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    This. I played this way to much lately. I made it to 8192 while still having a 4096 and a 2048. I know I played this way too much Proof:
  2. So if anyone if you is playing League on a server different than EUW try these skincodes, they should work for all servers except EUW WWUK32C4UGLN3K WWXYV3EPEWRQNG WW7UKZHCC2PHFJ RWTTJUNYFC6XME Good luck
  3. Congrats everyone! Didn't win in any of the 4 years Or did I? No honestly I didn't
  4. Wow catching those is way easier than I expected, my scroll is already locked And these look great!
  5. I want to participate! Scroll ID:Loebok Form of Contact:PM Forum ID:Loebok Have you Purposely killed any dragon eggs? Why?: Nope, non so far
  6. I caught a CB Mint coded "lanus" (looks like Ianus, a god from the roman mythologie) from the AP
  7. The dragon that influences can change his/her gender or can breed with same gender dragons. How can I use the teleport action?
  8. Maybe this is because they are breeding worse if they are new. When the GWs were new, all of mine refused something. And after 3-4 weeks it got better. maybe the same will happen to the turps... edit: I had the same with ridgewing. Everything else I tried worked. Just ridgewing didn't. Weird
  9. I bred one at one try Turp x Ballon = Turp egg I was kinda surprised about getting one from that honestly ...
  10. That was my guess, too. But I guess they will give turpentines most of the time, like tinsrl x Mint.
  11. Well, O'd say they are and I am a bad catcher But if you use the 5minute drops they're easy, but I always fail at the big ones...
  12. They're actually pretty easy to catch. I caught like 1only yesterday and gifted most of them
  13. Yesterday, I caught 12 turpentines ending up with gifting 4 and trading 2 of them. Every time I was unlocked I grabbed new ones