had helped the village in some way. Perhaps not eating the food was an insult more than he had meant. Still, he knew he couldn't eat it, couldn't bring himself to, but... he was never any good at meditation either. He sighed, and turned to stand up. That's when he saw a few men hauling a mat out of a house with a boy on it. The boy was obviously sick, probably the epidemic, but where were they?... It was then that he spotted Lucifer, curled up on the ground by a tree, but she didn't appear to be asleep... in fact she looked like she may be in pain. Lorkin was nowhere to be seen... when had she come outside? He quickly stood and started in her direction... she seemed to be looking at something... she wasn't sick was she? the epidemic? Jin had no idea how fast disease could spread, never having been sick before... well not really, poison didn't count did it? "Hey," he called out, only a dozen feet away. "are you alright?" He stopped short, not wanting to possibly intrude... but concerned nonetheless.
  5. Jin smiled as Lucifer floated for a moment before regaining her footing back on the ground. "The monks did that, tried to teach me... then promptly told me I was hopeless. Which is good... I dislike the idea of... floating." Jin's smile faded as he looked around at where they had ended up. With Cloud and the others around, he's focused all his attention on Lucifer and Lorkin, not really paying any mind to their surroundings. What he saw now was not to his liking. The ground was cracked, barren, and unusable. The trees looked frail and weak, and they provided little shade. He remembered passing by this way before, but he had avoided the village as he did most groups of people. He watched the people rush around them, and then leave with the girl. He wasn't concerned about getting sick, but the sight of the people made a knot in his gut. He could understand their hunger, if nothing else. He had been nearly starved twice in his life, both times under the supervision of training. He knew exactly how long he could keep fighting without food, but these people weren't concerned with that, it seemed they merely lacked enough to get by as most others did. They entered the dwelling and food was set before them. Jin sat silently for a moment, watching as everyone began to eat. The idea of it made him sick and angry at the same time, and he could not bring himself to eat their food. "Excuse me," he stood, pushing his chair back under the table, "I'm sorry, I don't feel well..." he claimed, and quickly left the building, ignoring the looks of the others... perhaps Cloud would understand, he knew him best. Once outside, Jin moved a few yards away from the building, towards the outskirts of the village and sat on the ground. He watched some children playing with a ball they had made out of old rags, kicking it back and forth along the path that wove through the village. When he glanced down at his hands he noticed they had become covered in the blackish purple armor that were his gauntlets. "Yes.... that I can do... and only that..." He spoke to no one in particular, and began to trace the outline of his tatoos and scars with the claws from his gauntlets. "that is all I can do..."
  6. Jin nodded, amazed, "well I guess therein lies my problem, I can't speak cat... well or wolf... or dog... or... fish." He carefully put a finger on one of Lorkin's fangs, looking at his great white teeth, "I always knew that certain animals were intelligent, talking to one another and such, but I never did understand their language. There was an incident with a wolf pack about a month after I came out here and decided to make a bit of the forest my own. Very nice," Jin moved his hand from Lorkin's face to his front paws, examining the claws, "very smart wolves too, actually I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me the first few months..." Jin shook his head for a moment, focusing back on where he had left the conversation. "Chased me out of my new cave... well their cave that I had claimed apparently, right up a tree and sat there on the ground, hardly got any sleep that night, I swear they were laughing. I wasn't very experienced by then, only my second month out of Azure, but I got the idea that they weren't interested in killing me, or primarily in driving me off. You see," Jin rubbed his chin, trying to remember everything. " I decided that the best sort of training would be to out smart a wolf on their own territory. They'd obviously been here a while and knew the forest like the back of their... paws, thus began a very long game of cat and mouse, erm... but they weren't cats and well you get the idea, - Lorkin." Jin smiled at the memory, "every day I'd wake up early and try to sneak into their camp, and every day I'd be spotted and chased off, running as fast and as far as I could before my body would give out and I'd be forced up another tree, I became a very good tree climber, a virtual monkey... a pack of angry wolves is great motivation. I got better and better at it, further and further into their camp before they'd detect me, and they'd have to chase me further and further away each time, and I'm pretty sure they started to lose their interest in my game because one night, after I swung up into a tree out of their reach... I woke up in the morning and they hadn't gone. Well most of them had, there were two rather