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  1. Not sure if anyone has suggested this, but Would it be possible to have the old dragons drop in rotation? Yule bucks this year, snow angels the next, etc? I'd personally like to see them all at once, but just offering another option.
  2. 21:15:12 Paradoxangel Technjically 21:15:19 Paradoxangel Pearls can form around anything 21:15:33 Paradoxangel Its a pearl formed round a highly specific resonation metal To round off the convo.
  3. Has this been addressed yet? I am getting duplicate items from the mini quests. I lost all my day 1 items (there was a refresh, all my quests incompleted themselves, and i was too frustrated to go back and recomplete them), but I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I completed every single quest the next four days, meaning I should have 72 items. And yet, I only have 68. A couple times, I was reading an item being given to me and thouht it was a duplicate, but I went to count to confirm (there are like 6 iterations of cream rug, for example, so i wanted to be sure I wasn't mistaken). I'm already going to be short items from missing day 1, it sucks to be getting duplicate items, too.
  4. So I decorated my house, walked outside to confirm I had completed the quests, walked back in...all the decorations are put away again. Tested it repeatedly. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Sorry, I haven't been able to locate any concrete info on the event. How many flower types/variants are there? How frequently do the seeds drop? Thanks, -paradoxangel
  6. Has anyone considered either 1. We're only getting ~Christmas~ dragons because that's what TJ prefers or 2. We're only getting ~Christmas~ dragons because that's the only holiday type spriters are submitting? Because I feel like that might be the real root of the problem here, and not so much the name thing (seems to me more people would just like some variation of their specific holiday to show up as a dragon and they would feel included).
  7. Summer Event was just a titleholder until we came up with a tangible idea. That's definitely not going to be the end name. I already acknowledged summer isn't going on everywhere in the world at the same time, but that the idea was to keep it in alignment with the IN CAVE seasons. That being said, I like a lot of the names you guys are coming up with. Great input, everyone.
  8. I could get behind the idea of any collection event where the items are available every consecutive year, plus new items each year. Then you never truly MISS anything.
  9. No no no, you must not have seen my other post. I didn't mean any writing contest, merely writing submissions, such as the 2011 Christmas event, the one with the 12 stories of Christmas? Like that! No contest, merely participation of anyone who wants to submit a story. Depending on how many stories are submitted, there may have to be a vote on the forums as to which ones would be included, but no contest. That's all I meant by having a writing element included, to not put a load on spriters. This is what I was pretty sure you meant, but others apparently misread your intentions. Something like that I think would be good.
  10. Things I'm getting from the thread >Nothing that will take longer than a day, maybe two to complete >As few limited things as possible (so people who miss it aren't missing a BUNCH of things) >A rollover badge that appears the same yearly, so if you ever miss the event, you have a chance to make it up Because no one is bothering to read the thread or responses There is no contest involved here, regarding art, writing or spriting. There are no limited release dragons involved here. This will not intended to cut down on normal released dragons but either increase them or leave the number exactly the same. AND ALSO, MAYBE, GIVE YOU A CHANCE TO VOTE WHAT GETS RELEASED, which I would imagine most people would be excited about. It has been acknowledged MULTIPLE times already that some people will miss this based on the timing of the year, and that this is JUST AS FAIR as having events at any other time of the year, because other people will miss THOSE events. If you are going to bring up this topic, PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND BRIEF ABOUT IT, IT HAS BEEN MENTIONED AND ACKNOWLEDGED ALREADY. Your input is valued and your viewpoints valid, but please let's not beat a dead horse about the subject, already. It's only slightly related to the topic at whole, considering there are 8 ENTIRE MONTHS worth of days this event could take place, and a date has not come even close to being picked.
  11. Already stated multiple times that it should not affect normal releases, and that there will be NO contests, based on anything, including writing.
  12. I don't know if it's because it's late or not, but I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. Could you give me an example?
