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  1. ~Yuaki~ As she expected, Lucius wasn't too happy to hear about the Space Elementians. She couldn't blame him, of course; if she was new to Sola she'd probably avoid them too. She looked him over as he answered her question. He hadn't worked a forge. Yeah, clean hands... but he looks like he could work one with some training. Then again, the Guardians of Peace are probably going to be sent out soon. Oh, that could be a problem. He probably doesn't even know who they are, much less what they do. And when they leave I'm going with them. I wonder... “I do have another question you can answer as we go...” Yuaki blinked back to the present. “What should I do to look friendly? I thought I already was being friendly.” She motioned for him to follow as she exited the alley. "Smiling is a start, but you also have to look like you belong here. Try to look... I dunno, more relaxed? When you need to make small talk, talk about the beauty of Sola. Act happy to be here, like you've been dreaming of being here. Well, I mean, don't be weirdly happy." She glanced back at him again with a curious smile. "You just don't seem... natural? Hmm. It's probably just me. It's been a long time since I've run into one of your kind, and you all just strike me as such negative people. Even when you smile, you either seem angry or sad or guilty. Reminds me of my mum." Just then they were within earshot of Isis, and Yuaki didn't wait for a reply from Lucius. Instead she enthusiastically waved to Isis. He was a nice guy, nice to everyone despite what he had gone through. Yuaki couldn't relate to him very well, but maybe that was why she appreciated him. He was gentle and humble, respectful and thoughtful, not overly-complicated and not above common work. The last part she could relate to, and perhaps it was what she appreciated about him; he reminded her of Eirikr. "Hiya Isis! Sorry I'm late, I ran into an old friend and stopped to talk." She handed the basket to Isis. "Two loaves of the palace cook's newest recipe, three bags of sesame seeds, a jar of sugar, a pound of fine flour and one large pouch of ground cinnamon. Hope that's everything you needed! Oh, and some fine wine as a gift to our favorite baker." She indicated Lucius. "This is Lucius. He's a traveler I met before coming here to Sola. Lucius, this is Isis. He fought alongside me and other Guardians last year against the army of Whisper."
  2. Yes. Sola: Lucius and Yuaki are close to the bakery. Isis is in the bakery. Aketsu and Isa are in Aketsu's room, considering going to the bakery. Noe and Kai are off in the woods somewhere looking at nature. Blaise and Luna are outside the garden in the Sola palace. I'm sure I missed someone... Maybe Jahanshah will come personally... once he gets all his work in order. But he'd kind of need some incentive to go their early. He wants to go bring Naomi and Celeste back and show them Whisper (Celeste has already seen it of course), but until Lach comes back he probably won't head that direction.
  3. Okay. Jahan will make sure Aamina doesn't drag her back right this moment. ^^ Poor Celeste, she's already gone through a lot of drama in her life. Then again, so have lots of these characters...
  4. Heheh! Dun worry, it'll take Aketsu/Isa time to get headed in that direction and they're in no hurry. Although, Yuaki would eat all the bread in the bakery if she could. She loves baked goods. Speaking of which, I'll get Yuaki's post up.~ @Gist: awww poor Celeste! Well Jahanshah has remembered her, so she shall be rejoining the team. ^^
  5. Lord Jahanshah Jahanshah listened closely to what the Queen said. Two legendaries. Supposedly Jahanshah himself was now officially considered Legendary, although he knew he had much to learn still. He smirked at the thought of Betzalel being indecisive. Yes, he remembered that being a trait in the old man. For almost a year Jahanshah had viewed Betzalel sort of as a father-figure, but the dragon seemed busy these days and was seldom able to chat. Jahanshah was especially happy that Queen Zillah had agreed that Naomi should be in better conditions. After all, she had helped the team quite a bit and with no immediate reward to herself. When Jahan had asked her about it, she had been really quiet... but had said something about Sola's unfair treatment of Shadow Elementians. Good enough for him. He nodded when Queen Zillah explained the Griffins. He wasn't too fond of the creatures himself, but had read what he could about them and would have liked to meet this young Griffin Noe. He listened closely when the Queen spoke about the tenseness brewing between Cumulus and Terra. He hadn't considered what she brought up about it--the chance of both of them falling to the shadows--and he realized for the first time that maybe war wasn't the best idea in that case. He decided to mull over it more later. If anything, he decided he'd rather have Cumulus on their side due to its more strategic position. “How have you been? You have considerably grown since you have allowed yourself to dress in human clothes and stayed out in the sun to train. Definitely into a good looking young man, don’t you think?” Jahanshah shifted uncomfortably, glancing at Aamina quickly before making sure not to meet her eyes and instead regaining his composure facing the Queen. His looks had never been his favorite subject--when young he knew everyone had thought he was adorable, although none would dare say it to his or his parents' face. Now that he was growing he had noticed that he was getting more attention from the young female nobility. But he was far too busy to be interested in anyone... and he really had no idea how one was to go about being 'interested' in someone anyway. That kind of relationship was as foreign to him as a normal family relationship. “How are you stepping in to your roles as Prince?” Now this one he could answer. Jahanshah smiled. "You and Aamina make it far too easy, my Queen... mother. I keep the people rallied, keep learning and keep training; I watch over the elementians under my direct command and occasionally check in with the ones under your command; I learn, I absorb, I re-direct. That's all I have to do." It was a compliment certainly, but there was an underlying sense of unrest that Jahanshah was doomed to hold on to for years; the unrest of not being ready. It would never happen, he knew, but what if suddenly the queen