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  1. I've been noticing something about your site lately. Fairly often the codes for the hatchlings/eggs is incorrect. It will ADD the eggs/hatchlings correctly, but in the "manage me" option, about half the dragons it lists are incorrect. For instance, my eggs included: iBXg7 VkmDQ nl34Q itqMo 6VEDM vsLkZ l8R5B klR7 aJaK When I went to the "manage me" screen, however, here is what it listed as removable: aJaK klR7 l8R5 vsLk 6VED itqM nl34 VkmD iBXg Most of those dragons are adults, and not even mine. It appears to be cutting off the last character of the 5 character dragons. It's getting to the point where I no longer can use your site. Sometimes I will fog a dragon because it is sick, or because I want to have it hatch at a specific time (as with the sunrise/sunset dragons), but I am unable to remove it from your site.
  2. I have a problem/question that doesn't directly have to do with the contest, but does have to do with the trees. I have no interest in the contest per se, but I do want to decorate my tree because it's pretty. Last night I removed all the decorations from my tree and moved them off into th brown area off to the sides because I noticed that new decorations were often going underneath currently applied decorations, and making it difficult to move things. I got tired of it, so decided to just wait until we had them all before doing the actual decorating. The problem is that when I came back on today, all of the decorations had disappeared. I don't mean faded out, I mean they're GONE. Completely. I'm really sad and upset. Like I said, I don't really have an interest in the contest, but I love the tree and the idea of being able to decorate it myself. Can I please get back my decorations? I am so sad you wouldn't believe it.