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  1. Kai sighed, "It would be so much easier of one side or the other was clearly in the right... but both sides have done terrible things." He shuffled his feet uncomfortably. Kai had never been much good at politics, neither in understanding them nor in seeing their justification. Why couldn't people just do what was right, and agree on it?


    But Noe knew about such things, and she seemed to understand the need for them. He trusted her with this and did his best to fill in when she was gone on her diplomatic trips.


    "Where we go, who we talk to, what we say... all of that I'll leave up to you two..." Kai smiled slightly, "you both know I make a terrible politician." He cracked a kink out of his neck and continued, "I'll keep you safe, that's my job." Kai grinned more widely this time, "not that you're helpless, it just makes me feel useful to say so."


    Kai draped his arms over Noes shoulders, "besides, I've got to start practicing my overprotective father routine mmm?"


    He knew well enough that Noe was a powerful weather elementarian and with her griffin form hardly needed someone to protect her. And Isa, well she was the rainbow child, her abilities with light never ceased to amaze. In truth, he felt a bit overshadowed by them. But he didn't spend a lot of mental energy on that train of thought. He was more occupied with considering his impending fatherhood, and how one was supposed to raise a child... much less three of them at once. Would he be a good father?


    What made a good father? Love of course, discipline, rules right? Devotion, caring, and making them laugh. Kai had always been good with little kids... but those had always been other people's little kids. Would his own be the same? What if they didn't like him...


    Kai shook his head, trying to focus on the here and now.

  2. Rak is alive and has postez!

    Just working 12 hour days 5 days a week and being married which is a full time job I certainly enjoy biggrin.gif


    Spoke with LN, she is working part-time but I think she is getting on.... I don't know, I live 1100 miles away at the moment ohmy.gif

  3. Kai, never being good at social interactions and in particular how to break into an awkward pause, decided to launch a joke in order to fix the pause. In the past this had worked really well, at least to Kai's knowledge. The truth was that normally his jokes weren't actually that funny, or didn't make a lot of sense, or were not socially acceptable for reasons he was unaware of. The honest truth was, people laughed because he was well known and well liked. The way they laughed would have made it obvious to almost anyone that the joke hadn't actually been that funny. But, in his usual way, Kai missed this key piece of information, and thus was not deterred from using humor in many circumstances...


    "So Isa, your dad's still intent on starting a war... But don't worry, I've come up with a perfect solution!" Kai leaned in and whispered, "we overthrow the council, put you on the throne, and voila, peace throughout the realm!"

    Unfortunately this plan would A, never work, B, not bring about peace, and C, was probably just a liiiiiitle insulting, even though he didn't intend it to come across that way. Fortunately this was on his list of things to talk about anyways so he continued in a more serious tone.

    "But in all seriousness.... What are we going to do about that?" it was clear that by "we" he meant, himself, and everyone else involved in the travel of trials a little over a year ago. It was important that they discuss such things, time was short, and there was no doubt in Kai's mind that the king would be calling upon them soon to undertake a similar quest, though now aimed at war rather than peace... When that time came, they had to have a plan.

  4. Hiya Silver (and all)!


    Yes we're back from that, now doing full time ministry for the rest of the summer (but I will have time for this as well me thinks). We went to the Smokey Mountains TN, I'd been there once as a kid, very nice place, beautiful nature, great fishing, waterparks... etc... lol we had fun.


    Now I'm in NJ doing evangelism and working as a supervisor/assistant for a ministry organization up here. Not really lookingforward to the reaaaaaaly hot summer (by the ocean), but the water's nice... though I haven't had enough time off to get into it yet.


    I will do my best to grab LN for ya cool.gif


    How's your summer thus far?

  5. Hey LL,


    are you waiting on Kai or is he waiting on Isa/Noe?

    (because from context I think he's waiting on the two of them to interact (or aketsu) before adding anything else.


    Poor guy still isn't the best with social situations, especially new ones biggrin.gif

  6. @LL


    So sorry to hear it, it's not serious is it? (Your boss' hospitilization). Praying for the two of you that's got to be rough! Glad your boss trusts you two enough to have you step up to the plate!


    @ Everyone:


    Aaaaagh, sry, will get in posts as soon as possible.


    Also @ Everyone

    (and PLEASE don't turn this into a conversation topic laugh.gif , this is not the place, but feel free to PM me if you want)

    I'm getting married tomorrow (in 16 hours) (didn't announce it because it's not really something I want posting all over the web) so I will be with internet connection.... but kinda otherwise occupied for the next 2 weeks (honeymoon), and then I'm going to be on a missions trip with my (wife!!!!) for the next 4 months (but we will have internet so I won't be absent don't worry, just a bit of a life change)

    Praise God for his wonderful workings! cool.gif


    On the note of family, LN should be on tonight or tomorrow, but then will be driving back and without internet again for 2-3 days.





