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  1. of course good luck everyone
  2. 3..2..1! STILL DINDN'T GROW UP
  3. completed it after one hour it was so much fun
  4. also need that one where is it?
  5. how do you free the dragons spirit?
  6. people i'm stuck how do you clear the debri, upstairs at the side of the hallway
  7. very nice idea hope it will be in DG soon
  8. i'm preparing for a holly this christmas so i thought what would be a normal offer for that so what is a normal offer for a holly like: 6 tinsels egg or 3 CB mettalic please leave your comment and your opinion about what a normal holly offer would be
  9. i think the gatherer from amnesia The gatherers me friends and i call him "Hans" causse think thats a funny name
  10. i'm now making a little farm village its great
  11. zorua and zoroark rocks!!! got them both and i like there ability
  12. really like it but ive someone doesn't pick it in 5 min why would they pick it ive its circulating??
  13. nickterv

    Squiby anyone?

    please click them in my signature there cute
  14. my dragons were never eaten by the datamonster (lucky me) but this is making me sick rare eggs and hatchlings and even dragons are stolen by that beast i don't like that
  15. it's awesome but i want more bosses
  16. Please increase it or isn't it even possible
  17. best game EVER i really like it. and i prefer the nether hahaha
  18. don't know the name anymore it was a game with mouses and cats and you need to help escape the mouses with putting them in rockets i played it on my birthday when i got a gba advance sp
  19. yay updates love the overpopulated - underpopulated thx TJ09
  20. i had a CB black with the code: 0XRuN traded it for a tinsel nickterv
  21. lol i forgot so many countries hahaha i'm actually from the Netherlands Land of the worst weather on the planet