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  1. Hello all, yes I'm still alive. Have moved recently and gotten a new job so I've been busy, wasn't aware we had officially managed to start up again, I should have time to post as usual Glad to hear from you all. -Rak
  2. YAY LL! Welcome back. Busy summer yeah :-/ but it always seems to go like that, glad to help wake this thread up!
  3. Kai sighed, "It would be so much easier of one side or the other was clearly in the right... but both sides have done terrible things." He shuffled his feet uncomfortably. Kai had never been much good at politics, neither in understanding them nor in seeing their justification. Why couldn't people just do what was right, and agree on it? But Noe knew about such things, and she seemed to understand the need for them. He trusted her with this and did his best to fill in when she was gone on her diplomatic trips. "Where we go, who we talk to, what we say... all of that I'll leave up to
  4. Rak is alive and has postez! Just working 12 hour days 5 days a week and being married which is a full time job I certainly enjoy Spoke with LN, she is working part-time but I think she is getting on.... I don't know, I live 1100 miles away at the moment
  5. I'm sorry silver Between the hours I'm working and being married I'm not going to have time to join another RP.
  6. Kai, never being good at social interactions and in particular how to break into an awkward pause, decided to launch a joke in order to fix the pause. In the past this had worked really well, at least to Kai's knowledge. The truth was that normally his jokes weren't actually that funny, or didn't make a lot of sense, or were not socially acceptable for reasons he was unaware of. The honest truth was, people laughed because he was well known and well liked. The way they laughed would have made it obvious to almost anyone that the joke hadn't actually been that funny. But, in his usual way, Kai
  7. Hiya Silver (and all)! Yes we're back from that, now doing full time ministry for the rest of the summer (but I will have time for this as well me thinks). We went to the Smokey Mountains TN, I'd been there once as a kid, very nice place, beautiful nature, great fishing, waterparks... etc... lol we had fun. Now I'm in NJ doing evangelism and working as a supervisor/assistant for a ministry organization up here. Not really lookingforward to the reaaaaaaly hot summer (by the ocean), but the water's nice... though I haven't had enough time off to get into it yet. I will do my best
  8. LL: just re-asking my question about Kai? in his opinion he isn't going to speak until one of the other two say something first. (posted about it a while ago while you were gone)
  9. Hey LL, are you waiting on Kai or is he waiting on Isa/Noe? (because from context I think he's waiting on the two of them to interact (or aketsu) before adding anything else. Poor guy still isn't the best with social situations, especially new ones
  10. @LL So sorry to hear it, it's not serious is it? (Your boss' hospitilization). Praying for the two of you that's got to be rough! Glad your boss trusts you two enough to have you step up to the plate! @ Everyone: Aaaaagh, sry, will get in posts as soon as possible. Also @ Everyone (and PLEASE don't turn this into a conversation topic , this is not the place, but feel free to PM me if you want) I'm getting married tomorrow (in 16 hours) (didn't announce it because it's not really something I want posting all over the web) so I will be with internet connection.... but k
  11. Sorry Lach I shouldn't generalize. and yes I'm her older brother. o.0 Summer school, I remember that. I didn't do calculus though... I think I just took sociology or something like that. Calc will be difficult, will be praying for ya gist! Calc 1 or 2? (or 3 or 4 but I assume 1) (unless your school doesn't number them). @ the RP So... for those of you in the light alliance, now that Isa knows that Noe is pregnant, anyone want to start taking bets as to how long it takes for all of Sola to hear about it? TeeHee. Also, (because I've lost track of people), who besides
  12. Lol LL is still busy! (not entirely sure with what but she is, I see her online sometimes (not on here)) LN will be traveling today and tomorrow but I'll let her know that things have kicked off again when she gets here Friday. Hopefully in like a week (when ALL school is out) everyone will be a bit less stressed/busy!
  13. @ Chaos It was just a suggestion , there's no need for the condescending nature of your post or the foul language...
  14. YAY!!!!!! I'm really hoping I'm going to have time to join that one as well, baby Kai will be so fun to play with! On the other hand.... I really don't remember kindergarten... does anyone? Reliving it in this setting should be fun! hidden potions?
  15. @ Chaos I'm not saying that a motor is complicated, not from our standpoint. But every great invention in history has either been out of accident, or out of necessity (for the most part). In a world in which people do not have the power to manipulate the elements at will, we invented ways to harness them, electricity to control lightning, explosives to harness fire, wind power to harness the air, solar energy to harness the sun, great dams to harness the power of water etc... Each of these came about in our world because of a need or a dream to control something over which we ha
  16. @Chaos Because even with electricity you still need a motor and a circuit. I'm not sure the fact that lots of people running around with the ability to call down lightning from the sky or emit it from their fingertips logically leads to the invention of the circuit and the motor/gears etc... Besides, it was WAY more fun to come up with that then to say "just be a lightning elementarian and invent a circuit."
  17. If you're REALLY set on it Chaos, and LL approves of the idea, I can come up with one to work with any element, I only listed one of them because it took a while to think up Let me know what element(s) you're interested in and talk to LL, we'll see what we can do. @Lachrymation Thanks! I had fun with it. I found a website that listed a HUGE list of possible disclaimers and took several then modified them to be more funny!
  18. Welcome. As far as chainsaws go... while I CAN think of a reasonably audacious way to make that work physically using whatever elemental abilities are at my disposal in this world... There isn't gas or "steam power" as of yet, so chainsaw for the sake of chainsaw is probably not going to fly here. However! I don't want to kill a creative idea so... here's one way it could work! (note, please read DISCLAIMER below) 1) Rotating Earth Blade Using the earth element you create what essentially looks like a sword (whatever length though the longer it is the less this would work i
  19. Kai glanced at Noe with a smile, he could feel her heart beating faster than normal, indeed Isa's evaluation was correct in more ways than one. Still, Noe opted to give him the duty of 'bursting' the bubble and sharing the good news. Kai hesitated, what was he supposed to do? Stand on a chair and announce to the whole room that Noe was pregnant? Telling Isa and Aketsu was pretty much equivalent to doing just that, word would spread. But Kai was fine with that, it wasn't anything he was ashamed of. It was no secret to their close friends that they wanted but had been unable to have children thu
  20. Welcome Back! (not much has happened LL, just waiting on Noe for my part Congrats!) -Rak
  21. Try the "Tomb of Horrors" or "Mines of Madness" pre-made story lines they have available. They're both a lot of fun, but warn your players that their characters will probably die one way or another
  22. I just graduated college, and I can safely say, that for all of you, "school" doesn't end until you graduate college (for those of you who choose to go). Of course, the truth is that we never stop learning, and I'll be getting a masters degree eventually anyways, but for now at least... school is out!
  23. Oh I'm always watching *creepy voice* I'm just a tad busy to make conversation most of the time
  24. Welcome Back LL Glad you're alive/doing alright. Praying for ya
  25. Alright, I HAVE internet! yay! So I will be able to post (if LL posts)