    Must go read posts, I feel bad for him too!

    And whatever you choose to do with him, just ask yourself, what WOULD he do in this situation.

    Nice... xd.png

  7. Sorry Lach sad.gif I shouldn't generalize.


    and yes I'm her older brother.


    o.0 Summer school, I remember that. I didn't do calculus though... I think I just took sociology or something like that. Calc will be difficult, will be praying for ya gist! Calc 1 or 2? (or 3 or 4 but I assume 1) (unless your school doesn't number them).


    @ the RP


    So... for those of you in the light alliance, now that Isa knows that Noe is pregnant, anyone want to start taking bets as to how long it takes for all of Sola to hear about it? TeeHee.


    Also, (because I've lost track of people), who besides Kai, Noe, Isa, Aketsu, are in the city of sola itself (or right outside it), that were in the original party from the first RP (because Kai is going to want to tell everyone and would probably know in game if they were around or not, I simply haven't kept track).

  8. Lol laugh.gif


    LL is still busy!

    (not entirely sure with what but she is, I see her online sometimes (not on here))


    LN will be traveling today and tomorrow but I'll let her know that things have kicked off again when she gets here Friday.


    Hopefully in like a week (when ALL school is out) everyone will be a bit less stressed/busy!



  9. on a side note not related to this version of T&T, I'm working on my forms for the kindergarten and elementary freeform version and will get them sent to silver as soon as I'm done happy.gif.

    YAY!!!!!! laugh.gif


    I'm really hoping I'm going to have time to join that one as well, baby Kai will be so fun to play with!


    On the other hand.... I really don't remember kindergarten... does anyone?


    Reliving it in this setting should be fun!


    hidden potions? ninja.gif

  10. @ Chaos


    I'm not saying that a motor is complicated, not from our standpoint.

    But every great invention in history has either been out of accident, or out of necessity (for the most part).

    In a world in which people do not have the power to manipulate the elements at will, we invented ways to harness them, electricity to control lightning, explosives to harness fire, wind power to harness the air, solar energy to harness the sun, great dams to harness the power of water etc...


    Each of these came about in our world because of a need or a dream to control something over which we had no control.


    The problem comes when you remove yourself from a world in which man once worshiped the "god" Baal for bringing the rain, to enter into a world in which making it rain is something one can just do with a thought (weather elementarian).


    What reason would they have to create a motor?


    But that's not the real question.




    The real question is, in a world this fantastic with these new abilities given to mankind, what would the invent that is much better than the motor in order to further harness their natural abilities?


    That's what it means to create a story, the new world you create with its own new variables leads to new logical outcomes, fantastic ideas, the realm of science fiction and fantasy. That's the fun of authoring a world or being part of one that someone else created for you.


    My suggestion, think outside the box. Stop trying to fit reality into fantasy with a 1 to 1 correspondence. Imagine. And you'll invent something far more useful and fantastic than a motor-powered chainsaw... wink.gif





    Spotlight is an awesome job congrats!

    I used to run spotlight a few times for the children's theater that would come by before I moved off to college... wow that was a while ago.

    Don't get burned! laugh.gif

  11. @Chaos



    Because even with electricity you still need a motor and a circuit. I'm not sure the fact that lots of people running around with the ability to call down lightning from the sky or emit it from their fingertips logically leads to the invention of the circuit and the motor/gears etc...


    Besides, it was WAY more fun to come up with that then to say "just be a lightning elementarian and invent a circuit."


  12. If you're REALLY set on it Chaos, and LL approves of the idea, I can come up with one to work with any element, I only listed one of them because it took a while to think up tongue.gif


    Let me know what element(s) you're interested in and talk to LL, we'll see what we can do.




    Thanks! I had fun with it. I found a website that listed a HUGE list of possible disclaimers and took several then modified them to be more funny!

  13. Welcome.


    As far as chainsaws go... while I CAN think of a reasonably audacious way to make that work physically using whatever elemental abilities are at my disposal in this world... There isn't gas or "steam power" as of yet, so chainsaw for the sake of chainsaw is probably not going to fly here.


    However! I don't want to kill a creative idea so... here's one way it could work! (note, please read DISCLAIMER below)


    1) Rotating Earth Blade


    Using the earth element you create what essentially looks like a sword (whatever length though the longer it is the less this would work in reality).

    The sword has a grove running along the edge where the blade would normally be.

