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  1. We'll be glad to have you around when you can be, gist.~ College is done in ONE WEEK here! I'm so excited. I have lots of plans for this Summer, but still should have plenty of time here.~
  2. Aww take your time LL. I kind of know how you feel, and I think it's great that you're sticking with it.~
  3. I'm mostly awaiting dear LL at this point.
  4. @Gist/Silver: Heehee, I can just see you two poking your characters to get them to talk and them looking at you like <.< ' >:l heheh. I can hardly wait for Sola's group to clash with Whisper's! But first, off to Cumulus with Shadow!
  5. Heheh, Jahan is giving Aoi a hard time. ^^ And he has no idea that Aoi's jealous. He's not quite the emotionally aware kind of person, as most of his life he's spent around people who were not emotional. @Silver: I love Julian's response to V's actions.
  6. ~Sola~ Yuaki blinked in surprise when Noe and Kai came through the door. They both had an odd look to them, like they had some awkward secret they planned to share, or like they had talked each other into singing a silly song right there and then but neither was willing to start. Yuaki then immediatelyglanced at Lucius. All in all, this was rather funny to her, but she figured he didn't quite see it the same. She caught his eye and shrugged, shaking her head slightly before quickly turning back to the door. Aketsu listened with interest to Lucius' story, ignoring the door initially when it opened until he realized that Kai and Noe were standing there. What a coincidence, he thought with a smile. He stood to greet them and noticed some sort of subtle communication between Isa and Noe but didn't bother trying to decipher it. Ladies in general tended to be good at that sort of thing, and Aketsu was always lost as to what they spoke about without words. "It would be nice to catch up the missed time with a friend.” I almost wish I had known you all that while ago. It would have been nice to have a friend there. And in a way, just knowing Lucius now sort of filled in those gaps for Yuaki, as though she really had known him all that time. She smirked at the thought. She hadn't been all that different three years ago, but she had been full of insecurities with no idea who she was supposed to really be. Now she knew, and couldn't wait to show the world. But that was another story for another time. Maybe she'd tell Lucius someday. "Yeah," Yuaki said quietly. Then louder, "But! First, you have to meet my other friends. Hi Kai, hi Noe! Kai and Noe are Guardians as well, and they're married now. Guys, this is Lucius. Old traveling buddy." She turned to Lucius and lowered her voice, though not as to hide her words from others. "Kai is an earth elementian and Noe is weather. Kinda funny how that works." She shrugged, wondering if any of their children would be dual-elementians. It would be funny, but really wasn't an interesting subject to think about for more than a few seconds. Yuaki wasn't very fond of little kids, although she had only told Isa this and promised Isa that any rainbow babies would definitely be the exception to the rule. She figured she could spare some time to smile at Kai and Noe's kids too. If they ever had any. She didn't expect them to any time soon, with the war and all. "Any friend of the Princesses is a friend of mine." Yuaki raised her eyebrows at the statement and grinned at Isa's reply. Noe and Yuaki had little in common, with only their servanthood causing Yuaki to even know Noe's name. But Yuaki had always felt that Noe was much less a servant and much more a princess by the way she was treated; she had been 'adopted' by the king and it had turned out she was good ol' Ayame's offspring anyway, and surely he had known all along. So, the servant thing? Just a setup, from Yuaki's point of view. "So what is it that you have to tell us. You two look like you are about to burst." Yuaki couldn't help but smile mischievously. The two really did look like they had some huge secret to spill, and a thousand thoughts ran through Yuaki's head. None of them involved Noe being with child.