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  1. Okay, then I'll ask for one I would like a Dragon Dressup/Avatar/Signiture/Egg Sprite! Username; Loebok Dragon Species (For dragon dressup); Silver tinsel Explain what sort of thing you'd like; I'd like a silver tinsel on which it says "Loebok" Other; -/- Please tell me if anything is wrong Jellyfish
  2. Well, I like Dinos. And I think it would be great if more of them release honestly
  3. Wow thank you DarkEternity I'll take the last one into my sig
  4. Wow this is awesome. But could anybody explain this to me- I have to invite myself to get a register code? I don't wanna wait, I wanna collect all Dinos D:
  5. My first went to a random Person, the 2nd went to TJ (the Saurian one ), 3rd went to Winterstern and 4th to Viar
  6. My name was "invented" 4 years back when i was in grade 6. We had a Maths homework where we should mark several letters in a grid, when the angle and the type of angle fit (I know, it sounds a bit weird). Then the question was "Who invented the biro?". If all angles were correct, the result should've been Lazlo Biro. And a friend of mine got the result "Löbok Pirk". Because you can't choose Umlauts in most of the English sites, I am Loebok *edit because of spelling mistakes
  7. yay! Thank you, TJ! I can't wait to see the adults
  8. Great but unfortunatly I dind´t complete Haunted house
  9. Um I don´t have any of them yet. Can´t trade because I don´t have that good dragons :/
  10. Yes! I got my eggs! And happy birthday of course And also good joke TJ! Small event
  11. I have a question and hope it isn´t asked yet: Can I also choose a leetle tree as a honorable mention?
  12. Wow cool! I will join! I wanna win:) hehe
  13. Yay! It´s not like Halloween, I got one and now I will catch a second one! Thanks TJ! edit: Yay I caught my 2nd!
  14. Thanks for the information, TJ. I´m so excited what dragon It´ll be
  15. My first were a skywing, a daydream, a purple dorsal and a baloon.
  16. I hope so too, I really want one but I can´t get even one! And I think the limit of this eggs has to be 1 for everyone or some people get all egs!
  17. Can anyone help me to get one? Please please please. I can´t get it really!
  18. Arrggggg, I am trying for 3 hours now and haven´t got one yet
  19. Excuse my question but how can I breed pumkin dragons?