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  1. Vixonstar hates nebulas because he doesnt have as many as me.
  2. Blackdragon likes to drive by daycares with a big van that says "Free candy!"
  3. Tyra i have an edit that i would like to be made.Do you think you could make the one on the right a flip version of the left? I know this might make it take so much longer so you mind as well work on Dragongirls first.
  4. Awww it looks pretty If i had enough room in my siggy, i'd put it in.
  5. That does look pretty Can i haz offspring when it becomes spring?
  6. My GoN i recently summoned has the code FoKKs (F-bomb)
  7. I want one! Username: XxdragicexX What you want me to draw: Dragon (Alt Nebula Green) Position: Sitting and looking at the sky. Emotion: Smiling (Happy) Medium: Digital Lineart Extra: sig version I can wait to see D
  8. Evangeline likes to stare at the childrens playground across the street of her house.
  9. ZOMGZSOCUTE :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Could you resize into siggy size plox?
  10. >:l Must. Get. One. Before. Going. To. School.
  11. Process can i reserve a spot after Krystal? Ill try to catch a CB split when needed to
  12. I would like a Sprite! Forum Name:XxdragicexX Name of the Dragon:Cloud AmpithereOptional Sketch:Here Stage:Shading(Sprite lines, Flat color or Shaded) Spriter/s:Meepsa[/b Dragon stage:Adult Do you want the spriter to sketch? Nope
  13. Anyone else want to join me in the playroom? I want to chat with others
  14. Xalfer woke up in a daze on an operating table. "What's happening?" Another pink creature walked up to him and said, "Alright let's get this thing over with." The man took a needle and stuck it carefully between Xalfer's scales; injecting something that made his left leg numb. He then took a large metal object that clinched onto one of his scales. "What are you doing!?" Xalfer's started to scream as the man pulled out one of his scales. It didn't hurt, but he was scared. They then took a blood sample and after put a bandaid over the spot. On it, it showed a picture of a pink creature and text that he couldn't read. Another creature walked up to him and loosens the chains that kept him to a table. She picked him up but she had a gentle touch. So he didn't bite her. She took her to the play room and gently put Xalfer down. He tugged on her shirt and she smiled.
  15. Its alright Audi。 You take all the time you need。
  16. |Song of | the |_Wolves_ |___Scarlett__|__Xalfer__|_________| ____________________________________________ | | |____Skye_ |___Kilf___|____________|_________| ____________________________________________ | | |__Ryder__ |___________|____________|_________| ____________________________________________ | | |__Laia__ |___________|____________|_________|
  17. ((I HAVE JOINED!!!!!!!!)) Xalfer woke up inside of a moving box and was getting knocked around. "Where am I?" The bars opened and he walked out;only to walk into another cage, but bigger. The door slammed behind him, "Welcome to your new home." said a pink thing. There was a bowl of meat and water in one corner. Xalfer walked over to the bowl of water and drank some. Quickly, he started to feel drowsy and feel asleep.
  18. >:l Crape. I dont know what you could sketch for me >:l WAITTTT Do you think you could draw a boy and a girl hugging each other? Like the girl with her leg up and a heart around em (Valentines day is coming up. Thats why i asked )
  19. >:l Im so jealous! Your drawings and pictures are so good! Too bad i dont have a paypal account or something Do you accept eggies?
  20. ((Laura a gold has strong scales A needle isnt going to puncture the scales.))
  21. ((Umbre you havent told me why my character sheet wasnt accepted. You ignored my pm also >.>))
  22. >:I Umbre why didnt you accept my sheet? I sent it before the huge wave of people.
  23. ((WTFFF you guys at page 5 already lol.))