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    I used 1U3QEGA2DI. Thanks so much!
  2. Linkin park - The Catalyst God bless us everyone...
  3. Call of Duty 4 and Wolfteam. Yes, I love bloody shooters.
  4. Rise Against - Hero of War For idiots who think war is awesome.
  5. Right now, it's Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee.
  6. Same here. When I saw the part where the pack sang "It's raining men" I fell on my @$$ of laughing.
  7. Skillet. It's the only one I know. They have awesome songs!
  8. WolfTeam. And I'm downloading Halo 2, to see if it's good.
  9. It's atie beetween Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Oh, and, there are typos in the pool.
  10. Linkin Park - In The End It's been repeating in my head the whole day. MAKE. IT. STOP. And no, i don't hate the song, I actually love it. It's just the two lines repeating over and over again. Dx
  11. Wolf's Rain - Stray I don't watch a lot of anime, but that one has to be my fav.
  12. Hills have eyes. There's no story, and the only thing the people do in the movie is slaughter each other. -.-
  13. Warriors ftw! I read only the first 2 books (Into the Wild and Fire and Ice) because the rest aren't in my language yet, but they're awesome Has anyone read Chronicles of Ancient Darkness?
  14. Punk, alternative, rock and metal (mostly power metal)...
  15. WolfTeam and NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 also CoD: Modern Warfare 2.
  16. Tip the Scales, Dancing for Rain and Give It All by Rise Against, Rockstar by Nickelback and Wehrmacht by Sabaton.
  17. 1. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness 2. His Dark Materials 3. Artemis Fowl 4. Warriors 5. Eragon and more...