was to disappear and Aamina along with her? There were the beast-men, yes, and they were quite wise, but Jahanshah knew that he was not ready to lead. He hated not being ready, hated that everything took time to learn. He was only fifteen, but all his life he had been taught he should always be ready... "I'm also glad Lord Barzilai and Lady Vanna have been raising a new heir for Metallum. The child Vladaar shows little if any potential for using metal, but surely the bloodline runs strong in him somewhere. After all, neither the Lord nor the Lady can use metal." Jahanshah seldom got to see his baby brother, as Metallum was literally on the other side of the continent. He really had no desire to see Vladaar anyway. "Ah, but there is one thing." He looked over at Aamina. "Since we are bringing the team back together, I'd like it if you could also check on Celeste and see if she's ready to return here to Whisper. I don't like having her so far away in Cumulus; she's not native to there, and although I've heard Naomi is being kind to her, if Sola's little group of peace-makers come across her or if any of Sola's soldiers do, they'll surely try to recruit her due to her experience and Water element. I don't see that going over well." ~ -M-y-t-h-y-r ~ Besides wincing when V called Jahan and Aamina 'pets', Mythyr only grinned as V updated him on the recent happenings and the Queen's plans. He was glad that V was so willing to update Julian on everything that would be happening before they left as well, because Mythyr didn't have that much of an idea of what was going on. That didn't bother him though; he figured he'd learn as he had to, and life would go on. “Do either of you want anything to eat?” Immediately delight overtook Mythyr's regular smile. "You mean from the bakery, right? I love the bakery! They're always so generous there, like most old people are. Julian, you have to try the--" “Ah! Viara!" An older woman interrupted Mythyr's excited chatter. Mythyr recognized her immediately and waved gratefully. Although Mythyr enjoyed learning new things, baking was one thing he never, never participated in. He couldn't stand working water through dough. Even looking at it made him feel sick, so he always left that to those who loved it. Mythyr watched with a rumbling stomach as V lit the fire up using her light. Mythyr was able to cause heat with his light, but had never perfected causing fire from his light. Not that he had to; he had fire, after all. Suddenly Mythyr found a sourdough sweet-bun in his hands. "Thank you!" He exclaimed to the old lady. He kissed her on the cheek quickly before turning and biting into his sourdough. "These are amazing," he said with a mouthful. "Boy did I ever miss Whisper. I remember the first time I tried one of these, I didn't know it was supposed to have a filling--I almost spit it out, because I thought it was raw!" He turned to Julian with a big smile. "You're gonna love it here. Too bad we'll only be here a few days or weeks before we hit the road again. But I am excited to meet the team we'll be with. Imagine, a whole group of elementians! I don't think any of them don't have at least one element. I've never been with more than two other elementians at a time, except... well, nevermind. But imagine all the stories they'll have to tell! I bet I'll have a dozen new songs written by the time this adventure is over." ~Aketsu~ Aketsu immediately felt bad for asking. He had so quickly forgotten that he wasn't going to ask about it. As tears came to Isa's eyes, he gently took her hand. “I told him everything Aketsu and he just wont listen. If I can’t turn him, then all of the other cities will follow in his footsteps.” Aketsu nodded sadly; King Aslano was a war-hero, a great leader. Everyone would follow his decision once it was made. Even Aero would base their final decision on his. “What’s going on in your neck of the woods?” Good news, start and finish with good news. And there was good news, just not great news. "Well," he said with a smile, "my brothers are finally getting the hang of being mature during council meetings." He chuckled at the thought; his family, although large, was all permitted to sit at the council of New Aero. In fact, they made up the majority of the council with a few elders, three young and learning nobles, and the only remaining elder Wind Elementian. The meetings were sometimes rather fun to attend, as Aketsu's youngest brother was a brilliant little whip who could barely concentrate for more than ten seconds. Someday, Aketsu knew he'd be a great leader of sorts. "The council today..." his smile faded, "decided to go with whatever King Aslano says considering the war and Shadow Elementians. I tried speaking with Kurago about it, but there's no way he'd go against what King Aslano wants especially after the split of Aero." Kurago was Aketsu's oldest brother. Although a gentle man, he had solid opinions that sometimes differed with Aketsu's. "But on a better note, Aero is not raising any sort of troops. We were able to peacefully speak with their council last week, and they said that they split because their support lies with the shadow queen. If it comes to an all-out war they will support her armies with supplies and a place to stay... but we have our inside sources there. Our council is better organized than theirs, and so far they have enough unrest in the city that no soldier of the shadow alliance can walk in the open streets without worry of losing his head. Yet," and he lowered his voice a bit, "I think that shadow refugees that do not wish to fight are able to go there and avoid persecution." He paused a moment, then yawned. What a day. "Well. Whatever happens..." he took both of Isa's hands and caused a lovely breeze to blow through the window. To his pleasant surprise, it had the scent of freshly-baked bread. "We always, always have each other." Sometimes I wish we could just run away from it all. Do you think they would stop and look for us, Isa? Do you think maybe they would change their mind about things? Are we that important, or would they really think we'd return? Because if we left this place, if we could make it to the Three Sisters Islands by ourselves, I'd never return. The scent of bread remained. "Hey. Let's go out to the bakery, forget about politics for a day. We can change into something more comfortable and walk around--it's a beautiful day. I'll buy you your favorite," he said with a wink.
