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  1. I want that scythe. Also seeing that cat thing reminds me of tails from Sonic
  2. With Halloween coming up, that means my birthday. Yays! Now! Dragons who will become zombies and pumpkin dragons, Come to ME!
  3. Im only 65 away. Yay?!? With me alreafdy having a pumpkin egg, i can focus on more important things, like zombie fodder
  4. I finally got an egg two hours ago. If anyone has a male pumpkin dragon called Skelington the pumpkin King, i have your child. http://-pctD.gif I currently have 24. How many are there?????????
  5. Im sorry to say that plan didnt work for me.
  6. Ok, why is it that i can't see my basket? I can go inside it, but i dont know the basket design.
  7. In the 3 hours ive spent stalking the AP, ive seen at least 50 pumpkin eggs. Ive missed all of them. WAHH!
  8. I am using Vista and there is no basket. all it says 2010 trick or treating Probably shoudlve clarified, but while ii can see my treats, i see no basket.
  9. How are people checking their own baskets? All it says for me is 2010 trick or treating
  10. Ok, not sure if this was alrady answered, but can u get CB Pumpkin dragons?