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  1. Call of the wild, White fang, Kazan the wolf-dog, Baree, son of Kazan. And then there's Marley and me and Cujo, which is sort of a horror story. These are all I know of.

  2. The art thieves drive me crazy. I hate how many there are, and how stupid many of them can be. I don't mind the ones that fix it once you talk to them, but so many of them are jerks, and augh! D<

    I feel your pain. I'm currently reverse-trolling a troll. It's very fun xd.png

  3. My favourite bands are:

    30 seconds to mars

    Three Days Grace

    Rise Against


    Oh my...I love 30 seconds to Mars, especially "This is war". Best song ever!

    You and me have an very very similar taste. I also listen to Sabaton, Linkin Park and Five Finger Death Punch, but Rise Against are still my favs. biggrin.gif

  4. Why did you find them so good?

    Probably becasue of the original, realistic characters, awesome plot, and the great writing. *coughsarcasmlol*


    Edward is a fairy, Bella is a Mary-Sue and Jacob is a pedophile. Deal with it.

  5. I used to play Dragonfable (that one was my fav), Adventure Quest and Mech Quest. But they just got boring after some time. You couldn't do any of the good stuff if you didn't have a Dragon amulet/Star captain license/whatever.