  6. ~Yuaki Xa~ Yuaki watched Lucius' expressions change. He was a strange one, strange indeed. He definitely wasn't going to trust her and he seemed almost like the type that always had something up his sleeve, but she didn't mind so much. After all, no one was innocent. The suspicion on his face when she mentioned that he didn't recognize her made her smile all the more. Did he catch it? Nah, he missed it, but he thought maybe he should have caught something. His face changed yet again when she showed him her Triton symbol. He didn't seem very unhappy, which made Yuaki a bit uneasy, but it wasn't like she'd ever have to tell on him. By his reaction when she mentioned her servant status, she guessed that he had no idea she was a servant before she told him. So he really is completely new to Sola. This guy's got guts. He must have some great ideas of how to escape this place, or he really has no idea how guarded Sola is. He accepted her friendship (well, he had originally been the one to suggest it, perhaps only in defense though) and answered her questions. A guy with guts, fair with words and probably good with his element, unaware of the strings Yuaki could pull against or for him. But why pull strings at all? Honesty without questions is honesty perfected. “If it turns bad, I'm a rather elusive person, unless they have something to detect my power or block it? That would be very good to know... If you have any good advise it would also be welcomed so I don't blunder and get hunted. After this we really should move back to the bakery before anyone sees us in this dark alley.” Yuaki frowned thoughtfully. Blaise, she suddenly remembered. "Well... I've lived here for years and been fine. Oh, but now we have Blaise, and Luna's getting stronger and Tractus is spending more time here too." She looked thoughtfully at Lucius. "Yup, three Space Elementians, one known as Legendary. I dunno about Tractus, but I know Luna catches peoples thoughts randomly and Blaise is pretty adept at reading minds. But they only read surface thoughts, I think. I mean, I've been around Luna for years and... well, I'm still here. As for advice?" Her smile returned. "Try looking a bit more friendly and don't constantly search for escapes. If you want to be a servant, you have to act the part of someone wanting to be a servant. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to get stuck serving tea; I work in the forge most days. If you know anything about how to swing a sword or how to work a forge, I can get you in there. The blacksmith's pretty nice." Yuaki picked up the basket once again, checking to make sure everything was still there. Then she looked at Lucius, noticing he still had the wine. "Alright, I suppose we can leave this deep dark alley before someone sees us all alone together here." As she passed by him she winked. Then, at the entrance to the alley, she turned halfway towards him. Her expression was serious, as though the last words she spoke had never even been thought. "Any last questions before we go see Isis?"
  7. Posting and going to bed. ^^ We need gist and lach. :3 How're the profiles going gist? Edit: OMGOSH YES LL> FREEFORM IT IS. it'll just be a place to chill and wait and be kidz again!!
  8. Hmm, I don't have time for much but I'll get up one person and edit or post again tomorrow. ^^ Heheheh. You see what I mean about Yuaki?
  9. I shall be around a bit after five thirty! That's two hours from now, my time. I'll pop on the chat channel then too.
  10. ~Yuaki~ Yuaki crossed her arms during the stranger's silence and bit her lower lip at his first words. Here goes nothing, she thought grimly. The can of worms had been opened; now it was time to deal with it. “My name is Lucius Issen and I really am traveling. Thought I'd see how it is on the other side. Now I think I've been rather cooperative with you here, but if you plan on selling me out I won't stay this nice. I didn't come here to sabotage anything, but I will if you force me to.” Yuaki tried to avoid smirking. Now she understood better; he was Shadow, and he really didn't want to be found out. She had that on him, and he wanted to use it as a double-jeopardy token. Of course, she definitely had the advantage there. But he didn't know that. Oh, how complicated it could become! On a side-note, she thought his name was rather neat. “I still don't know your name miss blue hair, ain't it supposed to be rather rude to ask without giving it first? Maybe you could help me get to know this place better? Who knows maybe I will end up as a friend rather than a threat?” All of a sudden Yuaki giggled. "Miss blue hair? That's a new one." So he wasn't a spy. He wasn't a spy! He really was just a traveler. Either bold or naive, but a traveler nonetheless. She smiled brightly and glanced around to make sure they still weren't being watched. "I'm Yuaki. Yuaki Xa." There was a short pause. "Obviously you don't recognize me, but I guess I wouldn't expect you to. I don't think we've met. As for my manners, I'd point out that it's you who's invading my life, but it doesn't bother me that much now. And..." For the first time in a long time, she found herself feeling a connection of sorts with a total stranger-- "I'd like it if we could be friends. Maybe. But first I need to make some things clear." She took a step towards him, a serious expression on her face. "First, I don't plan to sell you out, so stop worrying. I think what Sola's doing to Shadow Elementians is awful. In case you don't know, you can be arrested anywhere on Light Alliance territory for even being suspected of helping a Shadow-Alliance Elementian, whether or not you are one. If you are one, you can expect execution or a lifetime in prison. So if you do anything stupid, I barely know you." With the most serious part of the conversation over, she smiled again. "Second, I really don't think anyone would believe you if you told them that I'm... well, you know." She lifted her skirt slightly and pointed at the back of her knee, where the symbol of waves was. "I'm obviously from Triton and probably could use water as my element if I really, really tried." She turned to face him squarely again. "Third and finally... you're pretty brave, coming in here. But if you're not careful, you'll get in a lot of trouble; the guards won't forever believe you're just from the Observatory, you just don't talk like those star-chasers." She paused a moment thoughtfully. "So to avoid suspicion, you should hang out with me. I dunno if you noticed by my dress, but I'm a servant in the Sola Palace, in good standing... with no element, of course. I'd love to show you around some time. Or you could run away right now and pretend you never met me, but... you seem bolder than that. Am I right?" Yuaki kept a cool-and-calm exterior, but inside she was rather excited and hoped Lucius would stay. A real Shadow Elementian right in front of her, and not a bad-tempered one like she always heard they were. She had billions of questions for him--especially about Whisper! Yuaki had never been there of course, and wondered if the horrid rumors of her 'mother-land' were true.
