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  1. Not forgiven not apologized to hmmm what an interesting place. Kaimaru nodded as the king turned to go. Apparently he was to be included in the meal, how interesting. Perhaps it is a bad time, maybe their eating will reveal more of themselves than their fighting and posing. "Something to wear?" he questioned, picking up his wet robe. It was true his clothes were all wet, but that could be taken care of by a few moments in the sun... or did they mean different clothes entirely? "Yes," he decided as the new girl prompted the outburst to go with him and find him some clothed. He smiled, pleased with her sense of balance. "That would balance out our differences perfectly." "My name is Kaimaru Mochizuki, of Vel Ordo Del Vox Pondera. An unbalanced and long name, please, call me Kai." He turned and inclined his head once to each of the individuals who had addressed him, first to Lona, then Yuaki, and finally the princess and her gentleman caller. "I've been sent to observe you all and to see if the scales of war are still present. I'm told this place was constructed to train members of the light alliance to kill members of the shadow alliance, I did not expect to find children undertaking such a serious task. I'm very eager to get to know you all and see if history will repeat itself, or if the next generation will rise above the prejudice of its parents." Kai's smile never left his face as he spoke. Perhaps his first time outside the monastery in five years wouldn't be as bad as he had expected. The minds of the young were easily opened and drawn out, molded and changed. There may yet be a chance to bring balance in this generation. He suddenly seemed to remember something and bent down, wiping his cloak against the sandy patches of the floor. Each time he did so he left behind a still pool of clear water. In a moment the floor was devoid of sand and dust and he too his cloak up and squeezed even more liquid out of it. Seemingly satisfied, he spread it in the air and put it back on, suddenly producing his staff once more from inside the cloak. As the sand reformed on his body as the armor it had been before he felt immense relief, not having it on him made him feel naked and exposed. It was a comfort even if it wasn't necessarily needed.. at the moment... it may very well have been his only friend. The staff suddenly leapt off the ground and curled around his arm, disappearing into his cloak again. "Ready to explore your kingdom's intriguing definition of clothing when you are." He nodded to outburst.
  2. Kaimaru hadn't really expected the king to answer, in fact he'd hoped someone else would jump to it first. He had most likely breached a dozen social protocol though in truth he couldn't be sure but the reaction he received seemed to support that theory. Kai gave the boy holding the wet princess a smile, "Well I'm glad to see that theking of this land also has upstanding subjects. Your words do help to balance the situation once caused, however it was your interruption of the battle and lack of the traits you just mentioned that encouraged my own reaction." Kai now turned to Luna, the girl whose cane he had earlier retrieved. He gave her a polite nod before speaking again. "As for myself I wonder, what is a king? A king is as much a man as any other. Not a god but man. A man who through birthright or other circumstance has inherited the right to rule. As such the responsibility for the actions of those in the kingdom falls on the king. A king is a servant to all of his subjects because he is responsible to see to their need. At the same time all are subject to the king who holds authority over them." Kai turned to the boy again, "I am not a subject of your king. I have grown up under the law and social custom of Lord Gerald's creating. If you had considered that, then you would have understood that your king is the only one in the room to whom I was showing the greatest respect. I addressed him and no other out of that respect. Would you ask a child to explain the actions of a king? Would you not ask the king who is wise and experienced to answer for what is under his authority? What you suggested to me would seem as rude in the eyes of my king as what I've done must seem in your eyes." Kaimaru turned back to the king, "therefore I apologize and will make every effort to live under the rulings you have established." He turned back to the boy, "and I will accept your apology for your outburst freely and consider the scale balanced." For the first time Kai bowed once in respect to the man sitting before him now known as the king of the land. It was little more than an inclination of his head but in his mind it was of greater significance. His voice had lost its undertone and now seemed cheerful and happy. Indeed he felt more at home in this place of strange custom now that he had shared his own customs in exchange for theirs. Perhaps this place would not be as impossible to balance as he first assumed.
