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  1. Sweet i can continue with Xalfer's history now. Also, expect another girl around
  2. Oh and has anyone approved my second character yet? Wait can we even have 2 characters?
  3. Username: XxdragicexX Name: Shela Gender: Female Type/Breed: Nebula Alt Power: None at the moment. Personality: Very playful but serious when problems are introduced to her Appearance: Red nebula background with stars and on a little left of the left wing the Orion constellation is shown. Age/Stage:Female Gendered History:Was abandoned in the old cave when a human army raided her cave killing everyone in it except her who hid under a rock. Before that was she was Xalfer's best friend. When she heard Xalfer was gone, she went into a long period of depression thinking that Xalfer
  4. "Veren!" Xalfer shouted once again. Xalfer started to help himself to the honey and it tasted so sweet and good since he usually ate meat. This was a rare time that he was alone and had all the time to himself. He tried thinking about his past but didnt get anything. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The needle the memory he wanted and the haystack, his brain. He tried his hardest but didnt get anything. But before he was about to give up something flashed in his mind. A memory, of his childhood. "Come on Shela!" "Wait up! Your going to fast!" Xalfer looked at the s
  5. Seeing everybody else go out for a walk Xalfer decided to go out too. He casually walked around the forest playing with butterflies. It made him feel calm and very playful. As he walked around, he found a bee's nest and slowly started to walk away. Not looking at where he was going, he tripped over a twig and snapped it. That got the bee's attention and felt threatened. Swarms of them started going for Xalfer. He stood there in fear as they swarms came. They stung him everywhere but only a few actually went through the scales.They stun and he started to scream. After the 4th scream, he sc
  6. "Yawn!!!!!!! Oh my god im tired..." Xalfer said lazily. He lifted his head and stretched his limbs a bit. He started to walk to the stream when his stomach grumbled. Then, he remembered that the last time he ate was a day before the portal trip. Xalfer started to splash water on his face and drank a bit of it before he walked out to hunt. It didn't take long for him to find a few rabbits and 3 adult salmon in a nearby stream. He stuffed himself and washed off the hardened ash on his scales. After his bath, he felt very refreshed. Without thinking about it, he just started to fly. He
  7. I have cb pygmy with the code Cpt0 Also, i have a pillow dragon with the code rike
  8. "Hey, we all help each other in any way we can. Now, stop talking, drink plenty of water, and rest. The more you talk, the more worse that cough is going to get."
  9. Xalfer went over to a small puddle of water and scooped some of it into a hollowed out bowl. As he walked back to Veren he coughed some ash out feeling pain in his chest. He ignored the pain and drizzled the water into Veren's mouth. "Feeling better yet?" Xalfer asked with a smirk face as he handed the bowl to Veren.
  10. "Thanks so much Varyan." Xalfer then started to walk over to the Ginger who was screaming at the others for forgetting us. "Whoa whoa whoa easy there Ginger. It wasn't their fault. The portal had a limited time before it closed."
  11. "PORTAL!" Xalfer screamed. He quickly darted for the portal jumping over cracks in the ground and dodging flying lava bombs. The smog stung his eyes but he kept on going. Then, he felt pain shoot through his body. He quickly started tumbling but made it into the portal. As he looked to see what caused the pain, he saw a huge burn on his back that burned his fur and a bit of his flesh. "Healer? Please?"
  12. Xalfer looked back and saw Veren coughing in the ash. He couldn't just leave him there so he turned around and flew back while holding his breathe as long as he could."You ok Veren? I could just carry you out of the ash cloud. Faia! Where are you?!"
  13. "DAM IT!" Xalfer screamed as the portal closed. He quickly had to return to flight mode to avoid crashing into the ground."We may be trapped Veren, but we can still make it out. Come on! Follow me everyone!" Xalfer started to fly the opposite way of the ash cloud to reduce smoke inhalation.