large males still sitting patiently at the bottom of my tree. Apparently they had had enough and it was time to eat the interesting and annoying human." Jin laughed slightly, "I tried to talk them out of it for a good hour but they ignored me, not that I think they could understand me but if they had any intelligence at all I'm sure they knew for the most part what I was saying." He grinned, "so I ended up dropping out of my tree and they gave me a fair fight, the younger one went first while the older watched and after I beat him it was the elder's turn. Lost a lot of blood that day, last time I ever decided to fight claws with fingernails. So, bleeding and exhausted, I half carried half drug the two of then unconscious back to their camp. They heard me and I'm sure smelt me a mile away, but none of them came to kill me. It was probably foolish of me as I think back on it, but I figured they had shown me a custom of theirs and now it was my turn, so I brought the two of them back alive, and unconscious, probably not nearly as in bad shape as I was at that point. I got pretty close to the center of their camp and apparently passed out because next thing I knew I was in a cave and my garments had teeth marks where I had been drug." Jin shrugged, "the younger male I fought with first apparently was there to guard me and he followed me around even when I left, at least for a while. I stopped playing my game with the pack and instead only bothered this one wolf. Which lead to a lot of other close encounters but long story short I think we parted friends. I got a mate the next year and she had pups, I met one of them earlier when I ran into your group. That was his son, along with his mate and a few of the pack that had been awake to chase me all night long and into the morning when I ran into you lot. I guess that finally means I won, managing to take his pup out of the den and get away with it... well barely, and I'm sure he thinks that using the spice ball even though I didn't do it... was cheating but that's my experience with animals for the most part." Jin seemed to remember something and took a step back from Lorkin, placing Lucifer between the cat and himself, "I did run into a panther once, and tried the same trick on it. But I don't understand cats, they don't just case you if you throw a pebble at them and run or sneak up on them and shout in their ear. It kind of opened one eye and glared at me, then I threw another... then a clod of dirt, and then it finally chased me. This was only a month ago, I figured I should try a cat for training next. Well apparently it was in a very bad mood, or maybe cats just have no sense of humor, or maybe they don't play those games, but he chased me until I was tired, then I climbed a tree... and forgot that cats climb trees too..." Jin trailed off, "let's just say I'm lucky there was a lake nearby. And maaaaaybe, you could ask Lorkin what I did wrong, because the cat was certainly not playful... maybe yanking the tail would have been a better start..."
  7. Jin nodded in understanding, he could tell she was holding something back, but that didn't bother him. After all, he was bound by oath not to tell her most of what really went on in his life, what secrets the hidden village really held... no one outside it knew, and there were very important reasons for that... "not boring at all," he replied, winking with a half smile to show that he understood she was holding back and wasn't going to press the matter further, "We've both had interesting lives... hopefully..." he paused for a moment, thinking something over, "hopefully I'll be able to tell you everything when we get to the hidden village. After all," he gave her a mischievous grin, "If you enter the hidden village you either learn everything or are never seen again, and often both.... Joking..." he added with a smile. "Well mostly," he ruffled his own hair as he worked on a better explanation, "Azure isn't a kingdom with closed boarders, but the village is a closed area, we don't have tourists, just the occasional spies which need killing. No one ever comes in unless they're one of us... but... this requiem thing... I guess it's pretty important to everyone. I'm still looking forward to seeing how Cloud Sempai explains away the entrance of such a large group without getting us killed on sight." Jin was still smiling, but it was a more... worried smile than reassuring. He really was a bit on edge about how Cloud was going to... get them in alive, bringing back... guests... was unheard of, unless they wanted a short death or to stay locked up in the village until they died of old age. No one got in and out without permission, and it was impossible to fake your allegiance to Azure.... or ever get rid of it. "But we have a while before then," Jin cheered up a little, nudging Lucifer in the shoulder, "so tell me, how did you and Lorkin get to be such good friends eh? I've always wanted an animal companion, so much easier than humans, but..." Jin scratched his head, "they just don't seem to want to stick around with me. Most animals won't attack me on sight, even wolves... we have an... understanding of sorts, but they won't follow me around either no matter how I try and coax them or reason with them." Jin bent to scratch at Lorkin's ears, "so... how did the pretty lady trick you into following her about hmmm?"