  3. Kaimaru turned his head at the sound of a voice, a series of what appeared to be young men and women or boys and girls by the way they spoke, came rushing out of the room and were apparently... watch a fight? Kai frowned, they were under attack already!? He had just got there and things already seemed hopelessly out of balance... children walking giddly off to watch a fight? Kai scolded himself mentally and followed them. He really shouldn't be judging he had no idea what was going on. Wait hold on a second... did that kid say... KING!? Kai quickly followed the group and was about to watch and see what would happen, when a wall of water suddenly shot up in front of him, causing him to leap into the air and attach himself to the wall. That was one good thing about the stone, at least it accepted his hands as friends and not enemies. It only took him a half second to realize what the water was for, not an attack, but a barrier to the observers... they could have warned me... he mused, crawling further up the wall and onto the ceiling, above the clouds, rain, and weather. He watched the battle. Powerful, but hardly refined, they act like children. And the king doesn't seem to think anything of it. The girl with weather, it's a direct correlation to her emotions, the storm represents a temper tantrum going on inside her. Kai flinched, every inch of his body wanted to land on the floor and stop the fight before it went even further into chaos, to scold the two opponents like unruly young monks, but he knew that that was not his place. Passing judgment and taking action as an outsider is just as unbalanced as what they're doing now... well maybe it's not that bad... Then one of them took up the... princess, in his arms and asked to end the battle. This would have been all fine and well except that it seemed he'd forgotten about the virtual hurricane going on right behind him. Finally... something I know I can do and do correctly Kai dropped forty feet from the ceiling, his staff hit first, dropping him slowly to the ground as his cloak followed after him, making him appear somewhat like a falling leaf in autumn. He wasn't terrible good with using stone, but in this case sand just wouldn't cut it, not against that much water. Fortunately the power of a hurricane was in its ability to lift and throw a person, not in cutting or pummeling them. Not a second after Kai had landed a few inches away from the boy holding the princess.... the wind and water smashed into him. A second afterwords it was over. He had managed to spread out his cloak like a wall right behind the boy and princess and harden it and himself with the stone on the ground and every bit of sand he had on him... which now dripped off of him in its wet and useless form. He noted happily that Master Tsume's letter was sealed in a waterproof waxed envelope and not ruined by the encounter. However he was not happy... he absolutely hated being soaked... and soaked he was. "Could someone please explain this madness to me?" He asked, his voice danced across the walls in a series of notes like a song, but it held a deep and threatening undercurrent as well. He was specifically looking at the king as he flung off his soaked cloak, now standing shirtless beside the boy with the princess. His headband glinted as the mark of Vel Ordo Del Vox Pondera (The order of right wisdom) shown red gold in the light. His two different collored eyes swept the room before returning to the man in charge, this king as the others referred to him. "I've traveled a very great distance to find the Light Elemtian Academy but I dare say I'm sure I must be lost! This couldn't possibly be the place Master Tsume san spoke of with such high regard. Or did I just drop on at a bad time?" His melodious words sprung from his mouth like a viper's acidic poison. Kai couldn't help the fact that his natural voice sounded somewhat like song, but he was sure to add a good deal of emphatic arm waving and gesturing to all the chaotic happenings around him. He wasn't sure how one was supposed to address a king... but being a king didn't make you immune to the necessity of balance. Balance as a king was most important of all, being over so many people, surely this man could see how... unbalanced the situation was.
  4. Kaimaru had entered the academy an hour before and by now was completely lost. The directions the man at the gate had given him seemed simple enough but he had underestimated the size of the compound... majorly! You could fit a dozen monasteries in here! He frowned, his hand played over the note he had been given by Master Tsume san. He hadn't known it until the day he'd left but Tsume had been a teacher here before retiring to live as a monk away from society. Apparently, if Kai had understood the cryptic old man correctly, this note was the equivalent of a graduation degree from the academy. And if the old man had been right about the times... and they hadn't changed much... Kaimaru was now bordering on VERY late for some sort of meeting on graduating the academy. Even in his lost state, he was... afraid? or was it pride that kept him from asking for directions from the the other people that seemed to come flying out of one doorway or hallway and into another as if they'd memorized the maze that made up this place. They probably had, he mused. He also was a bit embarrassed, his bright yellow and brown camel hair robe looked far out of place compared to the richly dressed individuals he kept avoiding contact with. If