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  1. Hope you come back Shajana I miss your epic pieces of art! Yesh this is a SUPER LONG BUMP
  2. Well my class got in a huge argument when we started to talk about global warming in Science today. I totally believe in global warming. Proof? Look at the polar ice caps. They are melting at alarming rates and the global average temperature is rising. Hurricanes are getting stronger, storms becoming more destructive. Scientists say Co2 emissions are at an all time high. With temperatures rising, scientists say if it increases by about 5-8 degrees F, sea levels will rise by 20-30 feet. Flooding almost every coastal city. What are your opinions are this?
  3. >:I Green Pokemon (forgot name) Maybeeeeeeee ok yes
  4. Uhhh no? It looks like pixel pornography
  5. Aww i was hoping for a release with the contest Oh wells
  6. I want to have a Scroll Helper! Forum Name: XxdragicexX Scroll Name: XxdragicexX Scroll Link: Meh Scroll Wishlist: Any metallic any gen don't care about linage I also want a gold :[ Been trying to hunt for these dragons for 6 months >.> Certain Helper? : Random Anything else?: Nope, thanks!
  7. ((I see no OCC sooo)) Name:Xalfer Type: Tensn/Alt Nebula Gender:Male Description:Xalfer has black scales running up his arm and legs with green "stars" lining up creating a striped like structure. The black scales on his chest has emotional stars. They change color and picture depending on the mood of himself. The scales run up his spine and up to his head to create a jaw like helmet with two bright emeralds in the eye sockets. His wings are about half of the size of a regular nebula since he doesn't need as much force to lift himself up. He has the Orion constellation on his left w
  8. ((OK what the is with the talking mouse?))
  9. (Can i haz a summary of whats going on right now and how i can make my entrance?)
  10. I seriously need a summary of whats happening right now before i can go back into the story. Btw, Tyrans and Raz, try to make your posts longer.
  11. "I'm not much of a medic but ill try to help."[\COLOR=blue] Xalfer grabbed a handful of weeds and some sap from a nearby tree. Taking a brown sack from his bag, he opened it and took a handful out; sprinkling some onto the wound."This might sting a bit."[\COLOR=blue] He then took the weeds, wrapped it around the wound, and used the sap to stick them together."This should close the wound and stop bleeding, but we will need a real medic to heal your broken bone."[\COLOR=blue] (Also very short >.> Ill need to warm up. Btw i forgot how to end the color thingy.
  12. Username:XxdragicexX Character Name:Xalfer Age:17 Gender:Male Animal:Peregrine Falcon (That is not a hawk ) Personality: Likes to make friends;but has a short temper he tries to control. Appearance: His hair is like Justin Bieber's, but it is black,straight, and covers the right eye. Blue eyes, usually wearing a EpicMealTime bacon shirt . Other: blue Also, do we transform into our animal, or are we them all the time?
  13. I need a summary of what has happened. Cuz im like totally lost O.o
  14. Hello guys Is it a surprise to see me back? Btw take me off the forgotten list. I think ill be making a return into Dragcave.
  15. I loved the percy jackson books but the movie >.> They spent like the entire movie looking for the three pearls that make them return from the underworld while in the book, he got then in less than a minute talking to a spirit.
  16. Do whatever you want its your art
  17. Really nice -stares at rainbow version-
  18. oh >.> just tell me what has happened since i was gone
  19. Ok im back i need a HUGE recap cuz i see you guys have been active
  20. Im 15 and i play a LOT of rated M games. Growing up, i played 13+ games but it didnt change me one bit. I did my homework, i got good grades, and i could spell and write sentences correctly. Maybe its different with other people but its not with me. I grew up with a mind knowing i shouldnt do the things i do in these video games in real life. (Unlike some people >.>)
  21. Username:XxdragicexX Breed and What Gender Sprite:Alt Nebula Male Pose: Could it be with its wings open and flying like the pretty silver one above? Other:
  22. Well is it possible i could hold the next slot after Daydreamer's?