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  1. I will I will! but I can't tonight! sorry schedule is really busy right now!
  2. Will post as Jin soon! Sorry for the wait.
  3. Jin nodded, grateful for Cloud's advice. This was all too new to him for him to come up with a good plan of action on his own. But Cloud made it seem so simple, love her, protect her, and cherish the time I have with her... It seemed simple, but life had a funny way of making simple things into complicated things. Seeing Tobias move away from Lucifer as everyone seemed to be following the other new guy, Kou was his name? Jin took his opportunity to walk back over to Lucifer. Now as has been established, Jin has never been good with words, he never considered himself... verbally literate, not in the ways that others were. But he had one thing going for him, he was always frank... or blunt is a good way of putting it. He intended to continue to be blunt, because dancing around in a conversation of words was all too much for him to comprehend. It had even taken him a few months to get used to sarcasm. He gritted his teeth as he approached. "Hey Lucifer..." he began, trying to decide on which words in his rather unembellished vocabulary to use. "Our... relationship, if we continue... like this, will be... hard. I know you've told me some of your life's story, as I have mine, but neither of us said everything... So... if you... feel for me the same way I'm trying to understand that I do for you. If you're sure, then I need to tell you everything." Jin's face darkened slightly, "it's only fair you know what you're getting involved with... but not here, not now, for now let's just get this crisis over with and pretend to be happy. We'll talk later, alright?" Jin gave her a reassuring smile, though he didn't feel very reassuring at the moment.
  4. Well guy or kid, I don't make a huge distinction. But thanks for letting us know! I'll take it into consideration (and edit that last post!)
  5. Jin smiled back at Cloud, it was partly a true smile since he was glad to see his Sensei uninjured and in better spirits, but it was also partly forced as Cloud began to lecture him. Jin nodded, his face turning a bit more serious as Cloud finished speaking. "I know... and I... yes guilty as charged I do... fancy her as you put it." Jin was stumbling over his words, something he wasn't known for doing, even if he had only rarely spoken to other people in two years. "I understand," he nodded, knowing the consequences for her and for him. "Sempai..." he spoke quietly, "I've never... fancied" he used the word as if it was only his second time saying it... which it was. "Someone before, not like this. I don't... I'm not sure what to do. I've only ever read about love and falling in love, if this is what that is, in books and they seemed rather... fake." He shrugged, blushing a bit at his lack of knowledge or how to express himself, "I know you've... fancied others in the past, how do you recommend I proceed?" Normally Jin was against asking for advice, most things were common sense to him, most others he could learn himself, or in the end he learned the hard way through failure. All were options better than asking for advice, at least in his mind, because that was what these last two years of self training were about. Still... Jin felt strongly about this topic and didn't want to learn by failing where Lucifer was involved. He idly watched her and Lorkin out of the corner of his eye as she spoke with the new guy, well... one of them. The eye beneath his patch burned for a moment, jealousy? He grinned, turning back to Cloud, "I'm ridiculous aren't I?" It certainly was ridiculous to be Jealous that she was talking with someone else... a young looking boy no less... on the other hand Jin was completely knew at this, maybe it wasn't as ridiculous as he thought.
  6. "Heh," Jin winked, or did he blink? It's hard to tell when you can only see one eye. "yeah I suppose we should see if they managed to stay intact without us." Jin moved to the opposite side of Lucifer so that his bloody arm wouldn't brush onto her. They made quite the pair, both walking back with grins and bloody arms on opposite sides. "So, does that count as our first date? it was enjoyable if not short and to the point." "No one left Sempai," Jin called to Cloud, "business taken care of, you?" he questioned, knowing full well that Cloud hadn't had any trouble with the knights, but that wasn't the business to which he was referring. Jin moved to the side to allow Lorkin passage to his master, he looked like he could use a touch of Lucifer's healing. But the panther had held his own remarkably well, taking a hit when it couldn't be avoided, but not shrinking from the battle because of it. Jin began to have a little more respect for the large feline furballl.
