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  1. -Halloween Closure- I am just going to close down the scroll-sitting service during the Halloween event. Halloween is a busy time for everyone, including our sitters (and since I can't seem to find them anyway...) We likely won't have the time to watch your scroll. Another thing, DO NOT ask us to catch for you. The answer is no, it violates the TOS. We'll (or I'll) be back around the second week of November. I'll also do an activity check on sitters and hire new ones if need be. Thank you! -Kaini
  2. ~~~UPDATE~~~ The sitters list has been totally erased, most sitters were not active at all. If you were on the sitters list and have now been removed, you can PM Kaini to ask to be added to the list again. Do not PM this account. The sitters now include Kaini, Mumzy, purplehaze, volcove, and Rockin' On. -Kaini
  3. Update Removed velvet_paw and DMsatoshi from Kaini's list -Kai
  4. Update~ Removed pintar5 from Kaini's list Removed Setsuko from purplehaze's list Added velvet_paw to Kaini's list Added DMsatoshi to Kaini's list Whew. -Kaini
  5. Update~ Removed Ludvig41 from Kaini's list. Added Pintar5 to Kaini's list. Added setsuko to purplehaze's list. -Kai
  6. Update~ Added Ludvig41 to Kaini's list -Kai
  7. Update Added Ocean_Sigh to Xbcdrt8741's list -Kaini
  8. Update~ Removed Annezor from Xbcdrt8741's list Added Ramroth to Kaini's list. -Kai
  9. Update~ Removed Lyricmaniac from Rockin' On's list Added Annezor to Xbcdrt8741's list. Cleared Kaini's list, since the scroll owners never got back to her and new eggs have appeared on both scrolls. -Kaini
  10. Update! Removed staubkoernchen from Kaini's list Added lundfamily5 and StarSea to Kaini's list Also a quick reminder for people to PLEASE check back in when they have returned, and tell me to remove you from the list. If you return without telling me, It can lead to a lot of confusion. -Kaini
  11. update~ Added Lyricmaniac to Rockin' On's list. -Kai
  12. Update~ Added staubkoernchen to Kaini's list -Kai
  13. Update~ Cleared the lists. All sitters are open -Kai
  14. Update~ Added Silverwing9 to Kaini's list Removed Thymaster from purplehaze's list -Kai
  15. Update~ Removed coltzen from purplehaze's list Removed StarSea from Kaini's list -Kai
  16. update~ Removed kaagia from purplehaze's list sorry about the delay. -Kaini
  17. Update to here~ Added kaagia and coltzen to purplehaze's list. Purplehaze is full. Removed Dismissed and Mystic_Solara from Kaini's list (Dismissed has a new egg and I assume they have returned, plus everything else grew up. Everything on Mystic_Solara's scroll grew up.) -Kai
  18. Update~ Xbcdrt8741 has been removed from Kaini's list Thymaster has been added to purplehaze's list -Kai
  19. Update~ Removed Dayaine and ArynChris from Kaini's list. Added Xbcdrt8741 to Kaini's list -Kai
  20. Update to here~ Added Dayaine, ArynChris, Mystic_Solara, and Dismissed to Kaini's list Kaini would rather not take on any more. -Kai
  21. Bump and update because I couldn't find this thread ANYWHERE. Had to go through this account's posts. -Cleared all lists- We're totally open. Sitter sound off - Is everyone still active? PM this account if you don't want to be removed as a sitter.
  22. Update. Added mpolo to purplehaze's list. -Kaini
  23. Update: Removed dreamgirl5 from Xbcdrt8741's list Removed dudeofthecountry14 from Rockin' On 's list. Added ThyMaster to Kaini's list. -Kai
  24. Update to here~ Added dudeofthecountry14 to Rockin' On's list Added dreamgirl5 to Xbcdrt8741's list -Kai