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Yes, I own the female CB Holly, MAGIC. No, I am not taking requests or trading Holly Eggs. They are already accounted for. Other offspring, maybe.I am open to breeding anything on my scroll that has been named. Magatha.png

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    Ohio United States (Cave Timezone)
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    2nd or 3rd even gen dragons with spriter alts, old pinks, frills, or CB alts(Anything you can not get anymore. Female CB hollies like my own, and Sweetling alts count too.)

    Paper, Chicken, any color Dino

    Also trying to fill gaps in my CB collection. If you want non-holiday offspring from MAGIC, a CB egg of whatever you want is always considered a fair trade to me. It makes sense, because it gets me what I need if I don't have it, and should be the same level of difficulty to catch as to breed.
    Please do not ask me about a Holly egg. I can only guarantee one of those a year, so when 10 people ask me(Probably more if I were more active here), it can get annoying.

    How My Scroll is Sorted:
    I have my holiday dragons on top, and all the dragons at the bottom without names are older dragons with messy lineages.