  11. ~Yuaki~ How could I be so stupid? How could I not notice before? “Do you have something else you wanted to say? If not should we not get going to the said bakery? I'm sure this delivery is important to the other person.” Why is he here? Why would they send him? Who would send him? No one did. He obviously has no idea who I am, but I don't know him either. Duh; I don't know any other shadow elementians. Has he been sent to ruin everything? An assassin? No, he wouldn't have let himself be discovered. A spy? That would be silly. He's too obvious. Could he really just be a traveler? There isn't much he could ruin at this point, unless he told everyone... Yuaki gave the stranger a small smile and walked back to retrieve the basket she had set next to the tree when getting the wine for him. "You talk funny," she said as she picked it up. Then she walked past him. "This way. It's right in the middle of town." She walked at such an angle that she could see him but still lead him to the Bakery. As they entered the open town she should have felt more comfortable with the presence of people, but she felt more tense as though walking with him would get them both discovered. Yes, she knew it; he was a Shadow Elementian. Did he know it of her? She didn't look Shadow, but she hadn't been able to hold back the shadows very well either. He was good, good at hiding things. So was she, but she had been here for years. He was new. At least, new to Sola. So, a spy? Too obvious... the cycle of thinking continued. When the bakery was in sight in the distance, Yuaki saw Isis waiting outside. Suddenly she didn't feel ready. If the man following her was someone sent to thwart her either to Sola or Whisper, she had to know. She had lived peacefully in Sola for three years. She was not ready for all of that to be lost, especially since the Guardians of Peace were about to take off again. She wasn't going to miss that, she had to be with them. So Yuaki quickly and suddenly moved behind a town building, out of sight of the streets and people. She expected the stranger to follow. Oh, that's right; she didn't even have his name. Assuming he follows, she glanced around quickly before saying, "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" Not wanting another smart answer she quickly put in, "Don't you have any idea how wanted your kind is?"
  12. Ah man, horrible days are horrible. I hope the movie helped! I'm only up this late because my body decided to not settle well back into college, so here I am after two hours of fitful half-sleep. But I feel way worse for you LL. o.o Take your time! @Skarx: The epic moment shall happen now.
  13. I gots it; they should all three meet at once! They're all so different in personality, it's kind of funny
  14. ~Yuaki~ “I would love to introduce your unseeing eye to this wonderful wall, but what made it so special has ran away with your arrival. It ran quite fast too. Doubt we'd catch it even if we wanted to.” "Uh-huh," Yuaki said skeptically, gazing in the direction the young man had looked. There was nothing there, she was sure of it. Or was there? No matter. If there was, it couldn't have been important. Very few things were important to Yuaki, and she was keeping them all in check currently. Yuaki picked the four large bottles of wine out of the basket and walked towards the stranger as he offered to carry them. "So you are new here. Thought so. Who taught you to blend in?" Sarcasm laced the last sentence; the stranger before her couldn't have been a regular traveler. She didn't know why he was there and it didn't matter too much so long as he wasn't trying to sabotage her life. Not that there was much about it to sabotage; she was still a servant (although Isa had offered her to be free of the position, Yuaki enjoyed working with her hands and didn't mind the title), and still had no family close by. As Yuaki handed the bottles over to the stranger, the pull was suddenly stronger and very familiar. Yuaki looked sharply up at him, and he surely felt it as well... ~~~~ ~Jahanshah~ “S-sire.” Jahanshah turned in surprise to Aamina. The frustration from earlier faded from his face and concern replaced it. “Please, I didn’t mean to anger you or frustrate you. I was merely offering my assistance should you require it.” Jahan blinked. "Oh, you didn't--" SSSssssssss-- Daedureth hissed with great pleasure, and Jahanshah forgot his sentence as the wonder of being consumed in shadows surrounded him. It was ten times better when Daedureth was there and the shadows were especially strong. Jahanshah looked up with a humble happiness as Queen Zillah appeared before him. “Children!” She clearly wasn't angry--actually, Jahanshah couldn't remember ever hearing her angry when speaking to him or Aamina--so Jahanshah dipped his head in respect and waited for her to speak. “Come with me.” He would have come anyway, but riding the shadows was much more fun. As though remembering his childhood, Jahan's own body suddenly wanted to be rid of the cloth around it and feel only metal. Shadows seemed to move more sharply through metal and hit more suddenly, which Jahanshah enjoyed. He brought his mind back to the present as suddenly he was sitting on a large chair next to Aamina. Oh yeah, she was upset. He glanced sideways at her, but thought that perhaps then was not the time to discuss their troubles. A moment later, however, Zillah brought up the very subject and Jahan frowned a little. To him it was a mere misunderstanding... yet he knew Zillah must've known something else, so he listened. “Now, Jahan, since you asked Aamina to allow you to learn how to be a son, learn from her you shall. To learn, or ask for help, is not a weakness. If you do not accept help, especially help that is so willingly offered despite the pain it causes, is foolish. Do you see how worried she is?” Jahanshah looked over at Aamina. Yes, she was worried. No, he didn't understand why. “I am worried that the Prince doesn’t want my help. For, if he does not, then I am of no use.” Jahanshah's jaw dropped slightly. That is what's worrying Aamina? Jahanshah was well aware that he probably couldn't make it through a single day without her assistance with all the paperwork, all the meetings to be arranged, missions to be carried out, diplomatic letters to be read and documents to be sorted. He'd eventually learn to manage, but Aamina's help was invaluable. Did