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    A Happpier Place A.K.A My room
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    If you are reading this then you might be visited by Sanity and Insanity.
    My left fist is Sanity, and my right is Insanity. :)

    No but really I'm Green(Or Nick, you can call me either.) and I love RP'ing, playing Tribalwars(DOT)net, surfing the web for funny Avatars(Currently I have a Quote Avatar, which shockingly describes me.), and I love the nighttime. (It will be the time I'm on most often.)
    My post's Sanity level depend on my day, if I'm pissed, somebody is disappearing, if I'm happy then whatever deity you believe in will come and give you bags of money!
    I am thinking about helping people out with making RP's, so if you need help, ask and I'll try and help you.

    I'm on often, so don't worry bothering me.
    -Mr.Nick/Mr. Green

    EDIT: Hi guys! I might be back on for quite some time now, want to sharpen my rp skills.