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  1. Yah ill go play around with your drawing some more. http://www.flickr.com/photos/75717446@N05/...in/photostream/
  2. L.O.V.E I.T But can i haz siggy size?
  3. :l -googles picture of em- Haz i gotten better?
  4. Audi i got a question. Would you like any specific constellations in the artwork? I currently have the big dipper and the north star. Anything like Leo or Orion?
  5. T.T I cant made the crescent moon look real It looks like a floating white banana with holes in it :l And i dont understand how to shade the craters But i'll figure out sooner. And yesh. You can use it for anything you want. EDIT: Can i just make some stars instead?
  6. Audi, would you like to request a background? I think ill do those for now.
  7. XxdragicexX's Art Dump I've moved onto egg sprites but still do backgrounds. You can use my drawings and sprites for anything you want but you must give me credit Also, THEY ARE FREEEEE Examples of egg sprites: http://karvenxd.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps
  8. Use Sammy's edits to it. Also Sammy, put the sheet in code, and bold all of the starts. Like this : [B]Forum Name/How can I contact you:[/B] [B]What are you requesting?:[/B] (BE SPECIFIC!) [B]References:[/B] [B]Pose? Chat Bubbles?:[/B] [B]Payment:[/B] CB, PB or clean lineaged Eggs/Hatchies please ^^ [B]Password:[/B] Also, i sent you a PM with a telelink with my two hatchlings. You can have up to 4 hatchlings and 4 eggs btw.
  9. Save me slot one I'll get 2 2nd gen PB nebula hatchlings for you, and an IOU for a 3rd gen even gen PB nebula egg. I'z make my request later Heres a draft of the request sheet you can use. Fourm Name: What are you requesting?: (BE SPECIFIC!) References: Pose? Chat Bubbles?: Payment: Password: Fourm Name: XxdragicexX What are you requesting?: Two Alt Nebulas. Green and Red. Reference: Look at my siggy. Pose? Chat Bubbles?: Make it look like they're cuddling. Payment: 2 2nd gen PB nebula hatchlings, and an IOU for an 3rd gen even gen PB nebula egg. Password: Monkeywrench
  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/75717446@N05/6804126262/ I still have a long way to go to make actual art
  11. I tried Brushes by using Installous -Fun- And its ok. Theres a ton of cool brush styles you can use and you can even send the images to Flickr! The only problem for me is the shading part for me And the idea of layering stuff. I made a little background called "The Perfect Day” Although it is very crappy as my skills are crappy
  12. Thanks for the research I think im going to buy sketchbook pro because I can play around with the tools until i get used to it. Then, ill open my own art forum
  13. I've seen so many people say The Big Bang Theory is impossible because something cannot just come out of nothing. But when i say “Well then how was God created?” They say that he was always there which totally contridicts what they just said。 They pretty much just said god doesnt exist because “Something cannot come out of nothing!
  14. Sharly do you think Brushes for the iPad is a good drawing app? I can't decide because there are so many good ones
  15. Hey Audi do you think Brushes for the iPad is a good app for drawing?
  16. I AM MISO SOUP Hint: Look at the codes of some of my dragons
  17. Why not I'd like to see how it looks in sprite. We only have spritelines right now
  18. DarkEternity says the wings are wrong and whatnot. And how they should be something like this. Also, do you think you could make the feathers on the head longer?
  19. Ohhh pretty Thanks for doing this so fast! -Unlike some spriters -
  20. Steamrider, the sprite just turns up as a "This image has been deleted or moved."
  21. I want a Sprite Forum name:XxdragicexX Name of dragon: Cloud Amipthere Sketch: Its really big I know. It might be hard Short discription: Farts. Also, feathers might piss you off colors: Colors are kinda like this additional information: THANK YOUUU