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  1. Here in the UK (or at least southern England), there's hardly any racism. The majority of people at my school are white. There are two Asian kids in my class and they get hardly and stick from what I know. They don't normally give anyone else any racial grief either. We do still have racial words though. If it happens, I haven't seen it. ...mind you, the people in my class are probably busier bullying me because I'm clever. I don't get so much of it any more though. My best friend is Indian and in a different class to me. I am white, in case you were wondering.
  2. I occasionally get a spittle bit of loonerism. That's... a 'little bit of spoonerism'. Just it's very VERY mild, doesn't happen very often at all, and I ALWAYS realize that it's happened when it's happened. Wow, I just made myself sound loony by changing spoonerism to loonerism. DX Apart from that, I'm pretty normal, if a little shy.
  3. I like cheese...but only if it's Cheddar or Red Leicester. I guess I don't mind the processed stuff as long as it's in a cheeseburger. I can't remember whether it was Parmesan or Marzipan that ruined my pasta and meatballs once...either way, it made it taste like sick or something. Cheese is my friend's favourite word.
  4. The strangest thing I've probably eaten is seaweed...although I did used to like the skin on chicken drumsticks.
  5. The only thing I know that I'm allergic to is pollen. I get hayfever. But then I've never been bitten or stung by some sort of bug, so yeah.
  6. My brother links musical notes with colours. He also has perfect pitch. And autism.
  7. Scary looking. Kinda want it to go with my username.
  8. Username: PhantomRaptor Type of Order (Banner, Stamp, etc): Avatar Color Theme: Dark colours, like black and purple. Effects: None. Pictures/Sprites: A dragon's head. I want it to be visible up against the background, but not a massive contrast. Size: 100x100 Writing: 'PhantomRaptor', in something visible. At the bottom. Or where it fits best.
  9. Username: PhantomRaptor Side I chose: Red! My special feature: I has claws. Long, purple claws. Other: I have a pet Velociraptor called Vix who helps me with my fighting. He likes to chew people's necks. Just not my neck. He doesn't like how my neck tastes.
  10. This^^ I also hate Captain Quark from Ratchet and Clank. He acts so hero-ey and than makes Ratchet do everything for him. He's so annoying and useless!
  11. I like cheese, but pretty much only cheddar and red leicester. I hate parmesan. It ruined my pasta and meatballs once.
  12. I could say I like horses, although I have actually never had a close enough experience with a horse to have an opinion. My old best friend used to do horseriding. I have nothing against horses...but I like wolves more. :3 And dragons are never coming off my #1 spot, whether they're real or not.
  13. I have Crystal Chronicles, III, IV, XII and Tactics: Grimore of the Rift. I prefer Tactics and IV myself, although I don't like the saving systems much on CC, III and IV. It's annoying always having to get to a specific point to save. It's a shame my only Tactics game is playing me up. T_T