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  1. 21/53 3.5 hours left. Its safe to safe the pressures on! RAWR!
  2. Man I really need to get in the game! I only have 6!
  3. Thats just what I heard. That's too bad that you lose. It'd be funny to see how your NPC opponent would respond to a draw.
  4. If you mean using self-destruct or such, i heard the game crashes or something.
  5. Yay, i got my games last sunday, just in time for Victini! I picked Tepig, but now i kinda wish i didnt because i want a darmanitan and thats a fire type. I am kinda annoyed by having to hold B again to run. I liked not having to hold it! And a kinda random question, Does anyone know what happens if you were say battling an trainer in game and you use Explosion/Self-Destruct/ etc. on your last Pokemon and opponents pokemon? Neither trainer has Pokemon, what happens? Also, I find the graphics a little weird, they're not very smooth. Lastly, I guessing you've all seen Or something similar, l love these.
  6. Dang Rubyshoes pulling out the rules now! Well you gotta start off strong! Congrats all those new mods!
  7. Man I want the game so bad bt two things are stopping me. 1) High school pride 2) Money.
  8. I can only say Congrats to the mods! Thnks for the updates TJ
  9. I still cant get over its brightness!
  10. its so not my style that i love it. Cute and very bright.
  11. The adults are AMAZING!!!
  12. Permanent part of the cave.
  13. It makes sense if you dont think about it. I swear, the two tail egg reminds me of a dragon in the suggestion and requests. It's not but still.
  14. Your nicknaming has made me thinkof the doublw tails as ourobouros. I dont know why! are ther any more surprises besides the thrird dragon. Typing Epic Fail.
  15. Now that i think about it, no, because i coudnt grab a fifth egg with my bronze badge
  16. Wait, how do you know?
  17. I haven't visited Dragcave in a month cuz of studies, and man was i surprised to see new eggs. I had my suspicions cause of the St. Patty's day though. Maybe im physic. Or just really love this site.
  18. Personally, i wait until there are only at least only 4 days left then view bomb them. Sadly, i got my eggs late, so i need to wait 2 more days to hatch (I'm out of incubate). Technically, to have a red dragon with incubate everyday day, you need at least 70.
  19. Yup. Sorry buddy. Maybe next year
  20. The leetle tree sprites people had were changed to a tree with two birds on it. The leetle trees arent dropping now.
  21. The hatchlings kind of remind me of grown horse dragons, except pink, and cuter.
  22. The hatchlings are so cute! They look like baby pegasi