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  1. o.O I'm not sure what you mean there, Gist. But it sounds pretty cool for the Shadow Alliance! Okay, back to chasing down my characters...
  2. WHAAAAAT. *LadyN scrambles onto the scene, Yuaki in one hand and Aketsu in the other, Jahanshah hanging from her mouth by his cape--him being the shortest) Okay you three get to work organizing this thread for LL!!! We must find all the info she has requested! Happening now! Aketsu, you're quick at sending messages... get going! Edit: Tooooook us long enough, but we finished writing the Guides we had forgotten. Thank you Silver for that huge headstart on Ice! On it's way! Yuaki, I know you're keeping lists... so get one made for LL! Edit: Done! Reminding now! Jahanshah... uh, remind me who has done that? Edit: I has been reminded. All is done as you asked in these next few posts, LoveLost.~ Hopefully I didn't miss anything there. Edit Edit: Nyaaaah!
  3. It's a good enough list for me. but I ought to get going on homework and such so I have this week free.~ Ciao for now, friends.
  4. Heheh. Ayame, Leith, Zepheena and that one beast guy... all from the Light Alliance. They are the ones that died. Did Aamina have a color? I think Betzalel was something reddish... Also, I don't remember if Renzo had a color, but he's not there. Still, very cool list there.
  5. That is awesome, Lach! Although I'll have you know, when Jahanshah's going dark-style (talking with, through, or using Daedureth), his text is darkred. And poor Leith is dead. I don't think Akira is an active character anymore either. There's a color page? o.O I should have known that but... now I wants it.
  6. Indeed, I do think we should all be very careful. If all else fails, specific characters can go on hiatus. As long as not everyone's trying to grab attention at once, things should go alright. That's why it's great that there are two groups, Light and Shadow, instead of just one giant mass of characters. Once we get into the swing of the RP, it will become apparent very quickly what's going to happen with so many characters. With clear communication, we can avoid things falling apart. The thing is, this roleplay is so beloved, I can't see it dying any time soon. ^^ Edit: And even though yes, I'm obviously making another character, I am NOT going to introduce him right away. Not until I am fully settled and started with Asashi, Yuaki and Jahanshah.
  7. Too many? It depends on how they are handled. I've been in an RP where multiple people had five characters, including me. The point was to keep interactions well-refined and uncomplicated, yet deep. I color-code text for simplicity. I tend to focus on two characters at once, and let the others work on the side. I might have two characters engaged in conversations while the other three keep watch, cook, sleep, or do something else mundane until someone interacts with them. During battles it can get messy. That is where things get most confusing and have to be most carefully handled. But so long as these new character get introduced thoroughly and clearly, I think it won't be a problem. The most important thing, and the thing that happened well in HtM (the other RP I was in), was that we got a solid base of characters before we all started going multiple characters. That way, if for some reason another character didn't work out, things kept running because our base characters were still functioning and well known.~ We have a good base here, so I'm not too worried.
  8. *joins in squeeeeeling* *ends up coughing and wheezing* Silver, you make me laugh. <3 But yes, Gear is the archer of the group. There's still plenty of room for Julian to be completely unique to both Jahanshah and Gear. Teheheh...... Edit: Lach, if you were to kill Naomi, I think my heart would die twice. She's so sweet, the sweetest character in the entire RP. o.O Just sayin, t'would be a cruel thing to do.
  9. No worries. I gots this. Gear is also a Metal Elementian. Did I get him and Julian mixed up? o.O possibly. And who says I'm poking the injured creature? Hmmmmm.... *suspiciousgrin*
  10. Nooo don't make Celeste die! Not yet anyway. First, I... have plans for her. >.> Kind of. Maybe. maybe.... @Lach: YES. Let your sister see this post and know; we fully support any efforts she would put into making this into a comic! At least part of it. <3 LL will live; none of what we're posting will decide the fate of the universe. Now if every post was a character idea or new elemental ability or something... then it'd just be work for me organizing a list of important posts for her (but I love doing that anyway). Edit: Timeskip is almost a year! I think ten or eleven months.
