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  1. Finally bred that egg I needed for a lineage, after several weeks of "no interest" and "no egg produced". At last I can move forward again!
  2. Today I picked up some loot! http://dragcave.net/lineage/LooTQ
  3. Caught this today. Influenced it female, of course. http://dragcave.net/lineage/nGirl
  4. I want to breed my own common King or Queen! Forum Name: SilvorMoon Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/SilvorMoon Secret Word: cooee
  5. I feel like it's about time I updated... Category: Dragon Breeds Title of Record: Breeder with the most Harvest Dragons Name of Submitant(forumname): SilvorMoon Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/SilvorMoon Proof for Record: See scroll. What has changed?: Number has increased from 70 to 132. (Please note when counting that while most of the Harvests are grouped together on page 1, there's also one on the last page.)
  6. I recently caught this Mint, who appears to be from Ohio http://dragcave.net/lineage/90hiO and this Misfit, who seems to think it's a bird http://dragcave.net/lineage/larK7
  7. To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis is probably my top choice. That book just has everything. No matter what mood I'm in, I can read that and enjoy it thoroughly. Also on my list: Bellweather, by Connie Willis; Chalice, by Robin McKinley; Sunshine, by Robin McKinley, and Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
  8. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! Unfortunately I'm loaded up with eggs now, and they're for a project so I don't feel like tossing them out, so I'll have to wait a while before I can start grabbing. They're all such pretty babies, though!
  9. My primary language is English. I took several years of Spanish while going through high school, but I've forgotten a lot of it by now. I took Japanese in college and keep it fresh by watching Japanese TV shows and listening to Japanese music. I'm not great at it, but I managed to pass my foreign language test in it when I was in grad school, so I guess I know enough to get by. My job requires me to deal with documents in a lot of different languages, so I've picked up a few words and phrases relevant to my work in all kinds of languages.
  10. I have... I think 26 now. I would happily take more! I'm leery of biting them myself because I hate killing eggs, but I always snap them up fast if I see them in the AP or something. I just think they're gorgeous and I have a pack-rat urge when it comes to gathering dragons I like.
  11. Well, to be fair, if someone is coming at me with a knife, I'm free to try to get out of the way. If a doctor is trying to stick me with a needle, I'm expected to sit still and let them do it. Though in my case, it has something to do with the fact that when I was young, I was given a blood test by a nurse who clearly had no idea what she was doing and made a mess of the job. Ever since then, I've been freaked out by the whole procedure.
  12. Just to see what would happen, I bred one of my turps to a harvest and got a harvest egg.
  13. The other day I dreamed briefly that I loaned a book to my friend Josh. The next day I went to the library to borrow a book and unexpectedly encountered him. Coincidence? Last night I had a crazy dream that I was in this sort of Hogwarts-esque boarding school. A lot of the students there belonged to some sort of secret society - the sort of object of your education there was to learn enough to be accepted to the society and then to carry out its orders, and the society members would try to keep the new students out. They tried to kill me by pushing a statue on top of me. Also there was this one hallway that was haunted or something. It was always dark, and you had to be carrying something when you walked through it - there were tables full of odds and ends on either end of the hall for the people who used it. If you went in empty-handed, everything would start to warp and bulge into weird shapes and gravity would pull you in weird directions, and voices would start to whisper to you. It was one of the things you did to prove yourself, going into there empty-handed to show how long you could stand to be in there, but nobody could do it very long.
  14. My name is the result of a typo. I was typing along and found I'd written that someone was wearing "silvor" armor, and I decided it was a cool-looking word, so I made a mental note to use it for something. I added the "Moon" on the end because the moon is my astrological sign, and hey, the moon is cool.
  15. It's funny - I've gotten a reputation as a good cook among my friends. Actually it's just because I've practiced two or three recipes until I've gotten really good at them. Recently I got tired of eating the same old thing for lunch every day, so I bought myself a little bento box and a copy of the Just Bento cookbook, and spent Sunday afternoon rattling around in the kitchen making approximately-Japanese food. Everything was delicious and surprisingly easy to make!
  16. I haven't seen those commercials, so I can't say if they were genuinely offensive or not. On the other hand, joking about PMS is a tricky subject because it feeds back into the stereotype that women are more emotional than men and/or can't control their emotions because they're under the sway of their hormones, and whereas men are supposedly more rational. Which is nonsense, of course, but I've met people who genuinely think that way, and they don't need their attitudes reinforced.
  17. A few of my favorites: My bad writing dragons: a pink named Rouge Angle of Satin, and her mate, a pillow named How Do I Used Tense. Their descendents are Beige Prose, Writer on Board, Cliffhanger Copout, and Kudzu Plot. Some papers: Unfolding Drama, This Message Will Self Destruct, and Snoozepaper. Some cheeses: icanhascheezdragon, Horace in Tartan, and Goblins Love Gouda And a green named I Wanted That Name.
  18. Right now, I am working as an editor for a small nonfiction press. I would have preferred fiction, but this is nice too. My dream is to someday write books of my own. I keep starting serious novels and wandering off to write fanfiction instead... I guess I'm not completely grown up yet.
  19. I'm freaked out by scorpions. I was browsing in a pet store once, looking at the snakes and lizards and things (which I actually think are cute) and I leaned down to get a better look at something in the back of a cage, and it turned out to be a scorpion as big as my hand. Cue me screaming and doing a freakout dance there in the aisle. It doesn't matter if they're behind glass, dead, preserved, whatever, I can't stand to have a scorpion anywhere near me. I also have problems with blood and needles. I went to see the Hunger Games and managed to stand watching all the people fighting and dying but had to close my eyes during the bits where they did a blood test and injected her with a tracker because there were needles. Weirdly enough, going to restaurants I've never been in before gives me problems. I really have to nerve myself up even to walk into a fast food place for a hamburger if it's a place I've never been - I'll be shaking and palms sweating and everything. I have this paranoid sense that I'll violate some unwritten code of conduct and they'll throw me out.
  20. I've finally got them all! They're so pretty. Many thanks to the spriters!
  21. Just caught a cheese egg today with the last three letters of its code spelling "MAC". Clearly this is a mac-and-cheese dragon.
  22. I have a bunch. I think the sleepy baby cheese dragons are one of the cutest sprites.
  23. Lately I've been having issues with Embers. I don't even like them, but I click them whenever I see them. Mostly I've just been giving or trading them after I catch them. I also tend to click on Vines and Whites, even though I don't need them for any reason either. Though recently I thought of a reason to want Whites so I don't mind having them now. I will always click Harvests, Vampires, and Papers when I see them, but that's just because I think they're awesome and I want a gazillion of them.
  24. One of my few life-paired sets of dragons is an ice named Unquestionable Bravery and a Rosebud named Unquestionable Devotion. I found out that one of the Rosebuds I bred from them this holiday season is named Unquestionable Honesty. That made me happy.