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  1. Okay, then I'll ask for one smile.gif


    I would like a Dragon Dressup/Avatar/Signiture/Egg Sprite!

    Username; Loebok

    Dragon Species (For dragon dressup); Silver tinsel

    Explain what sort of thing you'd like; I'd like a silver tinsel on which it says "Loebok"

    Other; -/-

    Please tell me if anything is wrong



  2. To be honest, I'm hoping for a badge rather than new eggs... or at the very least, I'm hoping for a dragon egg as well as a dino egg. I don't like the look of the dinos, personally...


    But hey, more for the rest of you, right? wink.gif

    Well, I like Dinos. And I think it would be great if more of them release honestly biggrin.gif

  3. GIF number two:

    user posted image



    EDIT, this one's better for transparency

    user posted image



    Here's a better one without the disappearing eggies tongue.gif

    user posted image




    Actually this is the one that doesn't disappear

    user posted image


    Wow thank you DarkEternity biggrin.gif I'll take the last one into my sig xd.png

  4. My name was "invented" 4 years back when i was in grade 6. We had a Maths homework where we should mark several letters in a grid, when the angle and the type of angle fit (I know, it sounds a bit weird). Then the question was "Who invented the biro?". If all angles were correct, the result should've been Lazlo Biro. And a friend of mine got the result "Löbok Pirk". Because you can't choose Umlauts in most of the English sites, I am Loebok biggrin.gif


    *edit because of spelling mistakes

  5. Maybe TJ will extend the drop time for the eggs a day or so, due to the lag. it would be nice :>.

    I hope so too, I really want one but I can´t get even one! And I think the limit of this eggs has to be 1 for everyone or some people get all egs!