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  1. O-o-o-o-Obama Obama GO GO GO GO Obama Obama O-o-o-o OBAMA!
  2. http://dragcave.net/lineage/bURst SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL! I noticed the new halloween eggs had neat codes so i was poking around and found this beauty Might breed with http://dragcave.net/lineage/UAJEW
  3. I need to be removed I am a lister and need to be removed from the list because: Power came on for me last night Caught 6 beauties. Even one with the code bURst! Happy Halloween!
  4. Huts.. Huts... I believe around the 14th-15th century. So right now their weapons are limited to arrows, swords, catapults and hot oil. Yes hot oil It would be put in catapults and thrown onto the enemy
  5. *Runs in circles screaming*
  6. ((I have no business here but you guys are on page 1337 ))
  7. ((Can i take that last dragon spot in Chosen?))
  8. Wait so what time zone are we in? the 17th-18th century?
  9. Killed 5 adults got 0 zombies Depressed now lol
  10. I have many prized code dragons i horde Coastal Wave Runner-AteDJ (Favorite) Nocturne-UAJEW Nocturne-BUsYR GoN-FoKks Guardian-FacEd Original Pygmy-Cpt0 Water-OkYbi Weather-PoOEr
  11. So should i hold off on trying to join the RP until we can get everything together?
  12. I live in Lower Manhattan and the power here may not be restored for a couple of days. Effing Hurricane Sandy :L Please add me to the lists Forum ID: XxdragicexX Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/XxdragicexX Proof that I read the rules: Honeysuckle Happy Halloween!
  13. Kay if i can remember correctly i had 2 alt neb hatchlings; Xavier and.. SHELA ._. took forever looking through the actual forum to find out her name. So now they are Alt neb adults aaaaaand how do i enter the story without making everything confusing and blargggg?
  14. BLARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I need to catch up with everything again
  15. @Syaoran i laughed so hard at the end
  16. LLD im surprised to see you still here RPing I might join again. If i can remember and catch up with the story
  17. I Wuvs your art i cant wait to see them
  18. "Man how long do you leave it in there?" We were baking cookies. Well.... we tried to.....
  19. I can give you 2 cb neb eggs both under 5 days. One can be ERed to be hatchling. If possible, can you draw me a husky with a cute face facing us?