  8. Jin thinks that it's a wonderful replica of Cloud Sempai (but he never was very good at pictionary)
  9. JinFelt Lucifer's hand before he heard what she said. He turned his head to look at her as she spoke. It was a welcome distraction, he didn't want to have to say how he felt about the whole matter, and was sure that perhaps at least Sei or Maro could have been waiting for his opinion. Heat focused itself on his right shoulder under her arm, it had nothing to do with her apparent ability with fire, but it was a welcoming heat, not the oppressive burning type he had nearly unleashed earlier. "That's an interesting question," Jin smiled back at her, absently, and seemingly accidentally dropping a scrap of venison out of his pouch and in front of Lorkin. He began his story, speaking softly to Lucifer, not so soft that no one else could hear, but making it obvious he was only talking to her. "I lived in the heart of Azure, the main city, I grew up seeing my father now and then and living with all the other knights when they were back in a sort of barracks I suppose you could call it. He wasn't home much, always out on some assignment so I mostly raised myself. I lived with knights and trained with anyone who would take me, my father too when he was around, he always had me train." Jin's eyes took a distant look as he thought back to his childhood, "after I was older I joined the academy, and I lived there night and day spent training, resting, eating, learning, and more training. I guess it was probably a very hard life by the standards of most, but I had never known anything else so it suited me just fine." Jin nodded at the memory, "Unforunately I developed a... condition, rare among students but not unheard of. I was forced to quit my training then at age fifteen after only seven years. I was sent away for a different sort of training, sent to live with some monks high up in the mountains. If I ever thought my training was hard... living with those bald old men was a nightmare. The air was thin up so high but the training was just as grueling, and at the time I hated meditation as well, I never did sit still very long, being forced to do so for hours was torture." Jin shrugged with a smile, "I think the only reason they didn't kick me out is because they had so much fun watching me continually fail their tests." "But after a year of it I... adjusted, and they finally let me go when I was eighteen. So I lived there for three years, then I was released on my rite of passage, to be self banished from Azure and unable to return until I was prepared to pass the final test and become a knight. Since that day I've lived the last two years in the forests, away from people for the most part. Sometimes I'd stop in a town long enough to throw out bandits and trouble makers, work some type of manual labor for the exercise, then leave again without saying a word. I never was too good in social experiences. I never kissed a girl before..." Jin's voice grew very quiet for a moment, "well before you and you're hardly a girl anymore," but then it went back to it's faded self, "a few bartenders apparently thought that was hilarious and tried to set me up with someone but... well you know, I'm not good with people and I might have run out of town solely to avoid that... maybe." he grinned sheepishly. "So yeah, that's me in a nutshell, and where I lived, I guess I gave you more than what you asked for, sorry, I'm getting better..." he ran a nervous hand through his hair, the heat on his shoulder increasing just a little.
  10. Jin was silent, he didn't look angry or uneasy, but he didn't speak further on the subject either way. At this point Cloud was involved and as such was the case his support would follow after whatever Cloud decided. It was how things should be since Cloud out ranked him, but it wasn't like Jin had followed such codes very well.. well... ever... but Cloud was one of the rare knights that Jin respected. In private though, Jin did feel a bit uneasy about the whole seeing thing, but it sounded more like the woman was some sort of healer by how she spoke, on top of that she was apparently needed at the village... so that meant that they should help her get back right? Azure was on good terms with Mesria... considering they were so close... better terms than Greisha at this point, even though they worked for both in the past...