he were a betting man he'd have bet some of them had been royalty, but he wasn't and he had never seen a royal person before anyway. Plick Pock Plick Pock His sand staff tapped lightly on the floor as he walked along. That was the other thing that spooked him, there was no sand around, not even enough dust to notice! The stone walls felt hard and cold against his bare feet as he padded quietly along. He kept his face hidden as someone who wore more gold and jewelry than he had ever seen in once place, passed by and entered a room. He was mesmerized by the sight and as he was catching a look he almost missed a whirring noise as a small staff, no, more like a cane, came spinning through the air. By the time he noticed it his staff had already disappeared and formed a protective shield over his left shoulder as the staff crashed into the nearby wall and held still as if held in place by a powerful magnet. Kai glanced in the direction it had come in time to see a girl dodge out of sight. was I attacked? no... so... an accident? Kai had had his fair share of accidents in his time. He retrieved the cane with his sand and brought it under his cloak, "I'm sorry for the disturbance, I will be more careful." He spoke to the jeweled man who was by now standing outside the doorway. Unsure of what else to do he walked quickly by and rounded the same corner the figure earlier had disappeared behind. Around the corner stood a young woman, unsure of what to say he stood for a moment and decided to just stick with what he knew... balance. "You dropped this and I return it to you freely," not wanting to touch her cane encase she would feel offended by him, he opened his robe and allowed his sand to retrieve it and stand it in front of her within arms reach. "Now the scale is in my favor and to balance it you must do me a favor." He stated it matter-o-factly as if it was how everyone in everyday life did things... which as far as he knew... it was! "If you could direct me to the room where the graduates are being gathered... I would consider the scale balanced." He closed his cloak again and allowed the sand to return to his hand as a staff, allowing the cane to fall towards the woman.
  5. I'm considering it, but with all the empty slots I think you scared a lot of people off, if an individual person on the site were to fill each slot separately you'd be trying to start a role play with what? 40 people? I think that's a recipe for chaos. I like the plot idea though.
  6. We need to go! Jin fully agreed, they would be slaughtered out here in the open. He ducked a blade and returned the favor with a blow to the man's head. Then, linking his arm with Lucifer's arm, "Hold on!" With that said he dropped to the ground and twisted hard to the right and jumped, sending both of them flying towards the cave's entrance. It wasn't the most graceful maneuver he'd ever planned, but it took the three guards in front of the cave's mouth completely by surprise. They didn't even have time to swing before Jin's body collided with them. Jin had twisted to the right so that his back would absorb the shock of the guards and then the ground, allowing Lucifer to land on top of him, using his body as a cushion. Fortunately the three guards, now underneath him, cushioned his fall as well. He stood up quickly slamming his staff down on the first Guard as he assumed Lucifer and Lorkin would finish off the other two. "Alright, you take the left I'll take the right." Jin suddenly raised his voice, "Everyone else get to the cave!" Mentally he was worried about Cloud... Good luck Sempai... we'll do our best to hold out until you get back... "Kou! Who are those people you talked to in the cave!? We could use a little help here, or do I also have to worry about being stabbed in the back?"
  7. "always" Lucifer replied. Jin let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. did that affect me so deeply? he wondered again about the long term consequences of what he'd just done. But once more it seemed to day was not about debating the long term. As Greisha knights began to appear by the dozens he was once more reminded that that ability to debate tomorrow was a luxury reserved for those that would live long enough to see it! "Into the cave! Get Sorah and anyone not fighting into the cave, use it as natural cover, we can hold the entrance, force them to come at us in fewer numbers, get rid of their advantage." He cried out over the chaos, "the knights are ours, let Cloud deal with the leader." Even as he spoke he sidestepped a blade thrust, taking hold of the man's arm he pulled himself in close, a range at which the man's sword was virtually useless. Jin's daggers on the other hand were accustomed to such close quarters and made quick work of the man's neck. Jin threw one dagger, then the other, impaling two more knights in the face as he snatched his staff from his back and moved to Lucifer's side. "Into the cave kitten we can't be dying just yet." He spun his staff expertly, the long thick wood giving the nearest knights a moment of pause. Buying time... "Urk *cough*" Jin 's stance faltered as he coughed up a small amount of blood. The nearest knight took full advantage and Jin barely raised his staff soon enough to stop the man's blade. Spinning it sideways he maneuvered the blade away from his head and drove the other end of the staff into the man's abdomen. Not good... I'm a lot worse off that I thought... Come on Keith, get us to the mouth of the cave. I'm relying on you for this.