~ Aketsu flinched slightly when Isa and Noe got talking. Sometimes they ended up going head to head. Thankfully that happened a lot less these days, but a year ago it had been rather intense. Knowing that Isa and Noe knew each other quite well, Aketsu usually didn't get involved in such conversations unless there was a time-limit involved or Isa had been having a really, really bad day. He wanted what was best for her, and venting on Noe was not always best. Now Aketsu waited patiently for Noe and Kai to say what they had to say; obviously by the way they had come, they weren't just there to chit-chat and have bread. Kai would have spoken up by now and greeted the room, especially the newcomer Lucius. `~~~ ~Jahanshah~ Jahan grinned sheepishly when Aoi complemented him on his uniform. Jahan still occasionally had the urge to run around wearing nothing but metal, but it was childish and he was far past being a child. He listened eagerly to his friend, awaiting stories of travel and adventure. What route had they taken? How long had it taken them? Had they really traveled together the whole time? Jahanshah figured he'd get sick of being around the same person for so long... then he remembered that Aamina and him were basically in the same situation, although Aamina wasn't much like Promise. Or was she? Jahan didn't know Promise too well. Aoi redirected the question at Promise, and Jahan looked expectantly at her. Metallum? Oh, if only I'd gone home for a while. I could have shown them everything there! I'm sure the picky gardeners wouldn't let them see the special volcanic garden. Jahan frowned when Promise mentioned his parents. It wasn't so much that she mentioned them, more that she called them his parents. He did consider them such, but he was more used to hearing their formal names. His distraction with the term made him a bit slow to respond to Promise's changing his title. He laughed lightly and waved off her mistake. It wasn't a mistake! If Aoi considered Promise a friend, then Jahan felt the same way; she owed him nothing. He did admire her politeness, although he was a little embarrassed that she was so embarrassed. She said something about Electra, but Jahan's own thoughts had been too loud for him to hear her. Not that it mattered; of all the Shadow Alliance cities, he had the most distaste for Electra and he wasn't even sure why. The culture there was so different from Metallum, it bothered him. Jahan snapped back to the present in time to hear her mention Frigid. "It's nice there," he mentioned with a thoughtful nod. Nice, but there's almost no metal anywhere except on the defensive line. It's amazing they even manage to keep up with current technology, the way they isolate themselves... iceolate... haha. Bland humor, straight from your Prince of Whisper. Jahan was rather shocked when Aoi teased Promise about having a crush on him. He shifted slightly, giving Aoi a friendly glare as he prepared a smart-remark. To his surprise, Aoi returned it... not so friendly. Jahan blinked once and turned his attention to Promise, forgetting what he had been planning to say. Did something happen...? He had a strange feeling that this was one of those times he was missing the mark, looking in the wrong direction, shooting the crow instead of the sparrow. Oh well. He shrugged it off and smiled politely at Promise. "I actually really appreciate you putting up with me for so long." "Well.. uh...yeah." Jahan got a mischievous grin. "Really, Aoi? You sound like you don't enjoy spending time with her, with that mumbled answer. Is that why you suggested she has a crush on me? Trying to get rid of her?" He rolled his eyes and waved it off with a smirk. "Forgive me if I'm embarrassing you Promise, I know you and Aoi must get along well. Despite not being required to have a loyalty, you've personally chosen to help the Queen bring peace to the world and for that I am ever grateful. Are either of you hungry? There's been a change in plans, but we still have at least an hour or two to spare."
  7. Yups. If Lucius has a reaction to Kai and Noe now entering, feel free to post it. I'm gonna wait for LL (She's super busy ATM) to post before I do though.~ I has two tests on Friday, so I won't be on until the evening that day. ^^ ((in the meantime, if anyone has time for a mafia RPG, Soupy started one and he's great at running these things. Link in my siggy :3))
  8. Well! Since everyone has posted with pretty much every character, I have begun true work on the quiz-thing. Gimme a week or two and I'll have that up.
