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  1. Salter was about to go hunt those dragons down but then a huge flash of light blinded him. "What's happening?" Xalfer screamed. Shela also felt the same flash of light as they were transported somewhere unknown. When the flash finally disappeared, Xalfer and Shela found themselves in cages in an arena."What the hell just happened? Where are we?" "Who is there?" Shela said hearing steps behind her.
  2. Zomgz Arya your cats are so cute! The second one is like ZOMGZ BLINDING LIGHT!
  3. Also could i attack those 3 weather dragons? Cuz Xalfer has already noticed them and Veren is too busy going crazy.
  4. Well you could tell your slave dragons to build a trench that goes to the fortress and then loops back to the river so the transportation ships can go in and out. Also, CHECK OUT MY NEW SIG!
  5. I was locked on the release of the new eggs and i saw a leetle tree in the cave........ FML why did i have to click that deepsea egg?
  6. As they put the rest of the deer in a cold corner, Xalfer noticed something flying in the sky that didn't look familiar. He thought it was a bird... but it was too big and fast to be a bird. He looked closer.... a dragon? He thought it was another lonely dragon but then he saw another.... and another.... Something wasn't right here. Even though he had no idea who those dragons were, he knew they were up to no good. "VEREN!,VAROK!,SCUTA!" Xalfer screamed
  7. YAWN! "Ugh is it morning already?" Xalfer said with a big yawn. "I guess so." Shela said stretching a bit. "Come on lets go to the river and freshen up." Xalfer said walking out the cave. When they got there, Xalfer walked into the cold water and shivered a bit. It took him a while to get used to the temperature of the water as he splashed his face with water. Shela also did the same and even caught a fish that bumped into her. "That reminds me! Want to go hunting?" "Sure!" They both got out and flew really high to see if there was anything. He saw Veren eating a deer which made him very hun
  8. Always jump from incubating ants or unknown earthworms will incubate jumping flies vowing killer nuts. trtvgnjiugj
  9. DC or dragon request?: DC What Type of dragon?: Alt nebula Gender: Male and female Baby or Aduld?: Baby in S2 with the wings Is it possible the male could have its wing over the female and their inside a heart with a pink background?
  10. Is it possible for me to request art right now? It says closed but since you just finished the harptail....... Eh if it is open can you do an alt hatchling nebula pair? They both should be sitting with the male's wing over the female and them both smiling.
  11. I was hunting for the new eggs and BAm LEETE TREE! I clicked maddly on it. "You already have too many eggs and you decided not to take it." FML i had to accidently click on a deep sea egg!
  12. Xalfer woke up startled by the noise of talking dragons outside out cave. He nudged Shela to wake her up as he started to walk towards the cave entrance. He saw Cryna and Scuta in the dark talking and another nebula. He couldnt make out the figure in the dark so he flew down next to them with Shela following him behind. What are you guys doing still up? Waiting for an answer, Xalfer looked up into the starry sky looking at a pretty patch of stars. His wing patterns started to change with the big dipper on his left wing and Orion on his right.
  13. "Well it looks like the day is ending." Xalfer said looking at the sunset. "Well this was the best day of my life" Shela said smiling at Xalfer. They both walked to the cave and took a small corner where they chose to slept. Shela rested her head on her paws sighing with tiredness. Xalfer also did the same next to her as he said, "Good night Shela." "Good night Xalfer."
  14. I could be the one that controls the time of the day it is in the RP since i have long periods of time before each of my posts since not much is happening.
  15. Wuttttttt didnt i make a request before
  16. We got rid of the jobs thingy a long time ago Also, please choose a gender.
  17. "I missed you so much Shela. "I have too Xalfer. The lovebirds walked together looking at Veren give Ryne a present. "Seems like where not the only ones" Xalfer said pointing at Veren. Shela smiled and shouldered Xalfer a little. They took off into the sky with the sunset in the background. They started to chase each other in the sky and Shela finally caught up with Xalfer. Their heads bowed down with their body making a heart with the sun shining through the middle. The perfect way to end a day.
  18. Hai Is it possible that you could make alt nebula's in hatchling stage S2, you know with the wings? Male and female together? Its for my RP If you guys are busy right now i understand. *waits patiently*
  19. Needles, bugs, spiders, anything that looks adnormal, heights, and a clown. I forgot which but its this one particular one.
  20. ((Ohhhhhhhhh. Im to lazy to change the post. How about we just say it was an army that was going to attack dragons for killing them?))
  21. ((Who would want to eat soaked dead meat? It would taste too watery. No taste ))
  22. "Daum that was a lot of rain!" Xalfer said looking at the large spot of destruction Veren probably caused. "Oh my." Shela said while her tummy growled."That reminds me! I haven't eaten in two days. "Well then lets go! Xalfer and Shela took off in search for food. Looking around he saw a lone deer ahead. Shela also noticed the deer and they both darted for the deer. Xalfer snapped the hind leg while Shela snapped its neck. They made a pretty good hunting team! Xalfer ripped off the fur of the deer so it wouldn't get in his mouth as he ate. Shela did the same and stuffed herself full. "Wow
  23. (uhh Newborn Nebs arent colored. They are just pitch black )
  24. Xalfer slowly looked up and saw the old cave. Hoping his parents and Shela was still there he flew up and was disappointed. He saw nobody. But then heard a small squeal! "Who's there?" (this is Shela now) Shela got very scared as she heard a voice. She peeped her head out of her hiding spot and saw a dragon. Who looked very familiar. Then, it suddenly hit her! "X...alfer? Is that really you? Shela said coming out. "Shela! It's really you! Xalfer ran to Shela and Shela ran to Xalfer like two people in love. They rubbed their snouts together and hugged each other."What happened h