  8. Jin looked into Lucifer's eyes and then smiled back. Her expression told him they had been thinking the same thing, well at least he hoped so. He'd be the first to admit that he wasn't the greatest at reading faces. "Such are the things of fairy tales." His grin didn't fade even though his proclamation had been solemn. "A knights life will always be full of hardship. It is not looking ahead, but holding the arms of those we love that gets us through it and gives us the strength to go on." Jin smiled as he finished speaking and began to explain his quotation. "Van Thuneago, a very controversial knight, more of a philosopher really, but he did write a few..." Jin was interrupted by the sound of clapping echoing off the walls of the canyon. He looked up to see a man, well his silhouette at least, standing on the rim of the canyon. He began to speak, but Jin didn't really pay attention to his words, it was the red eyes that caught his attention. It was the only distinguishable detail about him. Two... no, three types of things Jin knew with red eyes. Fellow Azure knights, he didn't sense any but Cloud and Keith nearby. A certain fiery tempered female warrior standing beside him or did I only imagine that celestial fire? The final category of course being things that needed killing... well that was true more than half the time... which was good enough for him. Even as he felt his body tense up, he also felt the complaint. His internal injuries were still unhealed, barely patched together. A battle at the level he had just fought would tear them open again and possibly kill him. His concern was immediately for said fiery eyed warrior and her feral companion... well mostly for her he wasn't too concerned about Lorkin. And he desperately hoped that this newcomer was not the same they had fought a mere hour ago. "Sempai... I think someone wants to get to know you better, Keith and I can handle holding this position if you'd like to get acquainted." Jin's voice was hard. There was nothing he hated more than feeling helpless. "Stay with me--" He whispered to Lucifer. It was a question of that held a deeper meaning that transcended the current situation and spoke of a distant future in which Jin knew that if she said yes... they would be in this situation again and often, such is our existence, the life... of a knight. "--no matter what," he finished, taking her left hand with his right.
  10. Jin was a little surprised by the kiss, speechless after what Lucifer had said. Unfortunately he didn't have time to reply because Cloud strode up that very moment and his words left a knot in Jin's gut. Of course Jin submitted to Cloud's request, Cloud was one of the few individuals that Jin not only trusted, but looked up to for advice and to know what to do in certain situations. Whatever he had to tell Lucifer... Jin would worry about, but he was sure it was probably for the best, for both of them... He continued walking now, trying to think of something pleasant, like the life he and Lucifer could live... in a fantasy world where they had no problems... It took him a little while to come up with such a fantasy... he realized that there hadn't really been a moment in his life where he hadn't constantly been adapting to problems, so that begged to question... what would living without problems be like? He imagined it would be nice, and occupied himself by trying to elaborate on that as he walked.
  11. "Thank you, I'll be careful." Jin replied to Sora with a polite bow before turning his attnetion to Lucifer as she was healed and began to speak. Jin smiled as Lorkin looked away from Lucifer, obviously avoiding the question. Jin walked up beside Lucifer, placing Lorkin in-between them. He scratched at Lorkin's ears, "Oh he's very friendly!" Jin smiled, his tone becoming a little sarcastic. "As long as you don't talk to, look at, talk about, or threaten Lucifer and keep a nice fifty foot distance from the two of them, then he's the nicest cat you could ever meet." Jin quickly removed his hand and placed it on Luciver's shoulder, partly to examine the spot that he had pierced her with one of his claws and partly as an excuse to move it out of Lorkin's reach. "I..." his voice was a lot softer now as he followed the others, speaking quietly. "I'm sorry about that... about everything that happened. I couldn't stop him... and I barely stopped myself from..." He grinned to hide his true expression. "not much of a knight am I?" He sighed, his hand sliding back to his side. "I hope you can forgive my failure. But just you wait, once we get to Azure and I become a real knight, I won't rest until I've rid you from that man forever. Then maybe... you will have a little peace, and we can worry about other things. Wishful thinking right?" He smiled, hoping that what he had proposed might come to pass. And that Lucifer would still choose to be his friend, and more, even though it was now obvious just how much of a danger anyone was in who chose to be so close to Jin...
  12. Jin thinks it's his turn to reply! but he's not received a response from Sora yet... so he's waiting on that I thinks... (otherwise he'll just move out with the others).
