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  1. No. Idea. -Crab walks into the ocean-
  2. Forum Name:XxdragicexX Scroll Link:Here Breed of Dragon(s) Requested: Alt Nebulas How many dragons in the request:Two Specific pose?: Make it look like their cuddling Media(Sketch, Traditional, Computer Art):Computer Art Payment: Already sent you the Telelink
  3. PLEASE GENDER MALE Gave me the case of LULZ And yes. The belly is a hump
  4. Tyra i've pmed you a link with a 2nd gen pillowxValentines 2011 Can i has a pair of Alt Nebulas cuddling? Look at meh siggy for ref.
  5. http://dragcave.net/lineage/vreF One of the first 20 dragons i ever got. Epic even 4gen
  6. Fatter version (of) Peter Griffin
  7. They look like little Ant-eaters (Because of the long face) that have scythes attached to their arms
  8. If there are more Shadow Walkers, Black Marrows, and Vampires, the a be replaced with the and add an s to the end of the name.
  9. Text: XxdragicexX's Scroll Color(s): Black as background and Green for text. Any images: Alt Green Nebula Male Payment (if applicable): Well, what would you like? Size: Like Buggot's Which type of badge would you like:My Scroll Animation:Same as Buggot's Anything else: Derp Herp Shiny Tinsels are Shiny And I <3 Sweetlings
  10. 1734 Look at how many posts have been on this forum. Then look at the current number
  11. Cheesy Joke Cake Cheesey Joke Cake for a Cheese dragon
  12. Pretty! Kinda looks like a pillow dragon
  13. Oh my. I was reading about the new dragons, and i just noticed. They said the gold egg sprite was changed to reduce confusion between the actual gold dragon and gold tinsel! http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Currently_Being_Released
  14. I got 2 of both Egg locked now though >:I
  15. Got 2 golds and a blue Need. One. More. Blue. >:I ILL BE BACK IN 58 MINUTES I TELL YOU
  16. Nope Smalul, the 5 minute drops only drop 3 eggs. 3 eggs with 200 people waiting... they would be gone in a flash.
  17. Oh my God. Does this mean we also get another release on Valentines day? EPICC
  18. Caught one gold on the 1 hour drop >.> Man this is gunna be a long day
  19. Over 200 people waiting in the Alpine Biome. With my crappy connection, theres no way im gunna be getting those eggs any time soon.