  9. Jah, it'll be good to see ol' Renzo again. In a twisted sort of way. Well, I got a post posted. Not sure how coherent it is, this has been a wacky weekend.~ ^^
  10. ~Jahanshah~ Jahanshah grinned as Aoi returned the greeting. When his friend slung his arm around him, Jahanshah was glad to realize that Aoi no longer had to rest his arm on Jahanshah's head; his shoulders were now high enough to work instead. At Aoi's compliment Jahanshah shrugged. "Guess that's what a little sunlight will do," he said with a smirk. He was glad to hear that Promise would be going with; she was very resourceful and must have been a decent person for Aoi to travel with her for so long. "What have you been up to?" Oh, there was so much he had been up to--far too much to tell, but Jahanshah figured it wasn't half as exciting as Aoi's life anyway. Forgetting all regal social norms, he turned to face his friend directly. "Well, I've been traveling from land to land talking about the war and executing small diplomatic missions while also directing the training of some of the younger Elementians in the city and encouraging all Shadow-Alliance Elementians to avoid any cities of 'Light' due to the high persecution going on there. Last year my parents had another child, so now I have an infant brother named Vladaar but I barely know him right now. I learned how to use magnetics; that's really fun, and I guess you can tell that our Queen Zillah preferred I wear royal garb sometimes instead of metal. Besides that, not much has been going on." He paused for a moment, then nodded. "What have you and Promise been up to? Surely you've had a much more exciting life since we last parted?" He looked from Aoi to Promise, okay with either of them answering but more expecting Aoi to. He sensed V and the others moving, but he figured Aamina had it under control. Daedureth made a strange and barely audible noise, but it wasn't a noise of concern... at least, Jahanshah was fairly certain it wasn't. So he didn't bother turning his attention away from Aoi and Promise. ~~~~~ Yuaki/Aketsu Yuaki watched as Isa judged Lucius. She respected Isa's judgments in all ways; Isa was incredibly gifted when it came to seeing someone's heart. It was as though she could stare right through their skin and into their minds. Did that have to do with her Light Element? Maybe, although Yuaki knew for certain that Isa wasn't always right. Still, if Lucius really did have bad intentions, Yuaki figured Isa would catch it. But if he really was just a traveler and really was just curious about Sola... well, Yuaki really did want to talk to a Shadow Elementian. “Yes, any friend of Yuaki’s is definitely a friend of mine. I hope that we can soon find a position for you in the castle as they are something to be proud of and difficult to obtain.” Yuaki nodded; her first position of a janitor had taken her two months to confirm and she had been watched closely for the first few weeks, but now she was certain she could get Lucius a position if he really desired one. Yuaki's influence had grown considerably, although she never used it unless she felt she had to. She didn't see herself as 'The Rainbow Princess' Honorary Friend' and never used Isa's power for greed. Even she knew how stupid that would be, and how bad it could make Isa look. Aketsu smiled politely at the man. It seemed Yuaki hadn't bothered to tell him how to greet royalty, but it seemed she hadn't expected Isa and Aketsu to come bounding into Banney's Bakery in the first place. Aketsu decided perhaps it would be most polite to ease the man's discomfort; he looked like he was about ready to be stoned. But formalities were overrated, especially after such a long meeting as the one Aketsu (and Isa for that matter) had come from. Aketsu had rather been hoping they'd have the bakery to themselves, but he knew that Isa was always happy to see Yuaki so he was quite content. “As for the position I am glad to hear that I can obtain one. I shall do my best to fulfill the task given as best I can.” Aketsu nodded; the man looked like he could work. Aketsu looked at Isa again. She had a certain look in her eye, but she didn't seem extremely alarmed. Not that he expected her to; Yuaki seemed to know a lot of people and seemed a fine judge of character. Aketsu wanted to make a point to get to know his love's best friend better someday, but she was always here and there and he was always busy. Aketsu decided to break the tension then. He picked up the other broken loaf and broke off pieces for him and Isa. "Well," he said with a smile, "I think we have time to sit and chat a while." Yuaki smiled. "Good." She