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  1. Mine change color depending on the sunlight (For some weird reason not even my eye doctors can figure out) If its really bright mine turn brownish black. If its not that bright, it turns blueish green. If im inside, its totally green. And if its really really dark they turn green.
  2. Question: If i asked you to draw a DC dragon with a text bubble how much would that be?
  3. I wanna join the parade! Forum name:XxdragicexX Scroll name:XxdragicexX Krewe of:Nebula Is it a coincidence that im listening to Mardi Gras Iko Iko Just Dance 2 version right now?
  4. Well im popping in like once a week So until something happens, ill be molesting children doing sumthing.
  5. Well i have dreams about what is going to happen, but in like 1 year into the future O.o Also, when im alone, and someone or sumthing is getting nearer to me, i can sense it. Its like a buzzing sound in my head telling me someone is coming
  6. And im not sure wut to do. I mean i could follow you in the morning and try to stop you from joining Chess' evil army
  7. (Green is Xalfer, Red is Shela) Xalfer wondered if Shela was awake yet so he took a rabbit and walked into the cave. "Shela you in here?" I brought some food for you. Shela yawned as she heard the voice of Xalfer. "Is it day time already?" She stood up and stretched a bit. Walking near the cave entrance she saw Xalfer with a rabbit in his mouth. "Thank you." She took the rabbit and started to eat. "How is everybody else?" "Fine except Shrysta's egg is heating up. It might be sick!" "Oh thats horrible! We should go to them and see if we can help.
  8. Since Xalfer did some hunting by himself already he decided to stay here and watch the camp. While he was doing that, he took a rabbit he had caught earlier and started to defur it. It took about 5 minutes to do but it didnt matter. He was starving when he finished and started to "destroy" the rabbit. It took him a shocking 6 minutes to finish the rabbit! But after his face and hands were covered in blood. "Man i need to go wash up." Walking to the stream, he washed his face and hands releasing a red blood trail in the water.
  9. (( Yeh i had to change it. Appearently we are only S2 hatchlings that cant really fly that well :[ ))
  10. "Nah ill think ill go by myself."Xalfer flapped his wings a bit and then took off. He gained some altitude and then looked down. He saw dust fly into the air under some trees. Looking closer, he saw a pack of rabbits run by. "Target, locked on." Xalfer tucked in his wings and followed the dust. Reaching his top speed, the rabbits came out of the forest into a clearing. Opening his wings again, he slowed down for the catch. But they saw it coming. The group both split up running opposite directions. Dam it! As quickly has he could, Xalfer turned around and flapped his wings madly to avoid crash
  11. ((You need to PM that to Lightdragon. Also, when you do, delete that post.)) "Hello Kip! How are you doing this morning?" Xalfer streched his aching body and yawned a bit. Walking to a small pool of water, he splashed the cold water on his face and it sent chills through his body. He yawned one more time and finally felt awake."Should i go hunt for some breakfast or should i wait till the others wake up?"
  12. Light would you like to start us in?
  13. Granted. But this thread has a magical force field that backfires Giratina's attack and it dies. I wish for peace in the world.
  14. Granted But now he is a bisexual I wish for more wishes
  15. ((Oh please Veren has been like that for a long long time.)) Xalfer looked back expecting to see Scuta behind them but he saw him....... talking to the white dragon! Were they working together? Or is he just not afraid of that dragon? "Shela stay here." She nodded as Xalfer slowly flew down at about 50 feet above the chat. Yet, he still couldn't hear what they were saying. Not thinking about it, he landed right next to Scuta. "Who is this person Scuta? And what is he doing enslaving all these humans?"
  16. I want a horse too! Could it be white/silver with feathery wings and could there be a red heart on the side?
  17. ((dont some dragons have HANDS?)) Xalfer heard the flap of wings and looked up. He saw...... another dragon flying towards them. "CRAP our cover is blown! RUN!" Xalfer quickly leaped off the tree branch grabbing Shela and took off. But instead of flying straight, he flew up as high as he could. "Hold up Xalfer your flying too fast!" "Sorry!"
  18. Xalfer landed right behind Scuta and climbed up a tree as it gave a better view and was better for camouflage. "Scuta get back in your hedge you will be spotted!" Shela landed about 20 feet away in an apple tree since she was red. It didn't matter though since she had keen eye sight. Climbing back down, she walked near Scuta. "Scuta! Look over there!" She pointed at a black dragon holding a whip. "They are treating the humans like slaves. But for what?"
  19. (Man i remember when we had a great plot and everyone was post left to right) Xalfer and Shela also quickly took off flying close to Dreah just for safety precautions. "WHERE ARE WE GOING?" Xalfer screamed over the wind. He felt good flying again with the wind cooling him down and the view of the place was just breath-taking even though it was very familiar to him.
  20. Granted. But it malfunctions and it creates killer machines that cannot be stopped. I wish for a billion dollars
  21. Well my Hep. B is about to kill me in 3-4 months unless i get a liver transplant. Hows that for a injury?
  22. Xalfer stood on the watch tower gazing over the horizon. As he sighed he saw a flock of birds pass by. He remembered when life was simple and he didnt have an entire kingdom to run. He jumped off and flew down where all the others were. "How is everyone enjoying their visit?"