  11. "What kinds of things?" Jin interupted as the girl spoke of "other things" that she could "see" that others could not. Normally Jin would have been more concerned about Greisha knights and why on earth they were all the way out here, especially if they were conquering as they came. Even so he didn't know a huge amount about the current state of things, he would leave that to Cloud. Jin hadn't paid much attention to the goings on in the world over the last five years, 3 at a monastery and 2 on his own to train, he hadn't cared because it didn't concern him, but a seer... not that did concern him. "What kinds of things do you see that others cannot?" he asked again, more nicely this time, slightly regretting his previous tone. Seers... they always put him on edge. It wasn't just him either, most Azure knights didn't like seers, ones born with the gift of some unnatural sight. It was probably because Azure had so many secrets, and they were very protective of them. A seer could be dangerous, he'd been taught to avoid interaction with them since he was young... and those lessons were hard to shake off.
  12. Jin dropped to the ground on his hands and then dropped further and got to his feet, eager to meet the new, strange lady who had fallen asleep in the midst of the forest while apparently being chased. "I'm Jinjekkia, also Azure Knight in training, nice to meet you!" he smiled brightly, "What kingdom are you from? Who was chasing you? You're not wounded are you?" the questions sort of spilled out of his mouth in a semi organized fashion as he stood a few feet from her.
  13. Jin followed after the group as they left the town, and with great relief they finally came to the forest. It was so much quieter than the town, there were less people, less noises, fewer pieces of metal... His mind snapped back to the present as he noticed that the group was outdistancing him and apparently had found something interesting. He rushed ahead to see but everyone was crowding around, so he climbed a nearby tree and hung upside down from one of the branches, dropping himself into the center of the group. a girl, or woman I guess, I always did wonder where the difference was... he absently thought. It looked like she was about to wake up, and Lucifer asked her her name. That was a good question, along with, why are you here, who knocked you out, sleeping in the middle of the forest is dangerous... and so on. But as he wasn't good with people in the first place, Jin was satisfied to just hang upside down several feet above the person and wait to hear her answer...
  14. "I'm already an initiate," Jin nodded as he walked after Cloud, heading towards the stable area. "But when I get back I'll become a full knight." He grinned, "I think we're leaving now, on foot in our case," he indicated himself and Lucifer. "Blazer doesn't like strangers," he whispered, attempting not to be overheard by Cloud who was directly in front of them.
  15. Jin walked over to Lucifer and shrugged, "I guess we're moving out, but don't worry, I'm not backing out of our agreement. Besides, we won't reach Azure in a day, we'll have plenty of opportunity to train. Also, there are a million cool things I'd love to show you once we get there, like the arena, and the obstacle courses," Jin continued to list several items and places that he would like to show Lucifer as he walked out the door. It was quite apparent that he was very eager to return to the one place he had ever called home after all this time. "...maybe you can even come to my initiation ceremony," he suggested, nudging Cloud to make it clear that it was a question for him as much as a suggestion for Lucifer.
  16. "Alright then," Jin nodded, walking over to Keith he placed his hand no the slightly shorter boy's forehead. He closed his eyes and Keith felt energy transfer between Jin's palm and hi forehead, followed by a mild burning sensation as a black mark resembling a tattoo appeared on his forehead (though of course he couldn't see this). Jin grinned, giving Keith a firm punch to the chest, "you pass," he grinned, looking back to Cloud, "looks like you've got another reason to return to the village as quickly as we can, eh Sempai?" He turned back to Keith, "you must have been in a different group than I was I don't remember you, although I wasn't always in the village for my... earlier days of training." Jin half grinned and scratched his head, "I'm sure you've heard of me though, most everyone did at one point... guess I made an impression, but that can be a good thing, at least I don't get invited to fancy parties." He grinned again, extending his hand to Keith, "welcome brother, and congratulations on your mission, I'm jealous."
