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  1. I've also encountered a very weird glitch. Yesterday I wanted to try a different hair color on my Avatar, but accidentally switched to the girl character. When I tried switching back, I just got an error message. I've searched for this on the internet and it seems you can't fix that in any way. Guess I'm a girl now haha
  2. There was an issue a couple of months back, where people's nicknames were changed without any explanation, by adding a 3 at the end of it. Maybe someone reported your username as offensive and Niantic somehow didn't check and made you change it?
  3. I finally hit level 40 today! Also I caught that shiny Ilumise I was looking for. Along with another 2 shiny marills from the Battle League thing
  4. Shiny Ilumise is something I am still looking for, I did get a shiny Feebas and Volbeat though! Also this morning I hatched my last egg from last event and it turned out to be a shiny flower crown pichu!
  5. I managed to catch a shiny flower crown Buneary from an incense this morning! Never thought I'd get ever get a shiny costume mon
  6. I also got the ticket for today's event and was insanely lucky while hunting for all the stuff that is required to finish the tasks. First, I got a shiny Nincada, then a shiny Totodile and last a shiny Sneasel (my 6th of those I believe). My Genesect turned out bad-ish in the end though, maybe it's going to be useful for Great League (which I doubt).
  7. So, from what I've read, German in-game news have said Alakazam's move on Sunday is going to be Counter. I really hope this is not true, Counter Alakazam would just be useless.
  8. From what I have heard, shiny Abra got released on accident at some Safari Zone event, was catchable at said event for a few hours and then got removed again. So there's very few people that actually own one. I personally am not too thrilled about an Abra C-Day.
  9. It took me 50ish to get my first shiny Minccino, while my friend I was with got one on his 2nd. However I also got shiny Zigzagoon, for some reason. Also this week I broke my record for my best distance on the Adventure Sync rewards, getting 125km
  10. I hatched 10 10km eggs with the 1/4 distance today and it was quite disappointing. Only decent ones were a Cranidos and Riolu, other than that I got 2 Feebas', 4 Shielgon, a Mawile and something I forgot. For Piplups I got a 96% one and a 98% Lucky from trading later, so at least I was kind of succesful in that regard.
  11. From what I've heard, they are indeed regionals, with Sawk being in Europe and Throh in the US (maybe both appear in additional places as well). From the new 'mons, I hatched a Trubbish today! And I collected 8 10km eggs, which I am all going to hatch on Sunday's community day.
  12. I have also been getting Snivy and Tepig exclusively from eggs. For Oshawott on the other hand I had a nest at my mom's on christmas, so now I have enough candy to get it's 3rd evolution, whatever it is called
  13. Merry Christmas y'all! Over the holidays I am at my mom's place, and I noticed the Pokestop for the playground in the park near the house is now in a different location (where it actually should be), which means I can reach it from inside the apartment! Also there's loads of pokemon here, this morning I had a crazy streak of luck catching 2 shiny Sneasel from my room lol I think I should visit my mom more often
  14. The new buddy system is indeed kind of weird. It seems to take forever leveling your buddy level after the first one. I have been out the last couple of days and had all of the heart thingies maxed, and you could barely see any progress towards the 2nd level. Also for the 2nd week in a row I caught shiny Zapdos for my 7 day research thing. And thank you all for the friend requests!
  15. A friend of mine got me to install the game again after 1.5 years and we went out to the city for today's event. I got pretty much every one of today's shinies and enough candy to evolve my really good mudkip Oh and also I need to add some friends for the missions that got added while I was gone, I literally only have one friend at the moment 😕 So if anyone wants to add me, my code is 1422 8288 7879 Thank you
  16. I need: to find someone whose name I forgot Hey, could you guys help me with finding someone? A couple of weeks ago I saw someone who was collecting orc codes when they whowed off their group in the "Dragon Codes" Thread. I just caught an egg for them but don't remember their name. I've already searched that thread but can't seem to find the post. Thanks for any help! Edit: Found them!
  17. I just bred two of my naughty codes to get this tipsy egg . Keeping this one for sure!
  18. I just traded for lAnus. It will be the perfect mate for lanus. The fact they're both CB mints makes it even better!
  19. I don't know if this is the right place to give eggs from odd coded parents away, but I just bred two of my favorites (which are honestly quite a good couple lol). Claim my eggs/hatchlings! If anyone wants it, enjoy!
  20. I have been a little late for the xx:05 drop but I saw one last glassy egg in the Volcano. Maybe this means they are dropping again?
  21. I got b2aze (the 2 even sorta looks like an l haha) and AS1Az in the last couple of days. I should really go code hunting more often, I am just always egglocked :/
  22. Loebok

    Trading Glitch?

    I had the same thing happening to me earlier when trading an egg of mine for a hatchling of someone else. In my case they simply had too many eggs so I could not accept. Maybe have a look at their scroll to see how many eggs they have
  23. Very nice The eggs and hatchlings look amazing! Also it seems i'm not the only one having trouble loading the game for today, is there any fix to it yet?
  24. Well good thing I am fail summoning since 2010....