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  1. Wow this is awesome. But could anybody explain this to me- I have to invite myself to get a register code? I don't wanna wait, I wanna collect all Dinos D:
  2. My first went to a random Person, the 2nd went to TJ (the Saurian one ), 3rd went to Winterstern and 4th to Viar
  3. My name was "invented" 4 years back when i was in grade 6. We had a Maths homework where we should mark several letters in a grid, when the angle and the type of angle fit (I know, it sounds a bit weird). Then the question was "Who invented the biro?". If all angles were correct, the result should've been Lazlo Biro. And a friend of mine got the result "Löbok Pirk". Because you can't choose Umlauts in most of the English sites, I am Loebok *edit because of spelling mistakes
  4. yay! Thank you, TJ! I can't wait to see the adults
  5. Great but unfortunatly I dind´t complete Haunted house
  6. Um I don´t have any of them yet. Can´t trade because I don´t have that good dragons :/
  7. Yes! I got my eggs! And happy birthday of course And also good joke TJ! Small event
  8. I have a question and hope it isn´t asked yet: Can I also choose a leetle tree as a honorable mention?
  9. Wow cool! I will join! I wanna win:) hehe
  10. Yay! It´s not like Halloween, I got one and now I will catch a second one! Thanks TJ! edit: Yay I caught my 2nd!
  11. Thanks for the information, TJ. I´m so excited what dragon It´ll be
  12. My first were a skywing, a daydream, a purple dorsal and a baloon.
  13. I hope so too, I really want one but I can´t get even one! And I think the limit of this eggs has to be 1 for everyone or some people get all egs!
  14. Can anyone help me to get one? Please please please. I can´t get it really!
  15. Arrggggg, I am trying for 3 hours now and haven´t got one yet
  16. Excuse my question but how can I breed pumkin dragons?