  7. Who's crush are we talking about? I seemed to have missed it. Also, NICE drawing! I like
  8. Jin watched as Lucifer ripped into one of the three that had retreated their direction. He had been hidden as they passed by and allowed them to head in her direction. Now one was at the bottom of the canyon, one in the middle still on the wall, and the other, who had just made it to her, was now on the ground bleeding, nearly dead. Jin stepped out of hiding as the one at the bottom of the canyon turned and ran right into him, for he had been staring up in horror at Lucifer. Jin took a steady breath as he hugged the man, turning him so that Jin's back was to Lucifer. Jin shoved the man against the canyon wall and took off his eye-patch. "see..." The knight, now staring at him, began to draw his sword, a horrified look in his eyes. Jin took two slow steps forward until he was in striking range. He knew that one enemy would only arouse his darker nature, only entice him to find a new opponent, and since there were to be none, he had to play a more dangerous card in order to keep from becoming dangerous to the others... "feel..." The knight swung his sword. Jin dodged and struck in the same motion. In one hand he caught the man's blade, instantly shattering his purple armor and sliding up his arm, cutting his forearm and then into his shoulder. The same hand now held the knight's wrist, keeping him from cutting any deeper. The knight seemed almost relieved with his successful blow, that is until he realized he was unable to move. He glanced down at his own chest... Jin's left hand had found it's mark and his open palm was pressed tightly into the man's body. "There's your bridge... now go and return satisfied!" Jin stood that way for a full two minutes, plenty of time for Lucifer to finish off the last knight, maybe even enough for her to wonder what it was he was doing. Then suddenly he stepped back from the knight and said something a bit odd, "now you know what I feel like every day, barbarian." Jin removed his palm from the man's chest and reattached his eye-patch to his face, turning on his heel as the corpse (now behind him), dissolved into the wind. "Quite done having fun my dear?" he asked Lucifer. "Incredible ferocity, I think even Lorkin would be put to shame, now all you need is a tail yes?" he joked with a smile. He was purposely ignoring his bloodied arm and seemed content to let the open wounds flow with blood for a bit longer, "please don't mind the scratches, they serve their own purpose"
  9. Just a Heads Up. Lady Natasha and I will be gone beginning tomorrow afternoon until the 7th of June. (she will be completely without internet and I may have it on and off for the 4th and 5th at night but otherwise will be the same.)
  10. Jin smiled at her, "I know, boring right," he shrugged. "Don't worry, chances are whoever has Sora isn't protecting her from the knights because he's an altruistic guy, probably he'll flee this way to get away from Cloud and the others as soon as the knights are down. Then it's our turn." Jin nodded, smiling as Lorkin leapt into the fray. He laughed lightly as he noticed that Lucifer had reduced the rock she was leaning on to liquid lava before it hardened again. "Yeah, I'll be real disappointed if no one ends up running this direction..." He leaned back against the rock to wait, cracking his neck from side to side as he did.
  11. Hey Lucifer, I think you missed part of my post, Jin helped the two of them down the cliff, they're on the other side of the enemy but they are still in the bottom of the canyon, but it's a minor detail I guess..
  12. Jin tentatively took Lucifer's hand, a bit unsure of what had actually happened. Well, that is to say he understood what must have happened, but magic tricks always did make him a bit nervous... especially when they ended up with him dangling in mid air on a canyon wall. A moment later they were at the top and Jin's hands and feet were encased in the strange purple armor he always used. "Here," he called out to Lucifer, finding another shallow dip a hundred yards ahead. Seeing as it must be his turn to help traverse the cliff, he grabbed Lucifer around the waist and jumped over the edge, reaching out one clawed hand he tore into the stone as they fell, slowing their decent. Fortunately they were out of sight when they hit the ground, not that anyone was probably paying attention to notice the falling debris Jin had torn loose, but it was good nonetheless. "This way," Jin motioned behind a boulder that overlooked the battle. As much as he'd like to help, they were here to cut off the only escape route, there would be no point in revealing their position if Cloud was just going to kill everyone and then get Sora back.
  13. Jin turned after they stopped and spotted the newcomer. "Cool it everyone," he hissed, not wanting the fight to start without reason, "Sempai!" Jin glanced at his mentor. "They don't have the girl, someone else does and they are trying to get her from that other person apparently. Technically they are way out of their jurisdiction territory wise and as this may be proof that they threatened the well being of the village in the past by giving evidence that supports what Sora said before about them chasing her. So attacking them without warning is technically a perfectly reasonable option right now, on the other hand they are Gresia Knights." Jin smiled, "I know Azure does business with Gresia sometimes, so you, Keith, and I, could probably just go up their, claim to be Azure knights, and have them run home to mommy if they know what's good for them." Jin paused, "however they're not the important party, the important party is the group or individual who currently has Sora. So, Why don't you let me and Lucifer climb up the canyon wall at a shallow spot a ways back before they see us, we can then get on the other side of both the knights and whoever has Sora and have them surrounded."