noticed then that Lucius was looking for a hint. "So Lucius," she said, "you should tell Isa and Aketsu how you got to come to Sola in the first place. This is his first time here," she told Isa. ~~~~ ~Mythyr~ “I do remember you. The Tri-Elementian who trained with the Shades. A place where you should have stayed.” Mythyr removed himself slightly from behind Julian and smiled brightly at Aamina. He would have loved to remain a Shade, especially since he dedicated his soul to the Shadow Alliance, but there were two things about being a Shade that just didn't work for him. The very fact that he was invited he considered a great honor, but one he had forced himself to turn down. His reasoning behind that was quite simple as well, although he had only explained once to V why and hadn't told anyone else. Now he was sort of treated as an honorary Shade; in other words, the Shades actually sometimes would greet him, include him in their tests and training, or ask him to bring unimportant reports here and there if they were busy. But he knew that they were always watching; since he knew about their existence and knew what they could do, they had to watch him. Mythyr watched as Aamina greeted Julian. He was a bit surprised to hear her full name but then remembered that their meeting was quite formal... although a glance at the Prince made Mythyr wonder how formal it was supposed to be. The Prince was treating the 'just passing through' traveler like an older brother. The lady Promise didn't look too happy about that. Mythyr looked back in time to see Aamina catch Viara, who had blacked out. He was surprised for a moment, but then his surprise faded as he recognized what had happened; it was the poison again. He felt a bit sick as he remembered his own testing with that. Why do they keep doing that to her? V always seemed to have trouble discerning the poisoned food from regular. It was her one and only weakness, and Mythyr sometimes bleakly worried he'd come to Whisper one day and find a grave with her name on it. “Well? I need you to carry her.” Mythyr gave Julian an encouraging nod--it was better if Julian carried her for now. He felt a bit guilty that V was still going through this. Now that he looked more closely at her, he realized that she didn't look good at all. Her earlier smiles and poise had made her look bright and healthy, but her cheeks were thin and her skin slightly pale. Julian had no trouble picking her up, which made Mythyr feel even worse. She wasn't well, not at all. He glanced over his shoulder to see the Prince was still busy. Good, it would be bad if he was to judge this event, he decided. Mythyr followed Aamina and Julian down the hallway, tagging behind them. It had been a while since he had been in the Palace of Whisper, and knowing that V was in good hands he allowed himself to look around a little. Just as dark, looming, mysterious, beautiful, ominous and powerful as ever; the palace was ancient. That reminded him of another story of how every Queen of Whisper who had ever died within the palace never actually died but had their essence bound with the Throne of Whisper. This was a much more widely debated claim than the Lover Doors, because very few people ever saw the Throne. “Mythyr? You coming?” Mythyr had been staring off into the distance again. He nodded and caught up quickly. Mythyr for once looked rather grimly serious as they walked down the halls and got stares from various people. His red eyes gave him the look of someone who had just killed someone accidentally but wasn't very guilty about it. He imagined the Shades were watching right now, and he wondered just how much poison they had dared put about her this time. How long has she been throwing up what she eats? He turned to Julian. "V has to go through a lot of testing for her job," he said quietly. "Some of these tests are more dangerous than others. She's constantly pushed to her limits in various ways. We're going to her room now." Up up and up they went, and V began to awake. Mythyr was glad, but didn't know how she would feel... “Hey there. Aren’t you handsome! No wonder V didn’t let me come out. She wouldn’t want me to meet you because you are definitely quite the stud!” Mythyr's jaw dropped slightly. It was rare that he ever saw Viara's other side because usually he was doing very serious training with her. He still didn't grasp the concept of having two selves, and so Viara continued to confuse him. He glanced off as Viara spoke to Aamina. She must really be out of it, he thought with a frown. "I hope the poison didn't do any permanent damage," he mumbled. It wouldn't be fair, to