    Find someone (or yourself) who can make you a metal chain similar to the chain on a chainsaw with one major difference. A Chainsaw blade is held in place by a bolt or two, tightening it to the point that it cannot come off (one hopes). This chain needs to be more like that used to hold a roller-coaster in its track. (The metal needs to be magnetic)

    Next you need two really powerful magnets, not hard, just find an earth elementarian (or yourself if you are one) and go digging, they shouldn't be hard to find.

    One magnet needs to be grafted into the hilt of the sword and the other into the tip (careful not to make it top heavy and off balance). The polarity for the magnets needs to be opposite as it faces the sword. (Think like the inside of a batter, strong positive end, strong negative end, both in place so that the electric current flows in one direction around the circuit).

    Now you need a series of tiny magnets grafted into the chain, one magnet per blade on the chain and one between each blade. They need to be far enough apart to not interact with one another and they each need to be set in the chain such that their negative end is facing up and their positive end facing down (facing up and down as the sword is being held straight up and down, hilt down, tip up)).

    Now place the chain into the sword with all magnets in place and you're about done. The magnets in the chain will be attracted to and then repulsed by the large magnets at each end of the sword, of course that doesn't give it enough momentum to run itself, the forces are still equal and opposite. But if you so happen to be an earth elementarian and can supply some needed UMPH to get the chain going and keep it going, the chain will accelerate exponentially because of the continuous interactions of the magnets.

    Oh right, and I forgot, lots of non-magnetic ball-bearings to keep the friction down a bit.


    Key problem: The sword cannot be made of conductive (magnetic) metal. Meaning it has to be made of earth, or non-conductive metal. The problem with this is that the friction caused by the chain will erode all but the strongest rocks (granite, marble, diamond etc...) and deteriorate most non-conductive metals (tin, aluminum, etc...). But if you get around that problem then good for you!

    DISCLAIMER:This product is meant for educational purposes only. Any resemblance to reality, existent or imagined is purely coincidental. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. Do not use while in the shower. One size effective against most opponents. Avoid contact with skin. Safety goggles recommended. Some equipment discussed here is optional. Keep out of reach of small children. Apply direction to the enemy's abdomen and count to three for optimal product satisfaction. May not be suitable for children under 17 years of age or over 17 years of age. Side effects may include permanent or semi-permanent death. Consult your GM before use. Do not try this at home.

  14. Kai glanced at Noe with a smile, he could feel her heart beating faster than normal, indeed Isa's evaluation was correct in more ways than one. Still, Noe opted to give him the duty of 'bursting' the bubble and sharing the good news. Kai hesitated, what was he supposed to do? Stand on a chair and announce to the whole room that Noe was pregnant? Telling Isa and Aketsu was pretty much equivalent to doing just that, word would spread. But Kai was fine with that, it wasn't anything he was ashamed of. It was no secret to their close friends that they wanted but had been unable to have children thus far. So that brought up a second question, how?


    Kai blinked a few times in succession and in that the time it took to do so, a number of different possibilities presented themselves to him.


    'Hey Isa, Aketsu, guess who's pregnant?'

    Too informal.

    'Princess Isa, I am proud to announce the coming arrival of three...'

    Way too formal.

    'Speaking of things about to burst...'

    Nope, awkward.

    'Noe's pregnant!'

    Maybe simple was best...


    Unfortunately Kai's mind hadn't quite sent its vote in to his lips before he started speaking.


    "We're pregnant!" Kai exclaimed with a smile. He didn't shout, but he didn't hide his voice from the newcomer or the others in the room either. "Well... I mean, Noe is pregnant, with triplets, and..." Kai reached down and raised up a chunk of the stone floor, filling in the gap as a series of controlled electrical discharged (in combination with his earth element) cut the stone into three replicas of the children Kai and Noe had seen in their dreams. The lightning even added color to the stone through burning it, making the sculptures look very life-like. On each child's forehead was engraved their names, Naru, Kiara, O’ehmar.


    "And that's what they look like!" It was only after he had created the statues that it occurred to him how weird it probably seemed to Isa and anyone else paying attention. But in the land of the earth elementarians, sculpting likenesses of your children while still in the womb was actually quite common. Albeit Kai had sculpted them at like age two or three, but now it was done, and he was so happy that the logical side of his brain (complaining about the weirdness of his action) was hardly more than a whisper.


    Kai hugged Noe and gave her a peck on the cheek before stepping to the side, towards Aketsu, to dodge the impending huggleglomp he expected from Isa. Women tended to do that when they were talking about emotional things...

  15. I just graduated college, and I can safely say, that for all of you, "school" doesn't end until you graduate college (for those of you who choose to go).


    Of course, the truth is that we never stop learning, and I'll be getting a masters degree eventually anyways, but for now at least... school is out! xd.png