  17. Jin was a bit confused by this point, apparently Sei and Keith were not friends, or maybe even enemies, on the other hand they were talking to each other as if they had been together for a while. Cloud sempai of course too Keith's side, and maro sides with Sei, though it wasn't like there was a battle about to start amongst the group, but the tension was high. Something suddenly concurred to Jin, "Sempai," he spoke up, "all other questions aside, and I don't mean to suspicious only logical. Why don't you and I make sure that Keith is an azure knight in training, it's quick, simple, and we can know for sure." Jin nodded to himself as he explained his reasoning, "it's the only question currently in the air that the truth can be arrived at quickly and without any trust needed, just take him upstairs with me and test him. And I so apologize Keith, I'm not questioning your validity, it's merely the most simple answer we can get that we know no one could fake or lie about, not even a wind assassin, whatever that is." This all made sense in Jin's head, it was true after all. Only an azure knight or knight in training would be able to pass the test. Cloud would know how to administer the test, all full knights did, and then they would know at least one thing for sure. What Jin didn't realize is that he had no social tact or grace whatsoever, and therefore he may have come off as accusatory and demeaning without realizing it.
  18. What is... oh... that's what Jin glanced at his stopwatch, unfortunately less than ten seconds remained so he had no responce to the pool of lava flowing at him and in all directions. Well the D.D. org is going to have fun cleaning that up. was the last thought he had before the dimensions shifted as a certain spell card was activated back in the classroom from whence they had left. Jin stopped and collected all the cards, sorting them back into the box. The post shift nausea that most people experienced from coming back from D.D. or any other dimension didn't affect him anymore, he'd done it so many times it was as common as brushing his teeth... which perhaps he should do more often but that's besides the point. After the cards were sorted he smiled up at the class and their familiars. "So," he grinned, "who votes on making the graveyard our next class session stop?" That question quickly earned him a gentle tap (if someone so large and strong could be gentle) from Kainama, which nearly knocked Jin off his feet.' "I was kidding of course," he continued, recovering his feet and his glasses, "I know that most of you didn't expect such a radical first day but consider it a favor. Your first year, though not all of you are freshmen, will be your hardest, and you'll be tested, not just by the faculty but also by the older students, the bullies, the familiar thieves, and so forth until your place in the pecking order has been established. As your sensei I will protect you and give you any help and advice possible, but I won't make this easy on you." He smiled and spoke in a hushed tone, "and if any of you want tips about all the unofficial things that freshmen go through you can always ask, I was at the bottom of the pile for a long time before I... made my move." "Class dismissed!" he suddenly cried, right as the bell rang, "you can keep your spells by the way, just please refrain from using them to destroy school property," he grinned again, vaulting down from the dueling platform. "If you have any other questions I'll stick around until everyone leaves."
