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  1. LOLOLLOLOLO PIEMASTER your songs made my day. Satisfaction... In my pants Chiaki 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If I Die Young...In my pants Lol im gunna die young in my pants. Chiaki 16!
  3. Cynthia Chiaki 15! One mroe Lulubelle
  4. False Chiaki 12! TPBM has a Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  5. I'm Vulnerable Kill Me lol Chiaki 11!
  6. Banned for not winning this year Chiaki 10
  7. Can i join again? I kinda miss doing a serious RP. I just need like a general summary of whats going on. And some way i can join in O.o
  8. Chaiki 7 Lol i need 13 more. This is gunna take a while.
  9. Banned for finishing Chaiki's task before me! 6
  10. Banned for mentioning Chaiki! 3 17 more to go >
  11. http://dragcave.net/lineage/0oBgX Ironic eh? This is from my Blackout Lineage Project. My offspring of my pair had the code 0oBgX (Oooooo! Blackout Galaxy X)
  12. Beautiful work Tyra Can't wait to see what you cooked up for my request
  13. Im 14 But i act like a mature adult. Most of the time I've been known in my school as the Tiny Cute Asian Adult (Im tiny and the girls think im as cute as a picture of a baby playing with toys O.o)
  14. Unknowingly, something obese in hiding saw a Jackel. acytbtad
  15. Hai guys Just popping in to see whats going on. I miss the old gang though :[
  16. Then your saying he has a * , a **, and ?
  17. Dragon plox? Type:DC Dragons (Alt Nebulas Green and red) Background:White Pose/Look: Make it look like they are cuddling. For references, look at the pair of Nebulas Shajana drew for me Offer:http://dragcave.net/lineage/WJ1cp 2nd gen Golden x Golden Reference:For references, look at the pair of Nebulas Shajana drew for me Others: Ill PM you the eggy link
  18. But if God made people to look like him, would he have a gender because people have genders?