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  1. Nasty Girl - The Notorious B.I.G.
  2. Well the egg came first. How? As their earliest ancestors slowly evolved generation by generation over millions of years, one batch of eggs held the DNA of our modern day chicken. Maybe not exact, but similar enough.
  3. Congratz to all the winners! On the 24th, some lucky person is gunna get a beautiful tinsel!
  4. That was the Cambryan period, in case you were wondering. >:I Pressed y instead of i TPMB: Who cares? They're dead
  5. if i had a jalapeno and i ate a bakerenr, what do i have left? FML messed up habenero Next, Peter Piper Picked a Patch of Patricks Picture Perfect Pizza
  6. Well starting at round 5:30 PM EST time, i started to get constantly called by some Private Number over and over again. It got so annoying i just turned off my phone. I turned on my phone about 3 minutes ago and im getting called constantly again. What in the world is happening? BTW, i live in New York City, and even my facebook friends are getting the calls.
  7. I got a original Pygmy with the code Cpt0 Captain Zero
  8. That is a very shiny quarter 100%!! (I took typing classes ) supercalifraglististexpialidocious EPICLY HARD (that is correct spelling)
  9. Just renamed a Male and Female pair Blackout Galaxy Pm me of you want an offspring of it when my female hatchling grows up.
  10. -swipes freshly caught CB black -
  11. 2? 1: I have a girlfriend 2: I'm eating popcorn 3: I'm watching tv
  12. I think im gunna come back to Hatchlings for good. Miss the old gang though SUMMARY AND WHATS GOING ON PLOX?
  13. Puff the Ice Cold Dragon Reminded me of the nursery rhyme Puff the Magic Dragon. Made me chuckle
  14. Cow brain, eye and intestine taco My friends that were with me had the most priceless throw up faces EVAR
  15. ~Removed; please keep links board appropriate~
  16. Where in the world did you get the idea that putting millions and possibly billion tonnes of Co2 into the air every year doesn't affect global warming? Look at the temperature difference from the start of the industrial age, and now. HUGE difference. Look at the temperature before that, its a lot colder than it is now.
  17. Well the reason is because hydrogen has to be pumped into the car at a specified pressure for it to work. There are only about a few thousand hydrogen refilling stations for people that test out the car. Right now, Gas powered cars still dominate because its a cheap easier way >.>
  18. Yes in the time of the dinosaurs it was mostly made by volcanic activity and burping algae. But there hasnt been a supermassive volcanic explosion in millions of years. Yes, there is one in Yellow Stone, but the last time it erupted was eons ago. I know that volcanic eruptions happening today chip in a part of the global warming, but that chip is probably like 5%. We humans probably make 70-80% of that circle. Other is made by farts and other pollution.
  19. Yes but that happened naturally and we don't even know the real cause of the high temperatures. We know that we are making the Earth warm up because we burn fossil fuels. No other race before us as burn fossil fuels. As we burn them, we release Co2 that was locked away millions of years ago back into the atomosphere. Slowly turning Earth into its natural state during the dinosaurs; in which every place had the same weather conditions, hot and humid.
  20. Im pretty sure its the Book of Mormon. (I live in NYC ) Funny thing. Every time i open my door to religious people; like Jehovah's Witnesses, i pretty much slam the door on them