let that happen to V. She had worked hard to be where she was. “Hiiiii! I know you! Mythyr!” Mythyr smiled weakly at Viara, but didn't respond and let Aamina handle it. The girls were friends, so he knew Aamina wouldn't do anything rash. Er, he hoped. His hopes were rather shaken when Aamina neatly and cleanly knocked out poor Viara again. Mythyr didn't complain but only gave Julian a reassuring look. This is perfectly normal, just doesn't happen very often. Nothing to worry about, really. They reached Viara's chambers and were met face to face with J'far. Mythyr automatically gave him the traditional Shades greeting, although J'far was busy sizing up Aamina. This just became rather awkward, Mythyr realized. If J'far wasn't happy with Julian being brought this far, bad things could happen. If for any reason he saw Julian as a threat... well, Mythyr wasn't sure he could live with the man's blood on his hands. But Julian wasn't a threat, Mythyr knew he was a good person, so he didn't doubt J'far's ability to judge him. He did move aside as J'far passed by, then he slipped into the door. He immediately got one of his waterskins and found the glasses that V used for water. His hands shook and his heart pounded as he uncapped the waterskin and began pouring it, but he didn't falter. He poured two glasses of water; one he left cool, and the other one he heated gently with fire until it steamed slightly. The water from the waterskin was automatically purified. The special skins were his final gift from Old Man Botto--the man still had Mythyr guessing as to what kind of animal the skins were from, although Mythyr guessed it was some sort of mythical creature. That would explain how the water was always pure, how it soaked into the skin but not out, and why Botto always looked guilty when he mentioned them. Or maybe they were just specially made. Mythyr avoided looking at the glasses of water as he carefully carried them over to the counter next to V's bed. He set them down and backed up, suddenly not feeling well. He walked over to the windows and took a deep breath, grateful that they were open. ~~~
  11. @Lach: With my spare moment of internet today, I just thought I'd tell you: Gear was in my dream last night. Granted it was a very, very weird dream with talking horses and vampires (<-- scary ones, not 'pretty' ones) and I'm pretty sure there were giant rabbits and a royal palace. Gear was about the most normal being in my dream, and he was very sarcastic and witty. ^.^' AaAaAaaaaand I'll try to get more than a few seconds and post later today!
  12. Hi everyone, very little internet here and not a lot of time so I'll try to get a post by tomorrow or Sunday but not sure it'll happen. ^)^ So many things happening~
  13. Yup, Lach wasn't aiming that towards you DP. That'd be silly. Gear is just that kind of guy. Also everyone, make sure not to go too far with your RPing a single character without making sure other characters get a chance to react... and if you think that I or anyone else goes too far without giving your character a chance to react just ask us to back it up a step. @DP: It would be funny. But I have a feeling it'll be a while until they get a vacation.~ Aketsu would be like O.O ~_~
  14. @Lach: Do you remember the way early scene where Isa and Aketsu were kissing and Yuaki saw and blocked the door so Kai couldn't get in? Well all he had to do was stomp the ground and he felt the vibrations of their skeletons and drew their skeletons in sand... the one time Yuaki was freaked out, seeing the skeletons of Isa and Aketsu kissing. Anyway, he's doing something similar with Noe; he can 'feel' the babies inside of her through vibrations through the ground, and through their energy with his lightning... without having to actually use those elements. Kai is sort of specializing in tracking skills. @DP: It'd be interesting for sure. Actually, Isa and Aketsu haven't ever met Sky and Marc so they probably wouldn't recognize them. The Three Sister Islands are a place of peace, so even if they knew the couple were Fire/Ice they wouldn't attack. ^^ I don't know if I'm right, but I imagine the Three Sister Islands as a place of peace guarded by powerful guardians who judge everyone who comes to the Islands. If they judge the people as innocent of any malicious intent (I.E. NOT planning to assassinate someone who's on the Islands), they allow them to come through. Element use is limited, and the Island is very well observed but very well protected; a safe-haven. That's how I viewed it, but I have NO idea how accurate that is. LL??? @Silver: Take ye yer time! Get life settled first.
