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  1. The day before Gible CDay, I caught a wild Axew! I was at my friends place, trading pokemon to make room for the CDay and when we were done, the game showed me a silhouette just 200m down the road. We booked it over there and got it! Gible CDay itself was incredible. Weather was nice, we caught 5 Hundos, my friend even got a shundo! We both then got another hundo from trading (we traded all our 600ish gibles) and I hatched another hundo from an egg from the US last friday. That was only the 3rd hundo I ever hatched.
  2. From my friends, everyone except one has at least gotten their 2nd shiny Smeargle. I didn't get one so far, still have 15 tries tommorow. From what I've heard it's supposed to have a permaboosted shiny rate (1/64ish), but with only 60 tries over the course of the event, you can end up with multiple, or none. I did get not just one but two shiny Trubbish in the last event, which made me really happy.
  3. I'd argue Axew is a lot rarer than Noibat. I have caught around 15 Noibats so far, still waiting for my first Axew (80000 Pokemon caught&hatched&whatever total btw). What makes Noibat to ridiculous is that you need 400 candy to evolve the dang thing. On a sidenote, I finally got my hundo Meltan, after exactly 2700 Meltans checked! And it was the first time I didn't use the Mystery Box to grind for it, I just wanted the last 50k XP I needed to level up from it lol. I guess the game knew. This event I really want to get a shiny Trubbish, as Trubbish is sort of my favorite Pokemon.
  4. I played for most of the thing, and together with a friend collected all the reported Hundos in our city by bike. We ended with 5 Hundo Fletchlings (still looking for that shundo). Also I made 1.7 million XP from the catch XP bonus, and got enough XL candy to get one and a half Talonflame to level 50. I really liked this particular CDay, it was also a new shiny and I hadn't evolved a Talonflame before.
  5. There was also a Quest, that was doable until December 31 at some time, which unlocked when you reached 40. That one gave you some Gyarados hat for your avatar, an encounter with Deino and Archen as well a couple of incubators and green raid passes. Maybe that quest was already expired when she hit 40
  6. I have heard people say that this glitch happens, when you double tap the berries you feed the Pokemon. Haven't experienced it myself though
  7. I have about 300 candy for Fennekin already, the guy is pretty common around here. Chespin is a bit more rare, I am close to 100 candy for him. However Froakie I have seen a total of 2 times. As for the leveling up beyond 40, I'm in no rush. I easily got the 200 in a day the second day after the update (kinda wish I didn't complete it, so I could have a quick catch indicator of sorts), but I will go slowly on the Raids with only my free passes. Other than Go-Fest I don't spend money on the game, and with the rubbish that is currently in Raids I'd rather save the coins and premium passes I still have. The XP I have is just about enough for 44 anyway. I'm really digging the xp changes though. The other day I was on the bus for quite a while and made 500k XP in a single day from just excellent throws.
  8. This Lake Trio Global Raids thing is crazy, and I love it! Gotten Azelf and Mesprit already, now I only need that Uxie! I plan on doing 2 more Mesprits tommorow at Raid hour (which starts 23h after I post this). If you'd like to join in, shoot me a DM or let me know here. My Trainer Code is 1422 8288 7879
  9. I only managed to get one. But I met one of the local players, whom I was Lucky Friends with and traded for another Dialga. It came out as a 100%, yay!
  10. I also got shiny Kricketot! I usually never get the newest shinies when they release. Also I really wanted a Shiny Bow Smoochum. After about 140 completed Quests I managed to get one tonight, when I was about to give up.
  11. I got 15 or so shinies (of which I will probably transfer most of) and a Lucky Hundo from trading after
  12. I didn't even count how many shinies I got, I just played for an hour from home, and went outside for another hour quickcatching everything using a star piece. I think it was maybe 6 or so. IV wise I got another 98% from a quest (which was my 8th or so), as well as the best one for Ultra league PVP
  13. I saw a post on reddit yesterday, where a group hatched 200 Event eggs, and did not get a single Gible or Deino. Eggs have to be a trap at this point, all you get is the common event stuff, that's virtually everywhere anyway. About the Lake Trio not being released as shiny, I totally forgot about that. I am probably wrong and they will return as Raid bosses at some point. I can't imagine them restricting the invites regionally or something, I bet if they release all 3 as shinies at the same time and put them in Raids for maybe a week, they'll make a lot of that sweet $$$. Maybe do that after Covid, when distance passes will be more expensive even
  14. I personally think they wont return as Raid bosses ever. They are technically spawning in the wild in their specific regions, they are just absurdly rare.
  15. Alright, in case I'll see you online tomorrow I will invite you as well. Same goes for me, especially with Rayquaza being in raids at the moment.
  16. Do you want me to invite you a raid here? I'm sure I'll be doing another few tommorow, and since we're also Best Friends you should have enough balls also
  17. Yea, I do. I already had 3 shadow Beldum with TM'ed Frustration and similar IVs before this event. I know it was objectively stupid purifying it, I just wanted a regular hundo. There's no way I'm ever going to get all of these maxed anyways.
  18. I actually liked day 2 more than day 1. For day 2, you had good spawns all day, good raids and super quick and easy rocket battles. Two of the habitats on the first day did not interrest me at all (grass and water), and the friendship one was meh. I still really enjoyed it, regardless. Also what I got in the end was really good, I got quite a lot of shinies, which I was looking for, as well as some good IVs. For shinies I got Heatmor (which you usually can't get here), Durant x2 (which you can theoretically get here, I have seen like 2 Durants in the last 6 months), Unown O, Tangela, Gible, Dratini, Slakoth, Swablu, Clamperl, Croagunk, Qwillfish, Swoobat, Kyogre and Exeggcute. On the 2nd day, I also got a really good shadow Beldum which I decided to purify into a hundo. From raids I got 96% Dialga and No-leg Giratina. And lastly from trading I got a 98% Litwick and Togetic, as well as a 96% Gible.
  19. I actually found Reshiram pretty easy to catch. From the 9 I did I caught every single one, including a15-15-14 functional 100%. I've heard that it was a real pain for the first couple of Raids though, due to how far it was away. This was fixed before Reshiram was effectively released in Europe so I never got to experience it
  20. I have the same problem, but with not being able to change my gender which I changed without even wanting to do that. From what I've heard you can fix it for the clothing side of the glitch by just changing your hair color once, which you can change back afterwards
  21. I was out for maybe 3 hours and got 16 shinies or so... I stopped counting at some point. I got a pretty good one for great league as well. And afterwards I traded 100 seedots with a friend, we ended up getting 2 luckies from that which is our 2nd worst C-Day result in terms of that, just after Piplup.
  22. I also believe when I first read the news post that nothing was said about a shiny, just checked again and at least now it does
  23. So it seems next Community Day will be Seedot. I actually really like this. I've been looking for a good Seedot for Ultra League PVP for a while, and apparently Shiftry is also a beast in Great League, even though getting a good one for that would be a bit harder.
  24. I also got no hundo in the Snubbull thing, but I did get 5 shinies and 2 Anti-hundos (10-10-10 IV). Also I got a hundo Machop from the incense I was running for the research event, which I'll happily take over any hundo Snubbull. Also for the Galarian Wheezing, I don't think I've seen it in raids in a while, but it will return eventually
  25. It's a little irritating, sure, but in the end it doesn't really make a difference as I can play the game just fine. Also, we joke around it quite a bit too. Yesterday I was out with a friend and he said "Yea, let's do out trades now. Oh wait, some girl invited to me to trade, gotta trade with her first" :D It's just a really weird glitch.