  11. Now then, Jahanshah might be able to do more with his metal, but that doesn't necessarily make him better. After all, he will never be able to use metal for archery. He can't do projectiles, except for his random metal rain. He is short-range. The same can be said between Blaise and Tractus. After all, Tractus has that blood-boiling thing and I think Silver removed the teleportation ability from Blaise, making Tractus the only one with that ability. Tractus and Blaise are different, not necessarily one better than the other.~ But "battles will come and go, and that is when it will be decided who lives and who dies." Edit: In short; I believe it's mostly situational. :3
  12. Maybe impossible, but a fun dream IMHO. Honestly, when I'm writing and when I read posts here, I usually picture it that way. Especially during battle and death scenes.
  13. Gist! Grr. that is the best and WORST part of all roleplaying, when you really like someone else's character and your character really likes them, and then they die. Cruelty I say, cruelty! And a very good way to develop other characters. >.> Edit: And this better not mean you're planning to have Celeste die O.O
  14. @Gist: I would LOVE to spin arcs for years to come. I would love to see this turned into a graphic novel, or just a novel. Something animated would be doubly cool. And you're welcome; I hope everything I said is accurate and makes sense.~ @Silver: Aspiring to write for BBC, eh? Very cool. ^^ As an aspiring editor/manual writer/plant caretaker... no wait, none of that has anything to do with characters living or dying (well, except maybe Isis and Naomi... I love plants!). Whatever the case, I just admire each character and the effort put into them. Seeing one die is like saying bye-bye to all that effort, all that character development and everything that character brought to the team. In some cases, if you really get into the roleplay, it's like losing an acquaintance or having to comfort someone who lost someone (as we write of our character's emotional responses). Of course, it's up to the person who made the character, and as stated earlier SOMEONE always dies... but still. :3 I'm weird like that.
  15. Heheh. I love both sides. I don't want anyone to die. But someone's gotta die, or everyone will die. I really do wonder how this is going to end. <3 If it ever ends.
  16. And Fire has no good guys. :3 It is the ultimate BAD element. Light might soon have one more user... >.> But weather is quite unpopulated.~ Noe stand alone in that regard. Edit: I looked over Celeste and Tractus just now. For Tractus, you have plenty of weaknesses for his strengths I think; you say that bending reaction time takes a lot of energy, the warp of space can only be traveled by Space Elementians, and the blood boiling doesn't kill; just causes pain and disorientation. I think the Magnetic Distortion, so long as you don't power-play it, seems like it can fit the category of Space Elementian. He's just a different type than, say, Blaise. With Space, you have a wide variety of choices. So if LL thinks he's fine, so do I. :3 After all, the characters have grown a year. As for Celeste, her 'Matter Shift' will now have to exclude making ice. But I think making hot steam is just fine. Besides that, she's not overpowered at all, quite well balanced and you could probably even add a new ability or two for her with this extra year of training she's had.
  17. Either way is fine with me Silver. If you want a different picture, that's just fine. Just know that I won't be bothered if you keep that picture. I think we have twelve Light right now and thirteen Shadow. However, remember that little Naomi is considered a 'Shadow' but she's not exactly the attacking type. So power is pretty equal in each side; after all, the Light Alliance has TWO Legendaries.
  18. Hiya Gist!! Can't wait to see them updated profiles! Fire Elementian? Comment: HAHA! That'll make FOUR bad boys (or maybe three bad boys and a bad girl) as far as Fire goes. So it's up to you, really. It's not a bad idea if you ask me. Gives the Shadow more Firepower. Fire. Power. <3 Edit: Actually, depending on what I decide fairly soon, that might make four bad boys and one kind-of-bad boy. Celeste will get along well with him.
  19. Nah, you don't have to change it! After all, the eye colors are different... they'll just be similar looking. I actually have no idea where he's from...
