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  1. How do you sleep?

    Usually with my head straight up or on my right side. I have a front bang so sleeping on the left side means hair in my eyes ;-;


    What are your interesting habits?

    Complete darkness. I need a blanket no matter how hot it is.


    Are you a living dead or a rock'n'roller?

    Living dead pretty much. Anything subtle can make me snap up.


    Do you take unscheduled walks?

    As far as I know, no.


    Are your dreams b&w or color?

    Always color


    Are you even in your dreams?

    Sometimes i am in my dreams. Most of the time I have a POV of someone that is made in the imagine of me.


    Need a pillow on the head or some other odd item?

    Always need pillow xd.png Or use some of my blanket as one.

  2. I want one!

    Username: XxdragicexX

    What you want me to draw: A Blusang Lindwurm (I hope i wrote that correctly)

    Position: Tongue sticking out in flight?

    Emotion: Happy!

    Extra: Make it festive tongue.gif

    Ref: user posted image


    I hope this isnt too hard ohmy.gif

  3. I would like my Minecraft character to be entered as a main character in your comic!

    Your Minecraft character's name: Supermilktime

    How you would like him/her to be introduced: Hiding behind a tree

    Does your character have any pets or unique items that I should take note of? No

    Do you want them to be a bad guy, a good guy, or neutral? Good guy

    What do they look like?http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/jim-raynor-58739/

    Any special scenes or plot ideas for the character? He wants cake.

    Do you want anything else special? Nope biggrin.gif


    -goes back to my dark lurking corner-

  4. Forum Name:XxdragicexX

    How To Contact Me:PM

    Neat Codes I'm Willing To Breed:"UAJEW" "Cpt0" "BUsYR" "FacEd" "OkYbi" "poOEr"

    CB (Male)


    CB (Female)



    Not CB:




    Named Dragons:All of these dragons have their codes as their names. Scroll down a little at my scroll and you should see them all grouped up

    Special Requirements:Nothing :3 Enjoy!

    Lineage Project:None.

  5. its a great afk game to play but i hate myself. I was playing it alst week and i accidently closed it trying to bookmark the page :l 4 hours of playtime gone. biggrin.gif






    Species:Purple regular Nebula Dragon

    Personality:Xerath is one of those dragons that are always on the search for adventure or new things around him. He's a bit shy but very friendly and likes to help others.

    Crush/Mate?:None. For now :3

    Talents/ Abilities:flying? Basic healing.

    Other:Meow. Is it too late to join?


    I can't post an image of the species. On my iPad. Anyone want to kindly do that for me? biggrin.gif