  13. "Thanks," Jin replied to Tobias as the boy finished. He felt slightly better, but his own natural healing was still trying to pull energy from his body... energy that simply wasn't there. SO he knew he'd need more extensive healing, and headed over to Keith, who happened to be near Sora. Still, the boy had done a good job, his stomach and chest didn't feel nearly as painful as they had felt a few minutes ago. "If you don't mind," he whispered at Sora as he got closer to Keith. He didn't want to hurt Tobias' feelings knowing that he needed additional healing. "So Keith, I never did get to ask, how long have you been on your own training? How long till you think you'll be ready to go back and take the trials?"
  14. just a heads up I will be gone July 1st - 11th as well as from Mid July an undetermined point in august on other business that I can't talk to you about. (sorry busy month), blame the Army lolz
  15. I'd say fight first so that the conflict is actually "over" for a while so we're not stressed about how long we carry on our talking, besides, if you have us moving from one place to another in this next arc then we can talk those times away too. (and yes to make it fair for our poor enemies).
  16. I don't think you're being ignored. But our characters haven't had a lot of time to get to know Tobias or anything about him. As such is the case it's hard to make "small talk," especially when in combat (lol). For example, we had a wonderful time in the forest and then in this little town where our characters all had lengthy conversations about whatnot and got to know each other, before that only those that knew each other previously (from their back-story) really spoke to one another much. So you're not being ignored, we just haven't come to that quiet place quite yet where our characters have time for idle chat and personality development. And I would say that we're coming up on one of those times except that Juzz hinted at more combat soon.
  17. Jin accepted the support from Cloud as Keith's "pat on the back" nearly caused him to lose his footing. He took a few deep breaths to recover and comprehend what it was everyone had said. "Thank you," he replied to beoth Cloud and Keith in turn. "I am trly blessed to have such as you for friends, all of you." Jin wasn't sure how it was in other kingdoms, but in Azure, knights were like family. Perhaps it was because Azure itself was so small and isolated, or perhaps it was nothing new and all knights from the same kingdom felt this way. An Azure knight would give his life to save another without hesitation. Azure knights shared a deep trust, making them vulnerable to one another, but also strengthening Azure as a whole. When Azure knights lined up for battle it wasn't a group of soldiers preparing for war. It was a family of brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, all coming together to fight and die for one another and their kingdom. He turned to Cloud and Keith one last time before he decided to reply to everyone else. He quoted an Azure proverb that dealt with the idea of brotherhood amongst knights. "A true friend will be with you through all things, but a brother was made to be there for the hard times." He gave them a weak smile and spoke to Lucifer. "Come on, let's get healed up." He briefly embraced her and then, taking Cloud's arm at one side and hers at the other, he helped support her and himself and began to head towards Sora and Tobias. "Tobias," Jin smiled at the boy, "I'd be happy to serve as your healing training." He winked, "I don't think I could be much worse off so don't worry about screwing up right?" Jin knew he had no real physical injuries on the outside, nothing that would be obvious like a cut or bruise. His problem now was internal injuries sustained by his muscles and organs from being in contact with so much raw energy. A true Azure Knight knew implicitly how to channel energy through the body to avoid self injury, but Jin was not a true knight and could tell that his power trip had played havoc on his insides. Nothing life threatening, he didn't think so at least, but he certainly didn't feel in any shape to do much of anything anytime soon. Hopefully a good healer, or even an healing apprentice, would change that.
