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  1. While I'm happy for the winners, I'm very sad because even though I didn't win, I have nothing worth trading for an awesome new egg.
  2. 1. Congrats! 2. As far as I know, your the 4th person to say the're a 3rd place winner. Yays! I've totaled 5 people total to admit or just say their happy news.
  3. That would be awesome, but probably more work for TJ
  4. I think that would make everyone's day. (And make them burn with Jealousy)
  5. I wanna see, how bad my was compared to everyone else. I mean, i already did, but i didnt vote probably anymore than 25 times. I was lazy.
  6. like I said, as far as i've read. Also I tend to skip lines .
  7. So as far as I've read, the only one's (who've said) with a 1st,2nd, or 3rd place are Aamaranthine(1st), MissK(3rd), FallenZephyr(3rd), Commander wymsy(3rd)
  8. Why do I have a fear that your box will soon get very full..... oh, and BIG CONGRATS!
  9. If that was true, i wouldve won. JK! JK!
  10. I wouldn't say never again. At least you tried, (I think). It was fun
  11. I'm sad that i didnt win, but I think it would be best not to see the winners name. Not that i don't want to, but I have a feeling, their messages inbox might fill up if they did. Congrats everyone!
  12. How will the winners receive their eggs?
  13. I put my hand on the money and say: "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend."
  14. About the ornaments. Are all the ornaments on my tree as of now the only ones i get today, or are there more that i would have to find?
  15. I dont think itd be impossible, but probably very unlikely tp occur.
  16. YES! Teleport and fertility FTW! And TJ09!
  17. probably a dumb question, but do zombies count towards amount of 4 hatchlings until scroll locked?
  18. The Halloween hatchlings kinda remind me of aquilamon from digimon, and i love digimon.
  19. Hey, we share the same b-day! and i know, terrible luck...
  20. DC hath no fury like there being new eggs but not catching one.
  21. Datrn, i was hoping to make a generation of zombie dorkfaces
  22. This is probably a dumb question, but can zombies breed
  23. Yes got a zombie. Its only a hatchling, but hey, theres always next year, or i could kill an adult. (Maybe my Dorkface....)