  19. ((ok.... I did reply to this twice... and neither of them are there... so... sorry for just noticing this now, I'm going to try and recover what I had posted earlier that apparently isn't there (although the site did go down right after wards so I guess they might not be anywhere...) I had pretty much written three paragraphs on the duel ending, them being transported back to class and then I realsed them for their next calss and got ready to teach my older students (and I did assign homework)))
  20. "Yeah," Jin smiled as Lucifer came over to them, "I made it last night, woke up with too much pent up energy, decided to make a door out of some of the trees." He nodded at her and the big cat, "I hope I didn't wake you, I tried to go far enough away." A bit of actual concern glinted in his eyes, true he had noticed them, well.. that is after he almost stumbled onto them, he hadn't expected to run into someone in the forest so he hadn't been careful about how he went in or out. Still... it's not like he made a ton of noise... just tore a few trees apart for an hour and bound them back together into a door... He wondered if Lucifer had woken up though, and followed him. That would explain the strange4 feeling he felt after nearly running into them in the forest, almost like someone or something was watching him... or trying to, but kept fading away anytime he tried to get a fix on their direction, he had decided to ignore it, maybe he should have investigated... still... why would Lucifer just watch him. A frown passed over his face but he quickly hid it, he hoped she hadn't seen anything if it was her, he almost regretted his actions. He had let go for a while because no one was around, let the rage out to play and tore up the forest, then forced himself to calm down and meditate while constructing the door. It was important to do both parts, the rage, then the meditation. The rage was necessary for release and cleansing, the meditation was to prevent any harmful effects that opening yourself to wanton rage would have on you over time, something the monks had taught him. Still, it would have looked very... odd to anyone watching, and he didn't want to have to explain it. He watched Lucifer's face carefully, waiting to gauge her reaction. . Unfortunately he didn't get one, because suddenly someone said "wind assassin" and everyone started... well they started, Cloud got angry, Sei looked ready to wet himself, and the rest of the occupants looked confused, though some were earnestly whispering to one another, passing one pale face on to the rest with whatever they were saying. Wind Assassin, the name didn't ring any bells, so Jin just stepped slightly to his left, unknowingly placing himself between Lucifer and the rest of the room's occupants, that's a cool name... silent as the wind, like the wind able to slip through nets and the tiniest entrances, a noise that everyone hears but no one listens to, something felt but impossible to see, why didn't I think of a name like that... if Sempai can be Cloud, I can be Wind right?
  21. Jin forced the smile to remain on his face as Cloud asked the question. The truth was that he was not ok, he was less ok than he had ever been... but that truth was true everyday, everyday that he wasn't a knight was one day worse off, period. But last night, or early that morning if you prefer, he had released a lot of pent up energy... he always got a ton of pent up energy after recovering from wounds... probably due to all the laying in bed with nothing to do but sleep... and he didn't even like to sleep that often. So, on one hand he was worse off, but on the other hand he had given himself some release and that helped... though the forest was a few trees fewer than it had been... on the up side he had managed to turn out a door at the end of it. But he didn't want the others to think he was like this all the time, losing his... control, and so froth... even if that was more true than not when he was stuck around a lot of other people for extended periods of time. "Well considering that I'm the only one ever to live this long in my condition I'm doing great, just peachy sempai." Jin smiled but it wasn't a joke... and it wasn't funny, "there isn't much that can be done, the sooner we reach the hidden village the better off I'll be, I'm fine for now."
  22. Jin opened his eyes, the room was dark, it was still the middle of the night. He crept downstairs and out of the inn, exiting through the sheet that had been nailed over the doorway where the door used to be. He glanced down and picked up the metallic parts of the door that had survived the fire, pity. By the time he reached the road his hands were covered in familiar purple and black gauntlets. Bracers and similar looking boots had also formed over his feet, making them look a bit more like an animal's paws, or maybe across between that and a falcon's talons. Apart from this though, he wore only the wolf-skin shorts he had slept in. It was a beautiful night, he noticed as he ran, no clouds, the moon was amazing and the stars shown like the faces of old friends, half forgotten. In a moment he was out of the town, running at top speed for the forest, his new footwear increasing his pace and the length of his strides. As soon as the town was nearly out of sight and the forest fast approaching he removed his makeshift eye patch. "whah whooo!" He dove into the forest.... (4 hours later...) WHUMP! The occupants of the in were startled a bit by the sudden noise from outside the doorway, well... where the door would have been, and a sheet now hung. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG... The pounding continued for a moment and then stopped suddenly. A moment of silence was interrupted as Jin entered the inn, through the double doors. He pulled the nails out of the wood above the door frame and pulled the sheet away to reveal a door in the place where a door should have been, and in fact was, yesterday, before the evening's upset. The door was made from seemingly identical planks of wood with no obvious nails or anything holding them together. Jin now carried his staff, daggers strapped to his bet, and wore his fill Wolf-skin outfit, and his old eye patch, everything he had left outside the previous evening had been untouched. On his face he also wore a huge grin, bearing no trace of the troubles of the previous day. "Good morning Cloud Sempai!" he exclaimed, ignoring everyone else in the inn and their stares, "look what I found lying around!"
