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  1. (( Ill be leaving for sleep away camp tomorrow which means i wont be on for a straight month. Ill miss Dragcave and ill get on the second i come back. See you guys in a month :[ ))
  2. (( Oh em gee sorry guys i haven't been on in forever since i had a lot to do in real life. Could i get a quick recap of what has happened so far? ))
  3. Username:XxdragicexX Character Name:Xalfer Age:234(Adult) Gender:Male Type of Pygmy:Dark Myst Back story:Xalfer is the son of Caulfer who was the old King of Abyssalai. After he died defending his land from a pygmy bandit army. He took over the kingdom and has been ruling the place ever since. Personality:Xalfer is a very calm nice person who is very strategic Job:Royal Other: [[i want to be king! I want to be king! ]] Oh and may i say that Dark Myst Pygmies live in dark swamps? Not a dark and dry place.
  4. Shela yawned as the sunlight hit her face waking her up. "Is it day already?" She got off of Xalfer who was still sleeping and nudged him with her nose. "Xalfer wake up you lazy dragon." "Is it morning already? Xalfer got up and walked out with Shela to the nearby stream and took a bath. The cold water woke up both of their senses and made them awake. Like for the last 2 days, they went hunting again and Xalfer found a family of rabbits in a nest. Their relationship continued to grow as they were around each other more and more. After a small walk they decided to go discovering. T
  5. If we go with either one, wtf am i suppose to do with Xalfer? He's at the healing room thingy.
  6. ((Well Xalfer is unconscious at the healing place you guys said and im not sure wut to do with Shela right now.))
  7. 145. Sound cannot travel through space.
  8. Shouldn't there be like a cooldown on the shape-shifting though?
  9. I would want to die with my head against my girlfriend. And when she says don't leave me, ill say "I love you" and then my head would slump to the side and die
  10. I would love to rp as the oracle but RL is taking a toll on how much i can RP.
  11. "What about Xalfer? What happened to him! TELL ME NOW!" Shela started to cry again as she demanded to know what happened to Xalfer. ((Sowwi for the short post. Not much happening ))
  12. 107 - This is the 107th post.
  13. Shela screamed in pain as ShadowScales bit into her side. As she was thrown to the floor she started to tear up with pain. She fought back the tears and got up with blood dripping down her leg. Ignoring the pain and what could happen to her, she slammed into ShadowScale and they both flew into a tree. Since Shadow was in front, he took the blow to the head of the tree. Shela fell down and breathed heavily as she tried to put pressure on the wound.
  14. Shela looked as ShadowScales attacked Dreah. She couldn't stand to see anybody else get hurt so she jumped on the back of ShadowScale and started to claw her way through his back. She unleashed a fury of slashes that cut deep into Shadow's flesh and then pushed him onto the floor.
  15. "Xalfer! Come on wake up!" Shela shook Xalfer and then put his ear against his heart. She didn't hear anything or Xalfer breathing. Shela started to cry as she was laying on Xalfer. "Don't take him..." Xalfer's body started to light up and the light got brighter and brighter until it was too bright to look at. Shela squeezed her eyes shut and when the light died, Xalfer's body was gone. Shela put her head in her arms and started to cry.
  16. Well wha tif the Oracle has done this stuff before and the dead dragons spirits could still be here. We could call them and combine our powers for a spell or sumthing
  17. Xalfer screamed in pain as ShroudWing bit into his back. Rage was released throughout his body as Xalfer's eyes turned a bright red. He threw ShroudWing 3 feet away and jumped onto him breathing heavily biting into ShroudWing's shoulder possibly breaking a bone. "Xalfer stop! Your going to kill him!" Xalfer looked back at Shela with rage and breathed heavily still. Shela looked into his eyes and saw hatred run through his body. "Stop Xalfer.....Stop." Xalfer's eyes turned back into the bright green color and he started to weaken and then he fell down unconscious.
  18. (If you havent noticed Xalfer and Shela can breathe fire too. At a much much higher power.....) Xalfer and Shela ignored the pain that was going through their body and they both had the same thought on their mind. They focused all their energy into their fire and WOOOOOOSH! A huge blue flame exploded out of Xalfer and Shela's mouth. They both first aimed for ShroudWing and then Enaline burning their wings and arms baddly. "Bring it on mother ***"
  19. (Oh you *bag!) "Xalfer help me! Shela said trying to fight off ShroudWing. Xalfer tried his best by pushing Shroud off of Shela but Shroud fought back. As if they were in a wrestling their arms were locked together pushing each other. Shela quickly got up and started to claw SHroud on the back.
  20. (Alright you want to play like that?) Xalfer and Shela felt pain rip through their neck as Enaline bit into their necks. As Enaline started to claw Xalfer on the back, he fought back by opening his wings which smacked Enaline back while Shela slammed into Enaline knocking her down.
  21. (WAIT WAIT WAIT OP! I mean wouldnt the other dragon noticed and try to fend off instead of standing there?) And if im correct those two dragons are mine
  22. Btw could it be possible that a few of your slaves come in trying to attack everybody when they are weakened from fighting each other?
  23. As the cages opened Xalfer quickly ran behind his cage and told Shela to get behind her. There was fights going on everywhere as they both tried not to get spotted. But it was not long before a black dragon that was looking around spotted them. It quickly dashed up to Xalfer with its claws sharp. Xalfer quickly ducked his first slash and tried to knock the black dragon into the cage. He told Shela to always stay behind her and if anyone tries to sneak up behind, try to defend. The black dragon released a fury of slashes and got so caught up with trying to attack, he forgot to defend. Xalf
  24. Xalfer did not like staying inside a cage trapped. He tried bending the bars but they were too tough. He sighed but fire came out of his mouth! It suddenly hit him. He totally forgot he could breathe fire! He tried controlling the flame so it would concentrate on one spot. Even after a minute he barely made the metal black. He decided to give up on trying that.