  15. ~Sola~ Aketsu couldn't help but grin as Isa giggled at his dramatic entrance. With his initial burst of energy gone, he watched with slight amusement as Yuaki greeted Isa and offered her bread. He wondered if anything ever bothered Yuaki; it never seemed to. He had never seen her cry, or even seen her frustrated. She wasn't always bubbly, but wasn't ever sad or angry either. Aketsu accompanied Isa in and looked around the bakery with a certain fondness. He heard Banney whistling in the back, and the scent of another delicious loaf hung in the air. He blinked as Yuaki shoved bread at Isa in a friendly way, and gladly took the piece Isa handed him. It was quite good, as always. Yuaki smiled as Isa accepted the bread, then she popped another chunk into her own mouth. She nodded enthusiastically when Isa complemented Isis. Then she remembered Lucius, and she quickly swallowed a bite so she could introduce him; Aketsu was staring at him, although not rudely. It looked like Aketsu was about to begin the introductions but Yuaki felt it was her responsibility, so she quickly cut in. "This," she said with a final swallow, "Is Lucius, my traveling buddy from back in the day before I came to Sola." Lucius looked way too tense, like he just wanted to disappear. Yuaki grinned. He probably didn't expect to see Isa come through the door anymore than I did. "You'll have to forgive him, he's a bit shocked to meet you so soon! He's thinking of working in the palace with me doing blacksmith work. Lucius, this is Princess Isa of Sola and Lord Aketsu the seventh of New Aero." Aketsu nodded. "A pleasure to meet a friend of Yuaki," he said with a small smile. His expression gave nothing away, but he did glance at Isa to gauge what she was thinking. ~~~~~~~ ~Mythyr~ Mythyr jumped as suddenly the large shadowy doors swung open. His jaw dropped slightly when he saw the man who must be Prince Jahanshah (no one else dressed like that) and... who was that person next to him? It took Mythyr the time that he could have used in bowing to Jahanshah to realize that he was looking at Aamina. It had been quite a while since he had seen her, and last he had seen she had been very... well, small and scary. She was still scary, but looked shockingly different in her dress. As for Jahanshah... well, Mythyr was disappointed. Jahanshah was both taller and more refined than Mythyr had thought, though the young lord was still shorter than Mythyr by a good few inches. Mythyr stopped himself from staring at either Aamina or Jahanshah and instead he grinned at Julian. "Well," he whispered, "that's Prince Jahanshah there." The Prince was busy talking to the couple Mythyr had spoken with earlier. Apparently he knew them well. "And that there is Aamina. I don't know her very well, but... hmm, if I remember correctly she's either the Prince's bodyguard, girlfriend or adopted sister." As Aamina and V stepped into the light, Mythyr smiled and saluted Aamina casually. "Hey Aamina! Remember me? You've sure grown a lot since I last saw you! I mean... ah, taller! You're much, much taller... but--not weirdly tall, I mean normally tall..." Mythyr's voice faded as he realized he was losing this conversation. "This--this is Julian," he quickly added, shifting slightly behind the taller man.
  16. 'Tis a noble speech indeed~ But I don't think Kai quite grasps how strong a hand the leaders have over their nations. *evilgrin* Although they could possibly make Cumulus agree with them, since Cumulus hasn't quite reached the Shadows yet. In fact, I think this will make the fighting even stronger. >;3 Whether or not Kai and them opt for peace, the Shadow Alliance Task Force will still be moving out. Sola be warned! ...and Aketsu serves New Aero, which has so far chosen to do whatever Aslano wants... although Aketsu would gladly go with Isa wherever. Edit: Posted Edit edit: Promise and Aoi should reply.
  17. Teheh, Gear's so funny. He'll get along well with the group. ^^ We awaiteth thee Renzo! Jahan last saw Aoi/Promise together, and here they are now with linked arms. He actually meant couple as in 'two' but wouldn't be surprised if they were married. Well actually he would; he would be insulted he wasn't invited to the wedding! *snickers* no match-making going on here what? ^.^ Yaaaaay LL! Long time no see. Well, about a week. Anyway, take your time, I... oi, I has to get to bed. I'll read new posts in the morning. G'night all!
