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  1. while the PMS would be annoying, its nice to know you have something they want. Making ur collection more awseome
  2. There were what? around 106 hollies in the beginning/ That ratios gonna change real fast!
  3. Thats a fair point. Unless we check everyone's scroll. And there's even a chance that the winners aren't even on the forums.
  4. Tell me about it. I really want to know. Back on topic, i wonder if all you contest winners will trade with each other first to get all three types of dragon
  5. They are sickness poof yes. It's okay.
  6. Of course, what'd you expect?
  7. Fist off, all the eggs are OMG! I love them. I so wish I had won! Oh well, Congratulations on your awesome eggs, and HM's, congrats on your CB beauty's. And remember: Share the new Dragon Joy!
  8. I was shocked by the news. He was always a writer whose books were full of spirit and innocence. If you don't know, his 22nd and last book, "The Rogue Crow", is to be released May 3rd 2011. I had a copy of Redwall and still have it, but I never got around to finishing all the books due to bad time management. He will be foerever missed.
  9. It's not that I can't have what I want, it's just that I was supposed to let go of all the young things like yugioh a long time ago. I just never could let go of loving the toys I grew up on.
  10. I have a bronze, still far from a silver
  11. My user name: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZGbm My real name: http://dragcave.net/progeny/X1K3 Those names though were made before i joined, but the fact that a dragon had my real name made me and because I have never met anybody with my real name. I'm also kinda freaked because the child of my real name is the name of a dragon from the book IceFire, which i love.
  12. I've never tried that before. Maybe I'll do this with my two sweetlings. The parents' names are awesome so that sounds like fun!
  13. I put other because unless its rare, i don't mind inbreeds, but i would never inbreed myself.
  14. I was at sleep away camp and I had a dream where my counselor woke up and was a blue zombie vampire and bit another counselor and they were coming after children. Nother dream I had was that me and my friends will chilling outside when zombies came after us. We were running up a hill and they threw me down the hill to knock down the zombies. I knocked some down and woke up. I didn't talk to my friends at all the next day.
  15. I'm psychic when I meet them in person. @linz, I also have great hearing do to my suckish sight.
  16. I am a psychic judge of character when I first meet a person. Can't always tell when they lie though. When I say psychic, i mean I can tell what type of person they really are.
  17. Love cheese ESPECIALLY GOUDA, but hate pepper jack
  18. What would the "other" option be?
  19. If downtime means a faster cave, no complaining from me. And anything that helps keep the site up works good in my opimion.
  20. I really wonder what "hardware installations" TJ means. Hmmmmm.......
  21. C'mon my eggies, stay alive for another 24 hours!
  22. I know I didn't win, yet every time I see the link, I click at least 5 times. Why? I have no idea....
  23. No word yet. Might be soon though, already been 3 days.
  24. I wish I had trading power! Pretty much everything I have is worthless for the 3 versions of dragon.