  14. Jin grinned, walking back towards Lucifer as he spoke over his shoulder to Cloud. "Every knight needs a hearty pat on the chest every now and then," he nodded to himself, as if he'd made up the statement... which he had. Jin folded his hands behind his head and stretched as he walked alongside Lucifer once more. "So what's he smelling?" he asked her, "bad guys, bad guy, lost girl... or tuna-fish?" he smiled at the last one.
  15. PM ME! lol if you have questions I can answer... (I check often!) PS: SUCKER PUNCH!!!!!
  16. As they began to follow Lorkin and Lucifer, Jin could hear Cloud mumbling under his breath. If this hadn't been clue enough to his current physical state, Jin could feel the aura he was giving off as easily as if he could see it. It was familiar to him, having grown up in Azure he knew exactly what it meant, Sempai was in a bad mood with lots of strings attached. Jin immediately felt compelled to help his mentor deal with his troubles as Cloud had helped him earlier.... Jin began to walk more slowly until he was the only one in front of Cloud, quite suddenly he spun on his heal and delivered an instant sucker punch to Cloud's torso. The punch wasn't hard enough to break a rib, but almost. In the same fluid motion Jin took hold of both of Cloud's forearms just below the shoulder as if it was a friendly hello and hadn't been preceded by a punch to the ribs. "Good morning Sempai!" Jin beamed, "we're on our way to rescue an important princess. You've been sent by the Headmaster himself and are traveling with me and a couple of royal snobs that thought they needed to tag along to make sure everything went well. I guess that means you'll be on your best behavior until we run into the enemy right?" Jin continued to grin hugely at Cloud.
  17. nooooo! We can't run into the sorceror unti Jin becomes a knight! it's taking forever to get to the village as it is! (sorry Jin is complaining, he's been a bit antsy about becoming a knight for a while and is worried that he might.... yeah I'll let him tell you that when he wants to. anyways! I want to read about sorceror person! but it's a secret! sounds like one scary dude.... Jin is not going to get along with him...)
  18. Jin grimaced as Lucifer's shadow changed, "I guess you're worse off than me in some ways. You can't hide your shadow, at least I can hide this," he pointed to his eye, speaking before the rest of the people were within earshot, "I'll show you sometime, it's an unfortunate reminder of all my troubles." "And fine, I won't go after him if it is him, which it's probably not. But if he wants to get at you then he's going to have to go through me whether you like it or not, and I think Lorkin feels the same way." Jin gave a tired sigh suddenly, his mood turning sour, "if I was a full knight... then I could hold my own, as it is I have to defer to Cloud Sempai if we run into anything that powerful. He might look lazy and like to drink more than I care for, but he's a very scary person if you've ever seen him fight for real." Jin placed a hand on Lucifer's shoulder as he followed after Lorkin towards the Canyon, "well no matter what it is, you're not alone this time, so don't look so down," he smiled, "I've got your back if you've got mine, deal?"
  19. Jin nodded to Lucifer still wondering a little about her change in mood, ever since they had arrived she'd been a bit distant, not that he knew her that well, but different than she had been before. He had half a mind to ask her about it, but then again he had a lot of things he'd rather not be asked about either, so he decided that if she wanted him to know or listen she'd ask. He could wait, and maybe she'd never tell him, but he could respect her privacy, as she had his. "Sure, maybe he found a mouse his own size." Jin grinned down at the cat, baiting him again since he seemed to understand everything Jin said, even though only Lucifer could understand him it seemed. "Or even better maybe he found tracks that lead to Sora, or a monster, or preferable a giant monster who kidnapped Sora and can also be chopped up into steaks and eaten..." Jin was hungry, though for him... it was more of a state of existence than a passing appetite. "Or who knows," he thought aloud, "maybe it's a familiar dark sorcerer that needs a long introduction to the end of my staff." He grinned, hoping the joke was funny and didn't strike any tender nerves.