  18. Teheheh! I figured he'd have issues with a bust-in door, especially considering his situation. If Yuaki was in his position, she'd certainly suspect he rooted her out or something. ^^
  19. Awesome! Hopefully they'll get a welcoming party/greeting soon from Jahanshah and friends.
  20. In Sola... Yuaki grabbed one final chunk of bread as Lucius explained how he and she had met. She watched him; he seemed almost happy telling the tale, and she wished she had been so lucky as to meet a friend on her travels. But in truth, her trip to Sola had been harsh in many ways and she had almost turned back when halfway there. “I'm glad I got to meet her again in my travels. I was planning on staying here for a while too. I guess it's my lucky day!” Yuaki smirked. "Lucky for me too. If I remember correctly, you promised me you'd have many more interesting stories to tell than you had last time." She laughed lightly, but her laugh was cut off when suddenly the front doors burst open... ~ Aketsu grinned as Isa prepared herself. His golden eyes flashed with intensity, as though daring the wind itself to work against him. “Things are going to be rough Aketsu, but we can do this.” Yes, we can. And we will. "Hold on tight," he said and a moment later he thrust with all his might off the windowsill. There was that terrifyingly wonderful moment where he and Isa were going up, then were going nowhere, then down down down... the ground looked much closer than it had from the sill, and immediately Aketsu summoned the wind in a powerful flurry around them. He specified directions that stopped them from going down and instead sent them to the right, where he grabbed a decorative silk streamer with his free hand (his other one making sure Isa was still able to hold on) and swung smoothly along the building. He did this several more times, each time using the wind between the swings so that they slowly went down but didn't fall. It worked perfectly, and he found himself laughing halfway through. When they were but ten feet from the ground, he suddenly pushed off the building with all his might and used the wind like jets. They sent him and Isa thirty yards from the palace, right out of the palace yard and onto the main road. Aketsu used the last of his wind energy to land them softly on the ground and he gently lowered Isa to her feet. He was breathing hard, but recovered quickly with a grin. Using wind in large bursts was not his specialty, but aiming wind specifically was. It would take him a few hours to recover, but it was completely worth it. Still, it was at times like this where he wished he could simply fly on the wind as he had seen Loren do before. He turned to Isa and smiled, ignoring the startled looks of people passing by. "Well. Shall we?" He offered her a hand. ~[Two minutes later, assuming nothing important happens]~ Aketsu blew the door open with a little more pizazz than he meant to use, and as it opened he immediately took on a more refined stance. He wasn't surprised to see Isis there, but was a bit surprised to see Yuaki sitting at a table with a stranger. "Isa!" Yuaki jumped to her feet, hesitated a moment, then picked up the rest of the uncut loaf and waved it in the air. "You're just in time! Look what Isis made, you HAVE to try it!" ~~~~~~ ~Whisper~ [Just moving things along a bit] Mythyr watched curiously as the stranger interpreted his words. All the time an innocent smile remained on his face, a smile everyone was so used to seeing. The stranger said they were just traveling through. Few people just traveled through Whisper, but it wasn't unheard of. Mythyr tried to force his smile not to grow--the couple before him reminded him so much of a couple spoken of in a song called TigerDragon. It was a silly little folk-song about a very short, spitfire nobility girl who hired a soft-hearted servant man. Eventually, after a long series of events, the two fell in love. The song was based on a performance, which was based on an old story, which could possibly have been based on a true story. However, only the girl's height reminded him of the song--nothing else. "Sorry. Is it rude not to introduce ourselves?" Mythyr was about to say that no, it really wasn't, but the man continued anyway. "I'm Aoi Palin, and this is Promise. As I said, just traveling through." Immediately Mythyr's smile was replaced with confusion. Palin... why does that name seem so familiar? He blinked once and shrugged to himself, his smile returning. "Well. You've probably been here before, but welcome to Whisper anyway!" He adjusted the chain that was coiled at his waist, then glanced back at V and Julian in time to hear her mention Metallum. He looked again at his new friends. Palin... so very familiar. Have I met a Palin? Perhaps a relative of this man? Maybe. Oh well! Too many people, too many faces and too many names. "If you