  13. Do you mean like this? "You walk up to a platform where a man stands next to a curtain. He takes his cane and draws it back, revealing a dragon you've never seen before." (Cut to picture of new dragon.) "This breed of dragon I found on a distant journey. I especially liked its coloring." And then like, a button that says click to see another dragon? (As a way to incorporate dramatic writing)
  14. I already addressed we're not going to have special limited releases. I'm incredibly against it and would abandon this idea if people wanted to go that way. Writing involved would not be part of a contest. I can't speak for Dragon Mage, but when I said more writing would be welcome, I meant in constructing the event not as part of a contest. This event is not going to be based around a contest of any sort.
  15. That is really reaching into the no limits on dragons thing I didn't want to get into, before, though. Like, the concept of the idea is fantastic, really, and very nice. I just don't think it's going to work well in this kind of game, in this kind of event. There's way too much opportunity for someone to get upset one way or the other.
  16. It was, which is why I'd want a break from it, but if lots of people enjoy it, then lots of people enjoy it. And I agree, I'd love to see some more writing, but I don't think we should stray TOO far away from art, is all. Besides a scavenger hunt, do you have any summer-related writing ideas? Could we work writing into the fair thing, somehow? I thought the Valentine's Day cards from the previous year highlighted some cute writing without going too far, too. Edit: Why I think a secret biome with eggs dropping at the end of a hunt would make people mad: 1. Where did this mysterious biome come from and where will it go after the event? SOMEONE is going to ask this. 2. If you can't figure out the event and get to the biome before a lot of people have snagged eggs? You are going to be incredibly upset. This WILL happen, I assure you. 3. People are going to lock with new eggs before some people even know about the event. This will happen, and result in massive butthurt, assuredly.
  17. I think a secret biome page would make a lot of people angry. I'm not opposed to more writing, but I think there will still have to be a fair bit of art, regardless, simply because DC is art-based. I'm a little over scavenger hunts myself, but I know lots of people think they are fun.
  18. >Nudges everyone away from chatting about joining dates. (If anyone gets a legit date on cave start, feel free to toss it in here.) You're free to not want another big event, but so far, most people seem to like the idea of another, even if they think the timing might be a bit inconvenient. So far many people seem to like the idea of a fair of some sort, with several mini events lodged in. I quite like this idea as well.
  19. Then a birthday event sounds like quite a plausible idea... I believe last year the pygmies were released for DC's 5th birthday. Tying it in isn't out of the question, but I'd like to keep the options open. Loving the ideas.
  20. I've put very specifically that the release should not include one-time release dragons. I didn't think I'd have to explain more than that, but no. I DO NOT WANT to see people spriting dragons SPECIFICALLY for this event. That would make me so SAD. Clearly, I'd prefer the option where we take already existing ideas, and let people vote on them in a "Dragon Fair." We could include lots of Lifesucksmedead's lovely May Day ideas (but perhaps without calling it May Day) and it would be a fabulous event right there. I agree that it shouldn't count against our normal releases. We get so few of those as it is... Edit: The Midsummer's idea would incorporate into this well, too.
  21. Seriously, I don't know if you read the whining on the forums during the Holidays, but you're repeating the SAME things everyone says during winter holidays, when they go on vacations with their family. I've acknowledged your concern repeatedly. I do recognize spriters need vacation time from the cave, too. As of yet, I've not seen an influx of spriters complain that this idea would be too much work.
  22. I acknowledged your concern previously and I do understand it. It's valid, but so is my point. Truthfully, I'd prefer we get through what we would or would not like to see, before we determine the exact timing of when such an event would occur. In the end, despite half of us crying out for an event in May or August, TJ might overrule us and throw it in June. Likewise, we could ask for June, and it could get thrown into August. I ask that we please turn discussion mainly back into constructive ideas for an event itself. (I don't mind if you mention that it inconveniences you once or twice, but if you continue to do so, you are getting off topic and spamming this thread, and I don't appreciate that.)