not being wanted on one subject harm her so much? He watched her, trying to understand her emotions but so far failing. Then the queen began showing a story, and Jahanshah watched. It didn't take him long to recognized Aamina, and his curiosity perked. His jaw tightened when he saw the Light Alliance soldiers. Of course. He glanced at Aamina. She was visibly shaking. He had figured something like this had happened, but still the story hit hard as he watched. As he expected, the soldiers slaughtered everyone. He watched grimly as Aamina escaped with her older brother. The story continued, and Jahanshah didn't look away from it until it ended. Then Queen Zillah made it clear that Aamina would be teaching Jahanshah. He looked at Aamina again. Her hands were bloody. So, it really does mean a lot to her. She has nowhere else to go, no purpose without a family. Her entire life is here. The moment was a bit awkward, as Jahanshah had never really considered Aamina's feelings. She had never really shown them. “You wanted to have an audience with me, what is it that you wished to ask of me? You know that I would do anything for you.” Jahanshah turned to the Queen and organized his thoughts quickly. Glancing one last time at Aamina, he turned his full attention to Zillah and spoke. "Well, I was mostly wondering if any details have been finalized concerning our mission. I noticed we have a much larger group than last time; you are sending your third-ranked assassin V, and also that performer who dedicated his soul. Despite his past, you're also asking Renzo to join us, and you've brought the distant brother of the Star Child also." Jahanshah smiled, glad to be out of the open city and into the comfortable darkness of shadows. He kicked off his boots and slipped his legs under him so he was sitting back on his knees. "Also, is Betzalel traveling with us? And..." --he glanced at Aamina again-- "has Naomi Sendagile from Cumulus responded? Will the journey be safe enough for her? Last time I saw her she looked awfully sick. I think she should get out of that city and into the forest again, where Plant Elementians belong." Jahanshah had studied a lot about plant elementians and water elementians, as he had those elements present on his team. He had learned that many plant elementians got one of two sicknesses if they weren't in the forest on a regular basis; either a physical sickness, such as weakness of body and voice, or an emotional sickness, where they simply could not be truly joyful and were often depressed because of the lack of foliage. But these 'sicknesses' weren't unique to plant elementians; every element had a few. A Fire Elementian might get depressed if he lived in Triton, and a Light Elementian might get sick in the tunnels of Terra where there was no sunlight. Not all elementians got sick, but Jahanshah was certain Naomi was one of them. He was also certain the sickness indicated some strong connection the elementian had to their element, and he wondered how Naomi would grow if she was allowed to constantly be around plants. Naomi wasn't the only one he wondered about, though; he constantly wondered about every elementian under his charge. One thing he never left Aamina in charge of was his own people; that was his responsibility. He watched them and watched their growth. He watched for their emotional and physical health as well as he could. Being only fifteen he didn't understand everything, but if he did see a problem he could at least point it out to an older official who could deal with it. But that was one reason he constantly read books as well. He had to learn about people and the way they worked, why they responded to this and that, and how the body responded to environmental changes. It fascinated him to no end. "And how are you faring, with all that's been happening? The increased persecutions of our kind, even reaching the neutral cities, the appearance of the Griffon in Cumulus, the possibility of war between Terra and Cumulus?" He finished, indicating the Queen. ~~~ *o*Mythyr-o- As V released Mythyr's hand, he felt a sudden bit of coldness come from her and he took another step back in slight alarm and great confusion. When she apologized and called it an 'experiment' he sighed in relief. Sure, he had probably failed the experiment by either not acting like everything was normal or not suspecting that something was wrong, but he was alive and V was... well, normal. Although admittedly he didn't mind the other V. He realized he had made the mistake of introducing her by her full name, and that was probably not a good thing, but she seemed to correct her name just fine and didn't seem angry either. So, like a good person, Mythyr just stood there with his hands at his sides, avoiding eye-contact with Julius as he tried to sort things. “I am assuming that each of you were summoned by the Queen, therefore I shall take you to where we are to meet the others. Please, this way.” As they walked towards the gate, Mythyr leaned over to whisper not-so-quietly to Julian; "Via--er, V and I trained together--well, sort of together, I mean for some of the training, last year and a little the year before--" His words broke off suddenly as V lunged at the guards like a viper. Mythyr didn't jump, but he did stop and give V a bit more room. A half-bleak-humorously-not-surprised grin crossed his face as he turned to Julian. "It made it easier for both of us to train with our elements against an element we'd probably face, Light of course. Although we use our light very differently. V was definitely trained more to be stealthy and kill quickly. I prefer meeting an opponent in the open and not-quite-killing them. Actually, we'd make a great pair, but we've never been sent on a mission together yet." Seeming no longer surprised or intimidated, Mythyr raised his voice back to its normal volume. "So, V! How have things been going in Whisper? By the happy faces we're passing, I'm sure the queen is well on her way to victory! Although I'm not sure I know what victory means to her. After all, she's still sending us out, even though she has armies waiting for her commands." Mythyr was trying, mostly without even trying, to gauge whether they were being sent out to assassinate people, do special tasks, or even carry out diplomacy of a sort. Having dedicated his soul to the Shadow Alliance, Mythyr was treated slightly better than most