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    For me it was the opposite. The title gave me the story. Which is backwards, but I don't like to question my muse. :3
  2. I just named my new hatchling after her father. I hope it'll please whoever owns him.
  3. I just love the scene in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman where Dorian Grey says "growl". It's so funny.
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    I'm too excited. I just made myself a cover out of anticipation.
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    I've actually broken down my novel into 120 blocks/scenes, so I know where you're coming from. My point was just that being unprepared is certainly not an instant nano-fail.
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    Okay, I don't think you need to "prepare" for nanowrimo. The point is to just write unselfconsciously until you have something. So just sit down on day 1 and start typing.
  7. I know it would be infeasible and kind of silly for an author to do this, but I secretly hope JK Rowling would release somethign letting us know a bit about what happened to all the fun non-main characters. Although, this might kill some good fanfiction.
  8. What I find amusing about this is that I cannot believe, in the real world, that Harry (at least) would not be popular given what he's accomplished. That is of course up until the point where his name was ruined by the Ministry.
  9. Book Number: 1 Number of Pages: 113 Book Title: Jesus' Son (It's not religious) Author: Denis Johnson Rating: 4.98/5
  10. Most of my dragons were female, then suddenly an entire batch of eggs turned into males. It was very fortunate.
  11. I didn't particularly enjoy either. BUT Twilight has spawned the most entertaining humor and mocking. Funny stuff = victory for Twilight.
  12. Abandoning a hatchling dinosaur that i accidentally picked up amidst all the abandoned eggs
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    Dresden Files Series

    I absolutely adore the Dresden Files. I accidentally brought home one of the books from my grandparents' library and read the entire thing in one night. the next morning I went back to finish the series.
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    This is my first year doing Nano and I'm psyched! I really hope I make it. I've already outlined 3/4 of my novel. It's a medical drama. Plus, nanowrimo inspired me to start my own dragoncave lineage!
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    Aww they sound super cute! I intend to get a beared dragon one day when I have my own house. My mom's afraid of reptiles.