  14. (Zomgz so much happened) Xalfer didnt really speak throughout the commotion but did freak out when the ground exploded under him. He quickly jumped and started to flap his wings ignoring the pain in his wing. He flew to a high altitude, folded his wings in and went into bullet mode. Xalfer quickly caught up with the others but was still in the back. ( Alright i edited it )
  15. In 5th grade, I kissed my girlfriend at the graduation dance where we publicly announced our relationship. We are still together! 3 years 6 months and still going strong I remember that day like it was yesterday. The entire party became silent and OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  16. Xalfer also quickly ran to all the commotion and heard everything. Dragon cancer...... he thought. "Come on Cryna! Ill carry you the rest of the way. Anything to help." Xalfer said. He slowly picked up Cryna and slipped her on his back. "You guys ready to move? The position Cryna is in right now will mean we will have to get there as fast as we can." EDIT: OHHH its Crisie.... Read it wrong i guess.
  17. "VAROK!" Xalfer screamed. "Your gunna play for that ugly....." Xalfer bolted in a zig-zag direction and jumped. The king swung his arm at Xalfer but he quickly flapped his wings to gain height. Even with his right wing injured, he felt no pain. Jumping onto the king's arm, Xalfer runs up the arm and onto the king's shoulder. Then, while jumping in front of the king's face, he scratches the right eye which was his only good eye left. Hoping he blinded the king, Xalfer quickly flaps his wings to reduce the landing speed.
  18. "Leave it to me....." Xalfer quickly sprinted dodging all the fire and swords until he reached under the King's belly. There he tried finding spots of weakness. Where there were no scales. He found one, then quickly picked up a sword. He fumbled with it as dragon hands werent made for sword fighting. He aimed it at the weak spot and... Bullseye! The sword went right in. The king then looked under and saw Xalfer. He could see the pain in the king's eyes and the rage too. The king then roared and a huge fireball came out."OMG!" Xalfer screamed. He quickly started to run and ducked aside. "G
  19. Xalfer slowly started to regain strength and got onto his legs. He started to follow the footsteps in the slow Varok left behind to reach the castle. How the duck? Xalfer though as he walked through the large hole in the castle wall. "There you guys are!" Xalfer said walking inside. Hearing the explosions and seeing Faia fight didnt amuse him that much.Another fight? Ugh Xalfer thought. Even with an injured wing, he ran up to the first Minotaur and cut the thing's head off with a few slashes. Turning around, he jumps onto the back of another Minotaur and slashes its back repeatably until
  20. ((Why isnt anyone helping me? Lol i sound so weird saying that.))
  21. You could be another dragon held captive in the castle that Crisie is in. Were almost there anyway
  22. Well both. If you lower the quality, it will be faster. If you have a better performing computer, it will run at a higher FPS rate at a normal rate.
  23. (( Oh and im lying in the snow in pain due to the fact i got an arrow shot into my right wing. It's out now though but it is bleeding. Oh and Spark, its gunna be hard for you to rejoin. Oh wait.... no it wouldnt You could be with Crisie in the castle captured and as we break in to save Crisie, we could also save you. Though i think you would have to create another character for that.)) Sorry, probably should have posted this in the OOC "Varok?" Xalfer screamed. He turned his head to the direction of the shouting he heard and saw a shadowy figure."Varok! Over here!" He screamed again.
  24. Xalfer slowly regained his conscious and his eyesight. When he did, he saw his blood soaked wing, Veren injured, and Varok in serious pain. Xalfer tried to get up but his entire body felt numb and just fell face first into the snow. As Xalfer turned around, memories flashed when the arrow hit him. They were horrifying and his screech echoed in his head giving him a headache. He just wished he was in a warm safe cave and could fall asleep forever.
  25. ((Well we have just entered a portal going to a castle i think and a blizzard is hitting the place. We are also being attacked.) Xalfer was hiding behind a rock waiting for the perfect moment to jump out and kill another minotaur. At the last second, an arrow was shot from somewhere and hit Xalfer right in the shoulder. Pain exploded throughout his body as he screeched and collapsed into the snow. The minotaur heard the screen and say Xalfer's head poking out of the rock. He grunted and held his ax up.Too......much......pain! Can't.........move.. After thinking that last word, Xalfer