performers-turned-fighters. A common performer didn't have much respect, especially one with the light element trying to get along in Whisper. So the people sent to retrieve Mythyr for his missions usually liked to give him the least information as possible, if only to make his life more difficult. In some cases only a little information could be given anyway, but the messenger for this particular mission had only told Mythyr when to show up in Whisper, where to meet his team, and the team leader's identity. Mythyr had long given up on asking for more information and always simply made due with what he was given. It didn't bother him much, for he had learned through many situations that to be bothered by a person trying to bother you was only to lose another battle, and a petty one at that. ~~~ ~Aketsu~ Aketsu held Isa tightly in a hug for a moment, then more relaxed in his arms. It was a relief to see her after such a long day. He kissed her hair gently as she lay her head on his shoulder. It was always the moments that he wished would last, and the longer times he wished would fade--well, for now. The moments were his times with Isa, and the longer times were the wars and fights going on all over the continent. “If I were to be realistic though and actually choose a physical place, it would be the Three Sisters Islands. You, me and no one else just existing on those islands. But, it wouldn’t matter where it was, just as long as I was with you and away from the infernal councils and my father.” Aketsu sighed quietly and smiled. The Three Sister Islands seemed like the only place on the planet where war had never struck. Hearing the hope in Isa's voice, Aketsu quickly made a few decisions and decided to organize the details later. He would make it happen. The infernal councils. That didn't sound good. "Did they reach a decision today then?" He asked quietly. He hoped not, for it could only be a bad decision by the sound of it. Perhaps if they had postponed the meeting, Aketsu could be at the next one and state his opinions along with the wisdom he had gathered from elders and the historical records he had pieced together. Yet he wondered if it was at all possible to sway King Aslano, a man who had been through war and lived to tell the tale. The Guardians of Peace had seen tragedy, and that made their argument stronger. But Aketsu couldn't imagine what an extended war could show to King Aslano. Still, the King's actions made little sense and bothered Aketsu greatly. He was proud of Isa, who had worked so hard to sway the opinions of some council members. They had gone from thinking of her as childish and possibly spoiled last year to seeing a blooming queen this year. They respected her, and Aketsu knew she had worked to earn that respect. She was already the world to him, but seeing her working so hard for something she cared about made her shine more brightly than the sun itself in his eyes. It lit within him a fiery passion to help her complete her goals, whatever they were; to support her through whatever happened in the future. One thing he knew was that he could not fail, not ever; he did not think it possible he could fail with Isa in mind.
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  19. Jahanshah's expression changed to surprise when the earth split. He frowned and glanced at Aamina. Was she angry? She turned and smiled, yet he didn't like the smile much. As she spoke, he noticed her gem was glowing; now he knew he had said something wrong. It didn't bother him more than to simply frustrate him, as he knew he couldn't make it right and Aamina wouldn't respond to any apology except with another 'you have the right' talk. “I can teach you how to rely on the Queen as she wishes you to, and help you learn the love that she wishes to give. Her only fear is that you would refuse her because of the treatment of your own mother.” Jahanshah met Aamina's eyes, although his look was now more grim. "Nevermind," he said quietly. He paused a moment, turning his gaze to Daedureth. "I'll learn on my own." His voice was back to its regular, unexcited self. "It seems rather silly, learning to 'rely' on someone. Yet I already rely on her... I rely on her for everything except for what she desires apparently. And I do not regret the way I was treated by Lady Vanna. But that's nothing you have to worry about anyway. Though, I do wish to see Queen Zillah soon... I suppose I'll request an audience with her. I don't wish her to have any tension regarding my status." Jahanshah's stubborn nature took its turn; he wouldn't accept help because his view on the situation had shifted. Initially it was he who had asked Aamina for help, but the way she had responded had frustrated him further due to his own lack of understanding of how he perceived she might feel, and in a twisted knot of over-thought circles in a mind that had too many compartments to think in, it eventually lead him to the conclusion that relying solely on Aamina for such 'training' was not the best idea. Although, he didn't doubt Aamina knew what the Queen desired. He also didn't accept help because in his eyes it suddenly looked weak, and he had been trained to hide weakness. Sensitivity to life and emotions weren't weaknesses in themselves, but displaying them was weak... yet every normal citizen seemed to. Jahanshah pondered this a moment, then offered a half-smile to Aamina. "Please do inform Queen Zillah that I would like to meet with--" he paused a moment thoughtfully. "Oh, just come with me. I'll to speak to her myself." He turned and beckoned over two guards who were warming up to practice in the arena. They rushed over and bowed. "If anyone comes looking for me here, tell them I'll return soon enough and they should wait." With that, Jahanshah began walking towards the Palace of Whisper. ~~~~~~~~ ^_Mythyr_^ Mythyr had no sooner offered Julian the pleasure of speaking to the grim guards when suddenly he noticed that the guards weren't so grim any longer and had been joined by a bubbly young lady. Mythyr stopped immediately, stunned by the sight of her golden hair. It almost seemed to glow compared to everything else in the dark area. “Hi there! Welcome to the mighty city of Whisper where all your dreams can come true as long as you swear fealty to our wonderful, merciful Queen Zillah.” Mythyr stuttered over his words, caught off-guard once again by her