  23. It was then that Jin glanced out the window and noticed that the sun was more than halfway down. Training now would be impractical, especially in his condition. If they were indeed leaving in the morning he would need to rest and recover so he wasn't a burden to the others. He gave Lucifer an appologetic smile, "actually," he nodded at the window, "it's later than I thought, I guess training now wouldn't be prudent. I..." He tried to think of something nice to say, but his verbal bank emptier than most, having not been used nearly as much. He really had no idea what to say. "Good night?" he settled on, "I guess I'll see you in the morning," he smiled suddenly, "and don't think this means you're getting out of training with me, I'll be better by sun up, just you wait and see."
  24. Jin stared for a moment when her hair caught fire now... I'm sure I didn't do that... right? Jin winced slightly as she bound the wound, not from the pain, rather from the closeness of her contact. On the other hand... he noticed that she had done a first rate job with the makeshift bandage. "I'm not..." Jin paused a moment, "I'm not used to people, I... don't have much in the area of social graces, but... thank you." He gave her a genuine smile, "for the bandage," he added quickly. "I never did get an answer," he continued, looking her in the eyes with his one open eye, "on whether or not you'd like to train with me?" he continued, "I'm sure we could both learn a lot from one another..." he grinned suddenly, "bandaging wounds for example," he referred to the still fresh cuts that had begun to heal and mend, "probably something I should be better at." Yes, that's right, fresh air, outside, no cramped quarters, training! training always takes away the stress... and hopefully the awkwardness. Argh... she probably thinks I'm a complete... weirdo... he kept smiling, but mentally braced himself for her to just run out the door and never speak to him again, which had happened to him a lot in life, but this was technically his first... date? no, we're just training... besides, ... but he couldn't come up with a good excuse.
  25. Jin stared at Lucifer as she spoke, he mentally frowned as she spoke, not really paying attention, Cloud Sempai... yes, leave us alone, rub it in, I know you didn't realize it, but you left me alone in a room with the most beautiful reason I want to become a knight that I've ever seen... dangerous, brave, she... he suddenly stopped thinking, noticing that she was only a few inches from his face, staring into his... eye. He tried to say something but his throat felt dry, or clogged, or both, and his mouth just wasn't listening. In fact he felt himself doing the opposite, leaning in. He had avoided people like the plague, women especially, pretended he didn't have the same desires as everyone else who had ever been in love and married. Denied it for years, trained instead, focused... but now his mind was muddle, it was hard to think, or maybe it was very easy, very clear/ don't... please don't... he stared into her eyes as their lips met as polar opposite magnets, have... to... stop... But he didn't want to stop. Jin's face burned with the sensation, it felt good, better than hours of sweaty training, better than beating his opponent, better than cool water at the end of a hard day of work... He wasn't sure how long it lasted, probably only a second, as long as it took his left hand to stick into the place Cloud had just healed, instantly shocking his numb body back to reality. (during that moment they were kissing let me describe what Lucifer would have felt aside from whatever else you want to add to it, this is the only different part that she may not have expected) It felt like being electrocuted without the pain, like pure energy had reached out and from him to her and held them together as they had kissed, a warm burning energy that washed over her every cell, heating her from the inside and feeling good and foreign, like nothing she had ever experienced, then, with sudden jolt, it was gone as he broke their connection and forced himself to sit back in the bed, sweating. He noticed the blood on his hand from the wound he had just reopened to shock himself out of the kiss, he hid it and blushed, "I... sorry... I got carried away, forgive me." he didn't meet her eyes, afraid now of the effect they had had on him.