  18. Going to wait on Cloud before posting.
  19. heh, it all comes with time and practice... and in my case a few years of practice but yeah I do the same... I never plan anything out
  20. Jin watched as his attack had little effect. Part of him was still rational and began to realize that fighting this man was pointless, but more of him grew irrational as every second ticked by. The other side of him wanted to pour on more power, more energy, to suck it in and spew it out like a great dark eruption... His left eye burned like wildfire and his body trembled lightly, dealing with the power inside him that he hadn't fully spent. He couldn't see anyone, just the man, then even he was gone and Jin found himself alone in a dark battlefield with no enemy, no target, no focus, no release... He saw the world in shades of grey and black and purple, swirling colors that had been directing his attacks at his foe. Suddenly Lucifer was there, at his side, a darkness and an emptiness... a target. His right arm, the one closes to her, lashed out and latched on her shoulder. The other flew at her face, razor like claws extended... but it suddenly stopped, half an inch away. Jin froze in this position, staring at Lucifer though not quite seeing her clearly. His grip on her loosened slightly as she came into view, part of him recognizing her and part still a blind fury, seeking a target, a release point. He could see her face now, and his mouth moved but no words were formed. Something like tears of blood and water slowly formed in his right eye and poured over, running down his face and dropping onto the black armor on his chest. There the tears sizzled like water on a hot stove or like acid on skin. Slowly, very slowly, Jin closed his left eye, the whole time the yellow slit of an iris glared at the woman in front of him. Finally it was shut and like a stone thrown into a pond, ripples spread from his left eyelids and as they passed over his armor it shattered, falling onto the ground like glass, breaking as it turned to ash and dissolved into the wind. The mark on his forehead twisted down his body, reforming the tattoos he had borne earlier. He removed his hand from Lucifer's shoulder and stared at it with his good eye, his other hand he placed over his left eye. Now more than ever he understood the wisdom of the masters. Power such as this was not for knights in training to know, they lacked control... he lacked control... and it had almost cost lives, both his and hers. "My... Choice..." he breathed, gasping now for air as if he had been deprived this whole time. "My choice to protect you... our choice to accept you into the group. Your past demons," he motioned weakly to the place the man had finally vanished from. "Your past. Everything you brought into this group when you joined, was accepted. Don't be sorry for what we chose, for what I chose." Jin couched, wiping a little blood from his mouth and face before he recovered enough to speak again. "I chose it freely." She looked like she was about to topple over, and Jin felt roughly the same way but he reached out an arm and carefully wrapped it around her shoulders, balancing her and himself together. He turned now to Cloud, "Forgive me... Sempai. I know you'll tell me it was foolish. In the end... it seemed futile. All it proves is that I'm not ready, not strong enough... maybe they were wrong to spare my life all those years ago when I was born, I don't know anymore..."
  21. As he leapt, the world about Jin was suddenly changed and he felt another presence come out of Lucifer and it engulfed his path. He curled into a ball and rolled through the air through the... thing, coming out the other side in time to see it engulf in white fire and to see that the enemy was no longer before him but had moved... impossibly quickly as well. Keith's voice came to him through the chaos threatening to engulf him as he relocated his target. "Jin! Get a hold of yourself! Control yourself. We might get in bigger trouble if you continue that." I know... I know... so well. Jin was fighting an inner battle more intense perhaps than the outer. On one hand he knew that his level of ability was far too low to defeat this man, unless he remained in the state he was in. But the risk to his own life was high, and to his friends if he kept it up. Even now he could feel his control slipping. No matter how much he willed himself to stay in control, or how he felt about protecting Lucifer, it was a simple fact that he was not yet a true and full Azure Knight. His body wasn't prepared for this, and it would not withstand it long... Even so, he was unsure as to how he was supposed to come out of this state. Getting into it was a simple influx of energy and a little magic, getting out... well... he didn't know how to do that. In all other situations when he had gone into a fit of rage or lost control, it ended when he burned off enough energy to become exhausted, but in this state... there was so much energy to burn, he wasn't sure he could get rid of it fast enough to end it before it was too late. Jin found his target again, and, intent on burning off the energy so that if this battle ended he wouldn't lose himself reguardless, he released a continual burst of dark energy at the man. The attack appeared as a jetstream of black fire proceeding from Jin's hands. But it was not formidable in any way save that it was a lot of power at once. It was uncontrolled, unrefined, not pointed or molded into an attack. It was merely a blunt blast of raw energy, dangerous yes, but it could have been so much more if Jin had been a real knight and had trained in his skills.
  22. ooooh it looks like a canyon... a grand one...
  23. I think we should wait for Cloud or Juzz. And arn't you controling the sorceror? or is Juzz? Cause I think it's his move...