even-more-golden-glowy eyes. It took him a moment to recognize her, as she was acting much different than how he remembered her. For a moment he wondered if she'd had one too many failed poison tests... or maybe he had, and was now seeing things. "V-V-Vi--" "Aren't you Mythyr?" Mythyr's jaw hung slightly when she skipped right up close to him, her joyful eyes staring at his own red eyes. "Do you remember me? I'm Viara!" He stuttered and blinked a moment more, trying to form words and decide what to say. It had been months since he had seen Viara. He figured either she hated him and was about to kill him and was only putting on an act, or she was having a very, very good day. Whatever the case, the sheer joy and aura of freedom that cascaded from her hit him like a stone wall, and he was dumbstruck a moment. She remembers me. "Ahh... hi, Viara, I remember you," he said, grinning and scratching his head out of habit. He suddenly regained his train of thoughts and took a step back from the bubble of joy. "Good to see you--I mean, you seem to be doing really, really well!" In an attempt to un-distract himself, Mythyr indicated Julian with a sweep of his hand. "This is Julian Sivett. He's on his way to join up with the Shadow Alliance Task Force. Th-that's where I'm going, too." ~~~~~~~~ ~Yuaki~ Yuaki's frown only deepened when the stranger commented about admiring a wall while standing near big trees. He looked completely serious and innocent, yet his reply to her question seemed suspicious in itself. After all, she hadn't brought up the big trees and the wall. Or maybe that was his point? Now she was confused. She looked him over; dark hair, dark eyes, not much taller than herself, probably in his twenties. He looked confident and relaxed, like he knew exactly what he was doing. Space? No. Well, maybe. But somehow his posture and behavior didn't say 'space'. More likely no element at all. “Why the big frown? You know that if you frown too often it'll be stuck on your face on day. Would it not be a shame to ruin such a pretty face?” Yuaki's frown lessened despite herself, although she didn't respond to the complement. She looked again at the stranger's features. He was built like someone who got around a lot. His clothes were dark and plain. Somehow, in some way she found frightening, he reminded her of herself. “Did you need something or may I return to my hopefully not illegal staring of the wall?” Yuaki felt something slither up her back under her clothing and quickly suppressed it. The shadows... her shadows... they were excited. Although it didn't show, she had to forcefully suppress the shadows. Why were they so excited? She thought perhaps she should leave; now was worse than ever to be discovered as a Shadow Elementian, for King Aslano was persecuting them more than ever. If she was found out, she doubted even Isa could change the King's mind. After all, having a Shadow Elementian in the very palace... for certain she would never be allowed to leave again. Yet this outsider--he had her attention now, and she was certain she could keep control of her element. His very words seemed suspicious to her. "Actually I do need something, if you have time," she said quietly. "Could you help me carry things from this basket to the Banney's Bread House? Sticking bread and wine and spices all in the same basket isn't the smartest idea, I don't know why they didn't send me with two. If you'll just carry the wine, that would be nice... unless there's some fascinating aspect of the wall which you'd like to introduce my unseeing eyes to." There was no sarcasm in her voice. Sheer honesty, as always, and no undue trust or criticism. ~~~ ~Aketsu~ Knock. Knock. “Aketsu?” Aketsu flew off his windowsill and to the door in an instant. He carefully opened the door, a warm smile already on his face. He had planned to go see her, and here he had gotten lost in thought and lost track of time. "Isa," he said before quickly giving her a gentle kiss on the hand. He then took both her hands and looked her in the eyes. She was so beautiful--everything about her was perfect. She was fiery, passionate, not timid or frightened to show her opinion, and yet she was elegant and knew when a situation required humility. The questions she often asked Aketsu about political situations were well-thought out, and Aketsu loved spending hours collecting as much information as possible to return to her the most well-rounded answers she could possibly give the council or anyone. Yet still both King and Council sat divided. Some favored Isa's spirit and knowledge of course, but others (to Aketsu's great anger) still saw her as rather a child. "You look beautiful, as always," he said as he gently brushed back a loose strand of hair from her cheek. He could tell by her elegant wear that Isa had come almost straight from the meeting. "Come in." The room was clean and large, and the window let in a gentle breeze. The King had been generous enough to allow Aketsu a new room after his family was put in charge of New Aero... and, of course, when the King had given Aketsu and Isa his blessing. But despite how much he loved her--he certainly planned to ask her in the near future--Aketsu did not feel it right to ask Isa's hand in marriage when a war was brewing. Kai and Noe had chosen to marry, yes, but they did not have the same positions and responsibility as Isa and Aketsu. Although they too were Guardians of Peace, they would never have as much involvement in the war as Isa and Aketsu would have to. Although Aketsu wished to take Isa's burdens upon himself as much as possible, he did not feel it was right to marry at such a time as then. In a way, he felt it would disrespect Leith, Ayame, and all who had fallen during the last war. Once they were in the room, Aketsu shut the door simply so that they could say what they wished. He sighed quietly and smiled. "Isa, if the world would pause in all its endeavors for three days and in that time you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?" His smile widened as he awaited her answer, his golden eyes staring at her rainbow eyes. Aketsu cared more for Isa than he did for the results of the meeting; he decided to let her bring it up first if she wanted to. If she didn't, there were many other things they could talk about, a whole world of other things. The meeting was over and what happened happened; nothing would change it now.