  23. Something I know that many users, besides myself, would like to see is the addition of another DC event to keep us entertained. What I propose is we have a Summer-based, non-holiday, annual DragonCave event. Why this type of event? >There are approximately 8 empty months between the Valentine's Day DC event and the Halloween event. If you want to be picky, you can say there are approximately 6 months between the Easter event and the Halloween event. >Any events that take place between these are simple, log in and get a badge events, or new dragon releases. While these are great parts of the game, they don't quite hold one's attention like the bigger, brighter DC events, where everyone comes together, trades, chats, and brings traffic to DC like none other. >An event sometime during the Summer would be strategically placed between two of our biggest DC events, allowing for plenty of time for normal dragon releases, without throwing any ratios or normal workings of the cave out of whack. >I realize and recognize Summer is not a consistent time of year for everyone world-wide, because of hemispheres. Clearly, in this instance, I mean Summer for the USA. DC-related seasons are already clearly marked by seasonal dragons, which are on the same seasonal rotation. >We already have plenty of holiday-based events, some of which DC users as a whole don't celebrate. >It's absolutely fine if you do or don't celebrate any of the current holidays, and I understand the reasoning for celebrating mostly USA holidays. The site's creator is from the USA, and a large percentage of DC users live in the USA and celebrate these holidays (though not all of them do!). These holidays are frequently celebrated around the world (but not everywhere!). It makes sense for them to come up in-cave. That being said, it would be nice to have a "DC holiday" that only celebrates a fictional DC holiday. As in, a completely random day that corresponds with no existing holiday. It's a "holiday" that exists only on DragonCave. No one gets a feeling of exclusion/inclusion. No one will be away with family or friends during what is considered, for some, a special time of the year for family. On the whole, you lose the entire feeling of what makes something a holiday, but keep the celebration for fun's sake. >It is also acknowledged that some people like to be away for the summer and will not like this idea. I say that this is the SAME point many are concerned about each winter during our current events, and yet those events carry on regardless. Please, I understand this concern, but try to understand that this idea is not about excluding you, but creating another event for many to enjoy, who may not be able to enjoy events later/earlier in the year. >A single time event is not the point. Any event decided upon should most likely be annual. >As stated previously, there is a lot of "down" time for older players (and possibly newer players, as well) during the span between Valentine's/Easter and Halloween. Other than possible new dragon releases, players don't have a lot to do outside the norm. Collecting and breeding is fine and dandy, but sometimes just an extra something to do would be great. This extra, continued event will help to keep attention on the site, and players more involved overall. >There should be a wide notification of the event on the forums and on the site itself at least a few weeks in advance. Think of it like a new party. How is anyone going to know the party is going down if you don't tell anyone where and when? >If the event is annual, anyone who misses it is not going to be as upset, as they have the prospect of getting to do it again the following year, or the year after that. That being said, I have accumulated a list of ideas (Do's AND Do Not's AND Maybe's) for this event. Do's >Summer event >Same day >Annual >No tie in to real holiday >Give the event a Summer-related, consistent name >A badge would be nice Do Not's >Only do the event once >Change the timing of the event each year >Link the event to a real-life holiday >Limited release dragons, like Marrows or Rosebuds or Hollies Maybe's >A collection event, like with Easter eggs or Halloween treats. Ideally, something Summer themed. >A decoration event, like with Christmas Wreaths, Trees or Gingerbread Houses. Ideally, something Summer themed, like a Sandcastle. >PERMANENT dragon release, or multi-release. >A secondary yearly raffle, since the raffle has clearly become a staple of DC. PLEASE DO NOT DEBATE THIS AND LOSE TRACK OF THE POINT OF THIS THREAD. SHENANIGANS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. >More dragon dress ups would be adorable, but can only be requested nicely of the spriters through encouragement and praise >An idea for a singular, new event. Perhaps the new event could be a "Dragon Fair" wherein each user may click a badge, go through a town similar to the town used in this past Halloween's story. At this "Fair" could be several mini-games, and along with that, perhaps a corral or a show with several unreleased, new breeds of dragon. Each player can pick 1 or 2 of these dragons that they would like to see in-cave. Essentially, TJ could pick a wide range of new, possible dragons, but let popular opinion decide which ones are released shortly after. (In this case, TJ still retains a large portion of his picking power, but doesn't get the heat when people dislike a dragon he's chosen to release, because hey, majority rules.) >Some new ideas anyone? That would be most excellent. (Sorry for so much reading, and words jammed together.)