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  1. AS all you readers of the Inheritance cycle may know, the final book came out Nov. 8.

    I created this thread to hear your thoughts on the book and the series in general. I am sad to see the series end, but if you love something (especially with dragons) let it go. sad.gif

  2. Sigilyph with Magic Guard + Life Orb




    Air Slash

    Shadow Ball

    (Not Sure)


    I want to use for the pokemon tournament. It's doubles. Opinion on using him. I'm looking for the right flying.


    Advice on EV training?


  3. same type attack bonus.


    So if palkia used spacial rend, the attack power would be boosted because of the same type. (Spacial rend and palkia both dragon)


    If pikachu used iron tail, it would not receive the STAB

  4. Don't know what you mean by mean, it was very helpful! biggrin.gif


    I am contemplating between shadow claw and metal because a pyschic is usually in a team and shadow claw i high critical ratio, but metal claw can get ice, which can be murder. Decision decisions.


    Another question. With the poke transfer, can you also transfer TMs?


    I would get rid of drill run, so that brings up the question, does anyone have any suggestions for a flying type or decent pokemon with levitate. I don't think ill go with unfezant because in doesn't really know anything more thing flying and normal (i think).



  5. need advice please.

    First, I plan on using my drillbur->excedrill in the VGA tourny. opinion?


    First what should i ev train? I was considering on mostly attack and defense, or should i focus on defense/sp defense?


    Second, I was wondering if i should not evolve my drillbur until 43 because excedrill doesn't learn drill run until past lv 50. (55 to be exact.)


    Finally, I was wondering if this would work as a decent move set:




    Drill Run

    Rock Slide


    (Note: I always freshly breed my tournament pokemon for the right nature etc.)


    Any notes valued!

    Forgotto ask, how do you get gen 5 pokemon with Hidden abilities?

  6. does anyone have any suggestions if I should go with Sawk or Throh? Or any other fighting pokemon?

    Im thinking if i should just go with Throh and ev train for attack or defense and hp ev train with sawk.


    Other question, when can you leave two pokemon at the daycare for eggs?