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  1. Call of the wild, White fang, Kazan the wolf-dog, Baree, son of Kazan. And then there's Marley and me and Cujo, which is sort of a horror story. These are all I know of.
  2. Proud user of a Genius G-pen here. Definitely recommend it.
  3. Is anyone of you guys on DeviantART?
  4. I feel your pain. I'm currently reverse-trolling a troll. It's very fun
  5. I love the site. The biggest problem are the art thieves and trolls though. :/
  6. love drawing and I guess I'm ok at it. I prefer my pen tablet and photoshop, but I do traditional too
  7. I just read Brisingr. It was dissapointing. I had to wait 2 freakin years for a slovene version and I just expected better. -.-
  8. Also Nickelback, Skillet and Rammstein. I forgot to mention these before.
  9. You and me have an very very similar taste. I also listen to Sabaton, Linkin Park and Five Finger Death Punch, but Rise Against are still my favs.
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    Probably becasue of the original, realistic characters, awesome plot, and the great writing. *coughsarcasmlol* Edward is a fairy, Bella is a Mary-Sue and Jacob is a pedophile. Deal with it.
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    I used to play Dragonfable (that one was my fav), Adventure Quest and Mech Quest. But they just got boring after some time. You couldn't do any of the good stuff if you didn't have a Dragon amulet/Star captain license/whatever.
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    Stephen King

    I personally loved Pet Semetary and Cujo. first one had ghosts/zombies (or hatever they are) and the second one a rabid dog. What else could you want?
  13. In AF: The Lost Colony, when that ****er Abott killed Holly. I went WTF??!! And when artemis brought her back my jaw dropped to the floor and I went even more wtf.
  14. I've watched my dad play so far, but it seems totally epic from what I saw.
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    OMFG that's epic.
  16. I have to take the stupid newbie test everytime I log in! Dx It's annoying, is it happening to anyone else here?
  17. Alins vs. Predator 2. It's creepy and totally awesome.
  18. Eragon. Twilight fails to the point where I can't read a book if it has SMeyer's name on it.