  20. Jin awoke at the sound of the first voice, though he couldn't make out what was being said the sound of voices always woke him easily, probably because he wasn't used to hearing it. Jin stood and grabbed his staff, brushing himself off as he did so. Everyone looked a bit distraught and Jin glanced around looking for Lucifer, she was obviously already up and probably knew what was going on. The thought crossed his mind that they hadn't been attacked last night, or even awoken, and it irritated him slightly. He had pent up energy he needed to use, especially with all the people around, trying to hold it all in never ended well... "Hey!" Jin called up to Lucifer. She looked as if she had been deep in thought so he felt a bit bad about interrupting, but for all he knew she could have been thinking of him which meant his talking wouldn't be unwelcome... though he doubted that he was on her mind, but maybe he hoped it... "What's got everyone so anxious around here? Did I miss a fight?" He grinned, "if there isn't a fight involved I'm going to be grouchy, all the talking I've been doing is making me edgy, have to let loose on something soon. If it's not an emergency maybe we can have that sparring match I remember promising you. although...." he glanced around again, "it looks like an emergency... or something..."
  21. Jin watched her leave, deciding that she probably wanted some time alone... and he suddenly wished he had told her everything. Inside though he was struggling with telling her, being honest, and not breaking his vows any further... It wasn't really wrong was it? They were all going to Azure after all. Everyone would find out about it... Then they'd take oaths of secrecy to be able to leave again... or they'd be forced to stay... or killed on sight... but the mark.. what was it? Requiem? That would most assuredly mean that the elders would want everyone to live... and even help them... right? The requiem was a good thing yes? Jin shook his head, not wanting to think about that right now. Oh Lucifer, I wish I could tell you... we are more alike than you could ever imagine. Heh... I could have mistaken you for an Azure knight if you'd had the mark... I know I will be able to help you, and maybe... we can both get rid of our darkness together... some day. Jin glanced left at Lorkin, "so, I'm not going to need your permission to date her am I? We're good right? You're not going to maul me in my sleep out of jealousy or something right? Good kitty?" Jin gave Lorkin his very best smile.
  22. Jin turned to Lucifer as Sora walked off, smiling at Lucifer's embarrassment. "You know," he spoke aloud, "all my life I've wished to be a healer, and all my life I've destroyed things..." the regret was strong in his voice, and the way he stared at his tattoos made it clear that somewhere deep inside, he hated himself, but had learned to live with it. But something about that side of him has just begun to change. "But... you..." he looked at her seriously, "you are affected by shadow... and though I don't understand it completely... I think I can help heal that." He frowned, "Shadow and darkness are a good match, but I'm not darkness by choice, much as you are not shadow, but the way you put it... I think my darkness can..." His eyes suddenly widened as if he's just realized he was speaking, "oh... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say any of that out loud..." he mentally kicked himself, not being around people made him prone to thinking out loud without worrying about it, and what he had just... said... probably sounded crazy to Lucifer... because she couldn't hear everything else he was thinking at once. "I only mean that..." Jin tried to think of the words to say to explain what he had said. "I can't say..." The night was growing close and the sky growing dark, the stars were coming out of hiding. Jin stared up at the moon, seeming to calm down a bit and collect his thoughts. "There's no need for you to be afraid around me, using your elements, or anything else." Jin nodded to himself, "you don't have to worry about harming me, and maybe once I'm a knight... I can heal us both of our curses." He grinned again, "I'm sleeping out here under the stars." he raised an eyebrow at her, "apparently there might be wild animals about, so I guess I won't get much sleep." He pulled his staff and set it down on the ground between him and Lucifer. "You sleep there, I'll sleep here... and that cute fur-ball of yours can keep watch and warn us of great beasts... or monsters... or whatever it was that girl was worried about. And when we wake up to get some good training out of said beasties... we can talk about this more, deal?"
  23. Jin nodded in understanding, and was about to speak, to say something phenomenal... when Sora walked up to them. "Oh hi," Jin replied, "umm... yeah actually, if you don't mind..." he didn't step away from Lucifer and Lorkin, "I'd appreciate it if you left us, I'm sure your father is eager to see you, and Cloud and the others as well." Lucifer... I think that I just found out that I've had what I've always wanted this whole time... if can only find a way to tell you...