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  1. Here's mine.. 1http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JISeuxdDJM&feature=fvsr 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyjxxvNJAY4&feature=related 3
  2. PC... Not saying they're better, but they are cheaper..
  3. I haven't read the books, but I've seen the movies. Although, I've been told that the books would be more worth my time than the movies..
  4. There isn't any more good one any more..
  5. AngealAxel

    Star Wars

    Not too much into Star Wars..
  6. AngealAxel

    Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga is so out there, but her songs are cool..
  7. AngealAxel

    Green Day

    Meh.. Green Day is pretty cool..
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    Not that big of a fan of Halo, but I love the weapons.
  9. AngealAxel


    I want a chocobo.. Travel would be so cheap & they're so much better than a stupid horse..
  10. FF 1, Okami, FF12, & KH chain of memories. So, far Okami & KH are the only ones that I'm close to finishing. lol
  11. Has anyone seen this awesome movie!? Fans come post here!!
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    Bleach is pretty awesome, but I kind of got tried of it, cause the show is a little too long.
  13. #1 DAD.. That is the worst movie ever.. God, it was so bad.. I would seriously rather drop a huge rock on my foot than wacth the movie.
  14. Couldn't tell u.. I like a lot of anime..
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    Eh.. Naruto is alright, but it gets annoying on how long the show is..
  16. My fave ones of Harry Potter are # 1 & 2.. The other movies were good too, but if they'd followed the book like the 1st 2 movies, I think they'd get more attention. It's kind of sad how long it's taken them to finish the movies & how Harry doesn't look like the age he's suppost to be.
  17. Okami is such a ba game.. So, far I'm at the very last part of the game "just before u go up onto to ark." My plan is to stock up on all items, weapons, find the stray beads & what ever else I missed before Ammy goes to fight the last boss. I mean this is the last part of the game & I can't have Ammy dieing.
  18. Final Fantasy is pretty ba.. I haven't played all of the games yet, so I can't say I have a fave, but I'm really hoping to play FF7. Hopefully they remake the game for PS3.
  19. KH rocks!!! I can't wait to play KH Birth by Sleep!!
  20. AngealAxel


    Like their songs a lot better before the bands changed.