two have any questions about the history of Whisper or need directions, I can probably get you what you need. Have a good day!" He bowed lightly, then spun around and rejoined V and Julian. ~ There was another short pause, and Jahanshah had to wonder what Queen Zillah was thinking. He glanced at Aamina again, then cleared his throat. “Jahan, I think that there is something that you are still missing in your equation. Would you trust your protection to a normal guard?" Jahanshah frowned. Awww, not my safety again. Why is everyone always so concerned about that? I'm fifteen now. He at least understood Zillah's concern; he knew he was important to her. But everyone with any authority over him (granted that wasn't very many people anymore) always seemed concerned about him going anywhere outside the city by himself. Aamina usually accompanied him now, and it suddenly occurred to him that it had been quite a while since he had been anywhere without her nearby. "Travel would be faster with an earth elementian and I have one other that could travel with you. But the guards are the only thing that I would worry about.” He sighed and thought for a moment. Then he smiled, a slightly devious solution reflected in his eyes. "Alright, as you wish; I'll bring everyone who has assembled for the Whisper Task Force. Surely many of them have arrived. That way, there won't have to be a meeting; any late-comers will just hav to wait. Sorry Aamina, but Queen Zillah is right; it works better this way. Anyway, Daedureth sensed Aoi's arrival just some minutes ago." Jahanshah smiled with unabashed pride at the sword; after a year of holding it, it was finally telling him more than just 'good' or 'bad' (indicated by hissing and shadow movements); Daedureth now told him when people he held in high regard were nearby. There were few people he regarded that way, but Aoi was one of them; Aoi had been his only real childhood friend, the only one who was friends with him with no regards to his popularity or strength with metal. "We'll all go and retrieve Celeste, and maybe Naomi as well. Then we'll report back here one last time, or perhaps you could send a Shade to inform us of your will then. That might be faster, especially if these 'Guardians' from Sola set out." He glanced at Aamina. Would she be upset they weren't having the meeting? She didn't look too upset. Then again, she hardly ever looked anything. Today had been a rather exceptional day for her, and he felt it was sort of his fault. No matter; she'd get over it, if there was any leftover unhappiness. Goodbyes were given appropriately and conversation closed, and Jahanshah went back to the palace gates, certainly with Aamina. ~ The guards motioned towards the door, indicating that there were people right outside. Jahanshah nodded and signaled for them to open the great doors; he was ready, and could guess who was there. He gave them a look as well that told them NOT to do the whole 'announcing-prince-Jahanshah' thing. The doors swung open, and Jahanshah blinked at the sun's evening glare. Sunlight didn't actually touch the floor inside the doors, but it still remained in the air. Funny how those doors worked. Sometimes Jahanshah swore he could hear Daedureth speaking to them. Jahanshah's emotionless expression changed to a polite smile when the doors opened. The smile was indicated towards V, whom he recognized from watching the Shades train. He had never really spoken to her, but she was a sight to behold in the dark-haired city of Whisper. Watching her had helped him determine how to fight Light Elementians, and he had actually trained with her on two occasions to perfect his reflective metal. Jahanshah's red eyes next noticed the two strangers at her sides. Immediately he sensed that one carried mercury on him. Curious. Is he from Metallum? Jahanshah didn't recognize the man at all, but he looked capable enough. The third one he recognized as the Tri-elementian Mythyr. Jahanshah had [somewhat jealously] watched the young man train with all three of his elements at once. It was quite the sight, but Jahanshah's jealousy had faded to humor and pity when he learned that someone with so much potential and power was too scared of water to even put his hand in a puddle. It was pathetic really, and with a slightly sadistic delight Jahanshah couldn't wait to introduce him to Celeste. He was about to greet them when he noticed another couple; Aoi and Promise. Immediately his polite smile brightened and he all but ignored the other three. "Aoi! You made it," he greeted as he strode towards his friend. His smile widened as he neared them. "You haven't changed at all," he said with a grin. Then he turned to look at Promise. Finally, he was taller than her. "Lady Promise, so good to see you again. You'll be joining us, yes?"
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