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  21. ~Yuaki~ Blaise Sivett. He seemed to get a lot of headaches. Now he was staring coldly back. That didn't stop Yuaki from continuing to gaze at him. Often the other servants would tease her for having no ability to read body-language, no idea when one was supposed to 'break' a stare or when one was no longer wanted somewhere. When Blaise looked like he was going to leave, Yuaki decided she was going to as well. She had some deliveries to make outside of the palace. So Yuaki darted for the exit of the garden, racing past Blaise as though running from someone. She zipped down various halls through various doors until she had come to the gates of the palace. "Going out for a delivery," she said to the guards. She handed them the slip of paper that explained the delivery. After checking over the bread, spices and wine that were in the large basked she carried, the guards let her through. Cautions were even higher than normal today because of the meeting princess Isa had just attended and because of visiting nobles. Yuaki exited the gate. The moment she was out of sight of the guards, she turned and walked alongside the wall about forty-feet from it. This was the fastest way to Banney's Bread House, where she was to deliver the goods. One of the cooks of the palace was old Banney's cousin, and they often send each other gifts and ideas for recipes. That was one of the reasons that the palace had the best bread ever; it wasn't all made from royal fluff ingredients, but had some of the more rugged stuff Yuaki had lived on in her younger years. As she walked, she sensed something odd. Well, more accurately, her shadow did. She jumped at its sudden lengthening and she quickly reined it in. Taking a moment to breathe, she slowly walked in the direction the shadow had been attracted. It lead her to a small patch of large trees, where she saw a man. He seemed to be looking at the palace wall, as though assessing it. Yuaki's shadow was definitely excited to see this man, and she suddenly was not excited to see him. Frowning, she stepped forward. "Hey there," she said casually. "Looking for something?" ~~ ~~Mythyr~~ Mythyr's grin widened at Julian's response about being dragged into whisper. He didn't doubt it, although he dearly hoped he'd be recognized. He wasn't all that distinct, but the Whisper assassins had seen him training before. His thoughts returned to Julian as he answered his second question. "I didn't really start growing, growing until his age. But, he's pretty impressive for a kid. I mean, practically half my age and already leading an army." Mythyr nodded, thinking about this. It was true, he hadn't hit his growth spurt until around fifteen or sixteen. It had been terrible, being mistaken for an early-teen by girls his age. But it had been worth the wait, for even though Mythyr wasn't as brawny as a lot of people his age, his body could do anything he told it to and that was a boon. He could dislocate shoulders, knees, wrists, and shove them right back in their sockets. His spine bent in ways that no spine should be able to, yet he felt no pain short or long term. His muscles and sense of balance were perfectly coordinated and responded to his every whim. It was a gift, for sure. Suddenly Mythyr stopped, staring straight ahead. After a moment of dumb silence, his grin returned. "Hey, we're here! Look at that, the maps weren't wrong after all. I was almost afraid we'd go in a big circle and end up in Sola! That... would not be good. But it didn't happen, nope! This is definitely not Sola." The looming dark city was anything but Sola. To an ordinary outsider, it would have looked like something to be avoided at all costs. However, to people who knew the friendly smiles and great protection that the inside of the city brought, it was a safe-haven. It was only dark to those who had their minds stuck in the light. The gate was only about 200 yards from Mythyr and Julian, and the guards were already watching them approach. Mythyr continued onwards. "The last thing I did last time I was in Whisper was kiss a lady on the cheek. I think that's the first time I've ever kissed someone besides Old Man Botto's wife. I mean, I kissed her on the cheek too... she's like a grandmother to me. Anyway! This lady that I kissed in Whisper, she was old too and had told me to weed her garden. So I weeded it quickly since I was leaving soon. Then her son came home and saw me standing in their garden, and he had no idea his mother had told me to be there! He chased me all over the place, swinging a giant axe! Fortunately he wasn't very fast..." Mythyr forgot where he was going with the story as they approached the gate. He swallowed his nervousness and grinned at Julian. "Ah... do you want to talk to the guards?" As usual, the guards had solemn, dark faces.
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