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  1. Have 2XCB Cantomaris eggs Want SWAP! Trying to get the orange variant Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded, thank you!
  2. Have: 2X New CB "Lure" eggs (Coast + Volcano) Want: SWAP! for 2 CB "Lure" eggs. Trying to get the orange variant Volcano: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Coast: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded, thank you!
  3. I'm not sure I like the idea of one variant being linked to Teleport, it just makes trading needlessly complicated.
  4. Thanks a bunch for this. All the random clicking without any signs of progress on the door puzzle was driving me mad.
  5. Woah that's a pretty noodle. Am I reading too much into the design or does the Staterae have some design elements in common with each Xeno? (at least the new 6 ones)
  6. The OG Xenos also released on June 27th (2015) with the exact same text, so this could have just been in reference to that.
  7. Personally, my biggest gripe with the Flow is that once people did figure out it exists and the surprise was out something could have been said about it in the first post. Just a little extra line mentioning a 7th egg would have been enough. With nothing being said and with their weird release behavior (breed-only until a surprise flood) speculation and confusion just kind of got out of hand throughout the release.
  8. Oh my the Forest ones sound lovely to be around. I need to know more about that unconventional wisdom from the Desert one. Gorgeous all of them! Can't wait to see what the mystery wyrm will grow into
  9. Ooooh pretty. I find that little blurb about their relationship with Astrapis is way funnier than it should be
  10. Sneaky or Stealthy cause they dropped in on us unexpectedly and then went poof again
  11. I have a free slot atm so would gladly help you. Just shoot a PM my way with the link I'm so sorry, it looks like I miscounted my slots. Thought I had another egg due to hatch soon. Looks like I won't be able to help once the Stripe is off cd
  12. I hope it's just the case of no dimorphism. There's already enough confusion around this egg. No need to add more layers Edit: Yup, they can be Influenced
  13. https://dragcave.net/view/kBZCC Huh, they both gendered Male. Yeah 263 seems to be the new total
  14. Mana flows like a current through this glassy egg A 7th non-Xeno egg that's not in the release announcement. Was breed-only for a few hours after the release then it started dropping in all biomes.
  15. It may not be interested in us, but it's definitely the talk of the town 😆
  16. Aren't TJ's eggs always posted at like 3-4 days so they can hatch within the day?
  17. Someone on Discord found them in Silvi's.
  18. You can get them from the cave. They drop in all biomes (or did). We're still not sure what the deal with them is. Description: Mana flows like a current through this glassy egg And on that note, TJ's UnXeno eggs also started cracking
  19. They started dropping in all biomes a few hours ago. No one knows yet if that's intentional
  20. No, they're mixing in. There was about an 1hr flood of the other one and now they've started mixing with the biome-specific Xenos. Source: misclicked 2 Xenos (an Alpine and Desert one) before getting the all-biome one
  21. The mystery egg bumped the total to 263 for me as well
  22. Managed to lock myself with these new pretties and now I find out there's also a secret breed-only one? Intriguing... Can't complain about more Xenos though. Yay!
  23. You are absolutely right. I forgot he doesn't freeze S1 hatchies and was counting the 9th egg as such. So yeah, 3 variations it is. I'm hoping it's Biome based and not random though