  20. Eek, sorry about your laptop. I've had the self-destruction happen to mine before, NOT fun. Silver... that picture... You got my PM; Similarities, yes? Heheh. Should be fun! Can't wait to see his profile.~
  21. I admire you for writing it by hand. Something I probably wouldn't do. The only things my hands do in regard to characters are attempt to draw them, usually ending up in a fail mess. Happy weekend! Spring Break started for me too, so soon I shall be headed home. <3 Do you have a picture for Julian?
  22. Thanks LL! That helps a lot. I actually had more guides written up but will edit them according to your specifications there. And if you see anything on the current Guides you want edited, just tell me. As for metal's legendary... that is a hard one. I'd say the person would just be so very in-tune with metal, they could literally do almost anything possible with it; speed up its molecules to make it hot, slow them down to make it freezing, sense magnetic pulls for miles, maybe slightly control the metals in the human body to cause pain... something like that. @Blue: yep yep! Grown indeed.
  23. You're here!!!! I has the NC ready. . LL, an update of what you might have missed: Loren's Updated Profile Lach's Updated Character Sheets Silver's Updated Characters. Right below that post is Lach's awesome suggestions for new pictures for the general Elementians. General list of who's who and where they stand. Note that Kai's Profile in Rak's document has been updated to include Lightning Abilities... and some info regarding him and Noe. Silver's New Character Blaise DragonPelt's Updated Skylar Tentative Metal Guide and a Guide to Guides. Tentative Wind Guide. Two posts down is the Tentative Space Guide. That's it! The rest of the time... we're all just being excited. <3 And yes everyone, I has Water Guide. I'll post it in a second. <3 I just want to say Hi to LL for now. We await you Sunday. And I'm on Spring Break now!!! Edit: Here's the Water Guide! As LL stated, water cannot be made into Ice by a Water Elementian. Likewise, Ice Elementians cannot melt their Ice into Water. But, as Ice Elementians can freeze water, so Water Elementians can un-freeze Ice. Honestly, if a Water got into a fight with an Ice, they'd kind of be fighting eternally. It would be a sight to behold. Anyway... Water Elementians 3 out of 10 taken Water Elementians are from the underwater city of Triton. The city is made of walls that are translucent and they have their own technology that allows them to build small machines that make it so that they can breathe under water. Beginner Water Control - Putting out a fire with water is pretty much beginner control. The ability to move small amounts of water in whatever direction desired for short distances at a slow pace. Apprentice Water Control - The ability to form water into whatever shape wished as well as the ability to pull water from surrounding areas such as, underground, the air, and plants. - The ability to form water into a single weapon and barely move it coherently. - Beginning to be able to separate large masses of water into individual strands and controlling them, like small whips. -Ability to control already moving water/waves, making it bulge in areas and shift direction temporarily. Tertiary Water Control -Ability to make waves ten times larger than they are and control water movement in a body of water. -Ability to pressurize small to medium areas of water into compact water, making it hard and dangerous on impact. -The ability to form water into a weapon of sorts and use it in a basic attacking maneuver. Many water elementians are able to hold this for at least two minutes before having to release the water, or change weapons. -The ability to breathe underwater Journeyman Water Control - Water as a sharp knife or long whip-like weapon. More permanent formation of blunt weapons; ‘solid’ water lasts longer without concentration. - Entire bodies of water can be controlled in a mass; with effort they can be shaped/pressurized. -Large hurricanes and other such water phenomena can be created—or stopped. Mastery and/or Specialization - Ability to control water in a human body in a puppet-like way. Could also make them puke by upsetting water in stomach area. -Ability to view things a far distance off by using water near them. - Ability to take the tiny molecules of water out of the air or plants in any area and use it as regular water, and the ability to combine hydrogen and oxygen to make more water. -Ability to hear the “Song of the Waves”, a hard to explain phenomena that allows the listener to read and understand emotions for a day, heal wounds with water or calm/restore the minds of allies (user must be in a general state of peace to do this).
  24. Heheh. Looks like most people cleared out for the night. I ought to go soon too. What're your three favorite elements would you say, Lach?
  25. *looks high* *looks low* *looks left* *looks right* I dun see a LoveLost anywhere. ~_o We still await your arrival, o great leader! And I can summarize everything we spoke of when she arrives.