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  1. I have an original pygmy with the code Cpt0 (Caps are like that)
  2. Awww i see your sick.I hope you feel better! -waits patiently for requested art-
  3. Xalfer and Shela followed Crusher back to the main cave to see if they could be of some use。As Balthan layed Crusher down,Shela went to the storage room and got some dried beef and some tea leaves。She heated up some water with her fire breath and put the tea leaves in the bowl of water。She walked back into the room and gave the food to Crusher。Here,eat up。Your leg has taken a lot of damage but it should heal nicely as long as you rest for awhile。
  4. ((i actually made my character sheet a long time ago but it hasnt been accepted))
  5. Yeh when i made Shela, her character sheet wasnt posted in the front for some resaon.
  6. Sharly, Shela is my other character. Xalfer and Shela you could say are boyfriend and girlfriend They are in my siggy
  7. Xalfer and Shela stared in awe as the two fought. They didnt want to get involved because they knew he was too powerful. Even for the both of them. The fight didnt last for more than a few minutes, but it didnt need to. The unknown dragon melted into the air and ran away. Seeing Crusher hurt, they both flew down to him. "Oh my god are you ok?" Shela grabbed a handful of weeds around her and wrapped it around the wound. Xalfer flew back to the pond to get some water in a bowl and returned; giving it to Crusher. "Come on hang in there!"
  8. Oh and im back Back to create destruction! jk
  9. Harry Potter and The * of Hogwarts. Chiaki 12
  10. All looks kill Siamese vets for beating hogs. Chiaki 10 bvfgruk
  11. True By Toboe you mean Doboe from HP right? TPBM does things he wouldnt do in public.
  12. Xalfer's ears twitched to the noise being made around him. A large screech came from a cave nearby. "Thats our que!" Xalfer and Shela darted to the noise gliding. Once it came into view, they were shocked. "What in the world?"
  13. (Blue=Xalfer, Red=Shela) (If you dont know my characters, they are both Alt Nebulas that are in a relationship ) Xalfer and Shela playing in the water and catching fish when they heard a "sonic boom" like sound. What was that? Xalfer jumped out of the water and flew up a bit. He saw a ripple through the trees going away from a cave. "What was it?" "I'm not sure... All i saw was a ripple that went through the trees."
  14. Love your character sheet Chasilin You may have a low amount of posts, but i can already tell your a great story maker.