  24. Time seemed to come to a halt as Lucifer's pitch black eyes stared into Jin's eyes, one normal and the other a yellow slit within a black frame. In that moment Jin understood what Lucifer intended, and Cloud's words came rushing back to him "Just remember to protect her with your life...and never to take her for granted". "I'm sorry," he mouthed to her. A moment later he was in front of her, one hand on her forehead the other held her firmly at the shoulder. She looked exhausted, and full of darkness. Under any other circumstances Jin wouldn't have attempted it, but he knew she wasn't up for this fight any longer, she was breathing, living, off her inner darkness, and it would keep her going... but as Jin knew all too well, it would also likely consume her in the process. "Sleep now, and walk towards the light..." Jin breathed out slowly as he spoke. Vinculum, he breathed in, beckoning all the darkness around him to follow his breath into his body, most from Lucifer's proximity. It wasn't guaranteed to work, or knock her out, or diminish her own darkness, in fact Jin had never even attempted it before. But he had heard an old Azure Proverb that said this. The Azure Knight is a vessel of great darkness, an untapped, uncontrollable eruption of dark energy. Only he who has a will like burning fire and a reason to live that compels him to shine will survive himself and tame the darkness to his will. This is the power of Azure, the curse, and the destiny of us all. "Let me shine for you." He finished his breath, fire burning in his lungs, pins and needles shooting through his arms and legs and chest. Jin watched with mixed emotions as his tattoos began retracting from his appendages and converging in a single black mark on his forehead, the mark of the Azure kingdom, the sacred symbol they all shared. Horror, anticipation, excitement, anger, joy, all of these were his reaction to what he had decided to do. This is the bloodline to which I was born, the limit of my family line. What has controlled my life and forced me to live in solitude and misery will now be my salvation, or my end, either way, I accept this contract you have placed before me Sempai. What has kept me apart from friendship I bend to my will now to protect my first, true friend, and perhaps more. The purple/black armor had now formed also on his legs and arms; clawing its way up his chest and stopping at his neck to which the tattoos had halted before reaching the mark on his forehead. And though he could not tell it, a second mark burned there as well, a mark that had kept the group of misfits together all this time. Something he didn't understand in the least. All this had taken place in the space of five breaths. He locked gazes with the enemy, but spoke to Cloud beside him. "Sempai," his voice was calm and quiet, hardly able to be heard above the rushing wind and swirling dark energy around him. "Watch my back, and if I can't come out of it... well... you're authorized to kill me for attempting this anyway. If it comes to it, then as your friend, I ask that you don't hesitate..." And with that Jin leapt at the enemy before him.... ((Juzz all that ok with you? I can give you a detailed post of exactly what happened that I didn't include to avoid revealing other plot things that you'd told me before. So, yah... I think you'd approve. (and anyone else if I ninja'd you and Altiboris if you want me to erase the end for you to react or if what I just tried didn't work, or if you want me to tell you what I just did so that you can better decide if it worked... then let me know and I'll ask Juzz and we can all get together etc... lol)))
  25. Jin had turned to tell Kou that Lucifer was out of it for a moment and to go on without them, well, actually he was going to ask Lucifer what was wrong when Kou interupted. But his plan of action was interrupted yet again when he heard a voice behind him, back in Lucifer's direction. He stood perfectly still as the man approached, his mind raced with who it could be... and as the man spoke, he could only guess that this was Lucifer's worst fear come to life. It was the man she had told him about, the one she wasn't going back to... Lightning suddenly split the air for a moment, catching Jin off guard. Still, the shock was minor, not even a concern. The next spell he conjured was of more concern, actually less, though there was no way he could have known that. Jin smiled at the white flame in his hand and was about to speak when Lucifer leapt into the shadows, and the sorcerer leapt in after her. "No!" Jin knew why she must have done it, to keep him away from the white fire, but she didn't know! "Lucifer get out of there!" If only I'd told her everything "And you!" Jin crossed his arms, staring into the shadows, "Quit hiding like a coward." Jin called out ahead to the others, "Cloud!" Jin never referred to the man without his title, Sempai, but this was an urgent situation. "Cloud, Keith, come here, I found a real piece of work for you, everyone else, make yourselves scarce!" Jin normally didn't give orders, but there wasn't enough time to explain to everyone that an Azure knight and two knights in training were probably about to engage in a very high level of combat that warranted the use of a level of force reserved only for very dangerous assignments. There was a reason Azure knights cost a fortune to rent out. Even a knight in training could cost an inordinate sum. An Azure knight was worth a hundred knights in battle, or could be, it was a saying, but the truth was more real than anyone outside the small kingdom could guess. Jin doubted he could beat the man alone, no matter how much damage he knew he could withstand, magic wasn't his strong, it wasn't in his blood. But with Cloud... and Keith both, he knew the odds were probably in their favor. He only hoped Cloud and Keith were up to it... and that they wouldn't be too late. His eye patch fell onto the ground along with his staff, daggers, and sack. The white in his right eye turned black and his tattoos glowed black in the faded light of the canyon as familiar gauntlets formed on his arms and legs. That's why he'd told the others to get scarce, not to help, an Azure knight was as dangerous an ally as an enemy...