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    Justin Bieber

    I think he's in for a tough time when his voice finally breaks. He wont have the same voice. Plus, he's the same age as me. He looks 12, I look 18. I think it's hilarious.
  2. "I, headstrong-x, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them, so that the dragon population will grow" The only reason I'd kill one would be to get this "Zombie", everyone's talking about. I find it silly to kill an egg, just because you don't want it ect, just abandon it. Jeez.
  3. Blue is a really good song, I haven't really bothered to hear their other songs, (Though I do have a few on my iPod) I suggest listening to the song ^^
  4. headstrong-x


    I love Rammstien, they're a VERY good band. You can find translations of the actual full songs online, just search '--- lyrics english' (:
  5. I'm into A LOT of different genres of music. I use to say I couldn't stand Country, then I discovered just how good Johnny Cash is<3 The main things I listen to would be Pop Punk and Screamo. The odd Metal band, and Techno band.
  6. I LOVE ZELDA! They're really fun games x3