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    Registration (Open the first three days of every month. October it is open from the 1st to the 6th) So last night/today I discovered this game on a different petsite and I went ahead and joined. I've been playing it all day, and its actually really nice in the terms of petsites. You focus on WILD horses, no humans in sight, and have to focus on their survival and prosperity instead of a raging cycle of breeding. Its pretty much meant for rp-ers who like to take petsite animals and make them into full fledged characters. Every horse you own is completely separated, meaning that they can each lead their own lives on different sides of the map. Besides making your own horse (who's coloration is randomly generated), you can adopt one that was born from already existing horses, and in most cases will continue to live with their mother in her herd for the first few years of their lives. The lore alone is amazing. There's a wide variety of religions to worship, each with fully fleshed out gods, and there's plenty of islands each with their own cultures to be native to. I strongly suggest you read up on them in the encyclopedia before choosing one, since they each have their own perks. Though your choice isn't forever, you can choose to worship at different shrines if you please and even convert other horses into your religion! The energy bar (called AP = action points) is constantly refilling and the more you train and explore, the more you can build up. The training system is flexible and thought out, so you can train alone or move to a clan (for fillies) or a band (for colts) if you want the guidance of a elder. The mechanics of the game are impressive, especially how flexible everything is. Mares can join a herd, or be courted into one by someone else's stallion, then the next day you might have someone fighting the lead stallion for the right to claim your mare into his own herd. I absolutely love it, and I hope you guys will too if you decide to join. The graphics are wonderful, the community is super nice and everyone's really tight nit, since its not one of the big name petsites. Though the registration is normally only open for the first three days of the month, this month there's a contest going on so its open from the 1st to the 6th!
  2. Accept: Accept: This is too good this should be the actual description for this type of dragon! Okay, wow, I'm pretty sure that's the nicest thing possible that could come from a description comment. Accept: Accept: Very well written. —T. Accept: Wow. Emotionally powerful. Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Thanks you two. Accept: WOW this is great! NIce enough for a story! -Eyes the 'give your dragon a journal' thread- Maaaaybe Accept: Accept: Oh, what a story. I love it. ~SB Thanks sbowen~ Accept: Accept: Well. This is creepy. Like it. Accept: What a serious job for a little hatchling! ~D Accept: I'd be worried if it wasn't considered creepy. I couldn't fit in a sentence that explained his frozen state fully, so I hoped that 'the stunted beast' would be enough. The actual dragon hatched on Aug 08, 2013, though the description counterpart is at least a hundred or so years old.
  3. I caught Uxye's direct sibling. I was hunting around the AP looking at pretty lineages when I saw it. I dropped another ember I was using for that project to grab it before realizing my mistake. I'm gonna keep it and have fun with those descriptions. Thanks again~
  4. Took this one for use in a lineage project. Leaving - Second gen thunder from thunder x sunsong And the avatar from earlier is still available. Just offer a dummy, and I'll make sure that you left something for the thread before accepting.
  5. Offered on this. I can't resist more golden wyverns. Leaving - This 3rd gen Avatar of Creation stair stepped with Tsunamis.
  6. Offered on this Leaving - 3rd gen Avatar of Destruction with spitfire.
  7. Thanks to natayah for this. For those who don't get it look at the grandparent's codes.
  8. I just got Age Appropriate on a placeholder. When you see the name's intended owner's grandparents you understand why.
  9. Bred my only female line GoN to a Almandine, got another Pyralspite.
  10. Accept: Aw poor guy, but interesting story! ~X Accept: Very interesting tale to explain an alt! ~D I felt like that was one of my not-so-good descriptions, but two accepts both with comments? That's not something you see everyday. Accept: Nice -H Accept: Accept: Yay you corrected! (still think the foster mom choice is a bit funny, I hope she has a description here somewhere)~briar Accept: Accept: Well, she doesn't have any comments yet but since you asked, here you go. Accept: OK -H Accept: Accept: I like seeing a dragon on the edge of exile! Accept: Accept: Hmm, I don't know how "small" a Blacktip is to allow them into fox dens. I suppose it is acceptable, considering there's no answer either way. ~D Accept: Accept: Looking at the 'how big is your dragon' chart, Blacktails would only come up to my knee. Itsy bitsy dragons. I doubt he has any trouble squeezing into one.
  11. Most of mine got their beginning cracks (besides the ones only at six days). The lowest is at 949 while the highest is at 1,113. I did incubate the highest viewed one, but the lowest was not.
  12. Look at this beauty I found after a day of hunting. With all of the red nebula's I have lying around, I think I'll try to breed them a mate.
  13. I was poking around my dragons and discovered this beauty. Bone Knocker and Leesaro are mine.
  14. Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons combine their powers, summoning a mysterious egg. *victory screech* After so so long, my brand new female magma finally pulled through.
  15. Yeah earthquaking as I have three golds on my scroll is the best possible thing I could do. All three died.
  16. Four out of five turned for me this year, only one decided to turn to dust.
  17. I'd love to be a professor, then I get to help hundreds of new trainers take their first step, and I'd still get some of the benefits of being a trainer, while still being respected.
  18. Name : Quillion Breed : Gold Mate/s : The ones in the progeny and about twelve others that he refused. Fail to produce : A single gold. Just one. That's all I ask. Progeny : x
  19. My one female gold gave me her third gold egg in a row, and my other one produced this gorgeous lineage.
  20. To be able to get catches up with everything. I leave for a half of year, and BOOM twenty new breeds. And now I can't get a simple horse or daydream, let alone the coppers! I have absolutely /nothing/ to try to get myself to higher breeds. Do you know what I got with one of my gold eggs? Two nightmare eggs. I don't even know what goes for what when trading anymore.
  21. I just got here and I have no idea what's going on, but I like it.
  22. Well, I guess this is what I get for being a idiot.
  23. Brambleclaw, Hollywhatever, Sol, Lionheart, everyone that is after the first series. First series of Warriors is good, after that is a dead horse being whipped.