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  1. It tickled me pink recently when I went to breed a pair again and saw their first child had a matching name. ^__^ Most of my bred dragon's names are inspired in some way by their parents or someone back in their lineage. And since I lost all of my previous dragon names to inactivity, some of my dragon's are named for their children. @_@
  2. Oh my goodness! You've just made my day. I bred that little guy. I'm so glad you love him. I love poking around here and seeing people's finds. I really didn't expect to see one of my own dragons, even though I try to drop pretties to the AP when I can.
  3. I never realized this was an actual thing for other people. I loved the names, it's why I kept the egg way back when, even though I wasn't collecting bright breasted wyverns. This is my only D'Hennegel lady - http://dragcave.net/lineage/juFX. IIRC her parents were named when I found her, but either my memory is shot or they've since lost their names. I'm afraid I don't have an purebred mate for her at the moment, though I can try to pick one up if someone would like a baby.
  4. COUNT ME IN! Forum name: evilSpectra Scroll name and link: evilSpectra Favorite aquatic breed, and why: Tsunami. I'm a sucker for long egg descriptions, and their solid yet complex color scheme looks amazing in lineages. Also, I've always had a soft spot for wyverns. Question: Just to make sure I understand the date range rules correctly because I've got like 8 that are straddling the line. You're going by the Egg Stolen on: or Egg Laid on: dates and not the Grew up on: date to determine eligibility, is that correct?
  5. Would the word sexy be okay? http://dragcave.net/lineage/sEKCq Seriously, her code is sEKCq. Sek Cee Q. I've been calling her Sexy Cute (Dorkface) in my head and wanted to make the name official and then got all worried.
  6. The local ice cream shop sometimes makes a chocolate sour cream ice cream. It's divine, and my absolute favorite.